Za Warudo / WRYYYYY

Za Warudo / WRYYYYY

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“ZA WARUDOWRYYYY is a meme based of a character Dio Brando[1] of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a popular Japanese Manga, which has an arcade game of the same name.

One of the most known Dio’s moves using his stand The World to stop time, while also shouting “ZA WARUDO. Then knives are thrown at the opponent, and eventually Dio slams a steamroller onto them, followed by pummelling the steamroller until it explodes. At the end of the move, Dio lets out a his battlecry WRYYYY. Both phrases are notable keywords related to the meme.


Because the series was a big hit in Japan, it’s on the Japanese web that many fans have done animations or videos as tributes. One of these animations, involving stick figures, is called “mudah.swf”[2]. This is where the meme first originated.

The animation was made by a Japanese user qwerqwer1234[3]. It’s nearly impossible telling exactly when it first appeared on the Japanese web, as the user’s website is now defunct, but an archived thread from and dating from July 2003[4] links back to that site, in a thread gathering different kinds of flash animations.

It became popular enough on the Japanese web to be referenced again in 2005 on another website. The link was also referenced on StumbleUpon[5] that same year, as a “good flash animation”.

But it’s qwerqwer1234 himself who introduced it to the rest of the world by joining AlbinosBlackSheep[6] in March 2006, and Newgrounds[7] one month later, only to post his work.


Due to the profusion of various destruction effects that can be seen as comical to some extends, considering the simple idea of pummeling someone with a steamroller appearing out of nowhere, the meme became sort of a visual depiction of the owned/pwned meme.

The full lines uttered by Dio Brando in the original flash video are:

無駄だ! (MUDA DA!) – It’s useless!
ザ・ワールド! (ZA WARUDO!) – THE WORLD!
時よ止まれ! (Toki yo tomare!) – Stop, time!
くらえ! (KURAE!) – TAKE THAT!
そして、時は動き出す。 (Soshite, toki wa ugoki dasu.) – And now, time flows again.

The WRYYYY doesn’t have any precise meaning. It is a war cry used by vampires in the manga, such as Dio.


Over the years, lots of video derivatives have arisen, involving a stick figures dropping the steamroll and letting out the signature war cry.

Some animation and video derivatives do not feature the use of stick figures:

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