How Many Breads Have You Eaten In Your Life?

How Many Breads Have You Eaten In Your Life?

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"How Many Breads Have You Eaten In Your Life" is a memorable quote from the Japanese manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure uttered by the antagonist Dio Brando as a euphemism when asking the character Zeppeli how many people he has killed to heal his injuries. Online, the quote is often referenced as an in-joke among fans of the series.


On June 15th, 1987, Chapter 25 of the manga was released. During the events of Part 1: Phantom Blood[1], the protagonists, Jonathan Joestar, William A. Zeppeli, and Robert Edward O. Speedwagon are ambushed by Dio Brando and his zombie subjects. Zeppeli is the first one to engage Dio, and the two have the following exchange:

Dio Brando: When I heal these wounds on my stomach, I will have erased all of JoJo's burns! Come! Magician! I will fumigate these wounds wilth your life!
William A. Zeppeli: Bastard… How many lives have you sucked to heal those wounds!?
Dio Brando: Do you remember how many breads have you eaten in your life?


It is unknown where the quote originally gained traction online, but the earliest archived examples can be traced back to February 15th, 2008 in a thread on 4chan's /a/ (anime & manga) board about the character Remilia Scarlet from the Touhou series[3], who is notable for quoting Brando's phrase in the game Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[4].


On March 26th, 2013, GameFAQs[8] member Phantom0708 submitted a thread titled "How many breads have you eaten?" to the "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle" entry. On July 22nd, a Tumblr[5] user josephsk posted an edit of the original manga panel, featuring Sasha Braus from Attack On Titan (seen below, left). In over two years, the post gained more than 500 notes. On May 21st, 2014, YouTuber José Fino posted a clip of the scene from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime (shown below).

In January 2015, a Facebook[7] page titled "How many breads have you eaten in your life?" was created, gathering upwards of 4,900 likes in the next two years. On October 7th, Tumblr user confirmeddelusional[6] uploaded an edited version of the pane featuring characters from the computer game Undertale: Sans and Frisk (shown below, right). Within five months, the post received upwards of 2,200 notes.

DO YOU REMEMBER HOW MANY BASTARD LIVES HAVE YOu SucKED TO HEAL THOSE WOUNDs!? BREADS UCKEOOU HAVE EATEN IN YOUR LIFE o. Bastard Do you remembeHow many how many puns youmonsters ... nave made1 did you kill in yourto get to life? this levell?

Various Examples

How MANY BREADS YOV HAVE IN TELEPORTED LIFE DIO reallv should have remembered how many breads he ate in his life. How many people have you cast Nosferatu on to heal those wounds? How many bikes have you eaten in your life? Robin!

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