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15 Distressing Memes That Are Incredibly Off-Putting

Who doesn't love some spooky memes? Well, these memes are a bit more than spooky; some are scary and straight-up unsettling. Distressing memes have gained a reputation for being some of the most thought-provoking and controversial meme genres on the internet. The distressing meme community is dedicated to sharing memes that evoke a feeling of unease, discomfort, or outright horror in the viewer. Unlike traditional memes that rely on humour or pop culture references, the goal of these memes is to create a sense of discomfort or shock in the viewer.

Many people are drawn to /r/distressingmemes because they appreciate the raw emotional impact of these memes. Others find the content to be exploitative or offensive, and criticise the community for glorifying violence or making light of serious issues. Despite the controversy surrounding the subreddit, it has become a hub for creators to express their darkest thoughts and emotions through memes. The subreddit has created a space for creators to push the boundaries of what a meme can be, and has challenged us to think critically about the role of shock value in online communities. So, bringing to you 15 of the best and top-voted posts from Reddit's /r/distressingmemes.

Fatal mistake.

34 Dist hmm today I will go for a swim NOW

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Biggest crab ever, imagine swimming there…a big fatal mistake.

All wound up.

>show up to work to see a tag out on the lathe >go to the boss, "hey who fed up the machine?!" >he shrugs "idk someone yesterday" >"what am I supposed to do?" >he looks around "check if it still works" >"isn't that against OSHA?" >"either that or head home, can't have you getting paid for laying around" >you sigh, going to check what's wrong with the machine 21x120

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Fuel for the machine.

JOBS IN THE PAST Spaceship Gene Engineered Engineered Colonist pilot splicer suporsoldior supervisor JOBS NOW Fuel for the Machine Fuel for the Machine Fuel for the Machine Fuel for the Machine } Fuel for the Machine Fuel for the Machine Fuel for the Machine Fuel for the Machine

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pov: you watch your fellow americans argue over pointless s distracted from the fact that politicians are conspiring to take away human rights for political gain

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MRI accident.

M.R.I. -Coins M.R.I. M.R.I.

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The filmmaker.

AILTAL 7829 You're a regular kid, meeting the new neighbor. You ask him what he does for a living. He makes movies! You like movies. Kid Kid movies! He invites you over. You realize the kind of "kid movies" he makes.

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Weird people these days.

0 Oh **** wirk pass RD Another underage user talking about self-castration on a no-fap forum

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All those bison skulls.

Hey mate, have you heard about this new people who are moving north? Some say they might not be friendly Nah, I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, humans and bisons have been living in harmony for centuries || www.

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The bison didn't have to trust them.

Got the easy way out.

Tmw you get captured by a group of opposing forces, Thinking you'd be brought to shelter, you see one of them pull out their phone to start recording while the others raise their guns. ल

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No no no…

Tfw you're watching some dude's livestream and he gets off the phone and goes "Hey guys, I guess that's it." ان

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Weird-looking dog.

17 year old Russian conscript bleeding out in the dirt after being shot in the throat by a Ukrainian sniper: "Well at least my body will be taken back home to be buried and visited by my loved ones" Suspiciously well fed dog:

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Only one??

Your finally going to be a father! The doctor tells you that they can only save one

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Why was he made to choose?? It's so painful and scary.

Too late.

Due to recent murders in your area you come to check on your friend that he is okay. His floor wasn't always painted black though and you can still smell the recently painted floor

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Johnny incident.

ARMY Step T Join the army to help you nation achieve glory in the War Step 3: Survive the exsplosion Step 2: Trigger a mine white attempting to flee froma barage of missiles Where am I Where are my arms? I cant hear I cant talk I cant live like this! Father was right KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME Why cant they let me die They took my legs What day is it I cant see

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Missing cases.

The 23 year old hiker Where is he search for him called off after 2 days due to extreme weather went missing despite being extremely prepared and experienced Where is he "Dave, please come home" Friends described him as "adventurous" and "not afraid of anything" His wallet and keys were found on a boulder with a pair of folded, mismatched socks The 28 year old hiker 27 Has been missing for so long he's starting to doubt his own existence "We just hope he's at peace" Where is he Police found his name and date of birth written on a tarp behind a Home Depot, but it was probably teenagers "Yeah they say he's a ghost" The 28 year old hiker 27 28 Is considered a urban legend on his local florest Has lost all humanity inside of him. has become one with nature national park service refuses to speak about his case All attemps of trying to search for him have been abandoned. He Is considered dead Returned home safely Thinks no evil, does no evil Always a yellow light if out of tent at night without a fire Trusts his gut always Legally dead Always wears natural colours missing since 2014 Looks like some "The Rake" creepypasta material *weird smell of copper or roses in air* "I have a right to walk here." still missing his clothes were found neatly folded on top of a boulder in 2016 National park service still refuses to acknowledge his existence or potential whereabouts The 2 year old hiker 272834 Missing since 2014, cell phone pinged once in 2018 somewhere in Nevada Never leaves a hiking partner out of his sight "Leave the berries for the birds" Car was left unlocked in a state forest Where is he Potentially spotted hitch-hiking on security footage from 2015 Backpack was found in an old firepit with a broken digital camera Hasn't coomed in 5 years, can talk to birds Where is he Don't even remember what his life used to be The 46 Year Old Survivor Has natural smell used to camuflage and hunt Can be smelt from kilometers. Local town sheriff says that he saw him around his departament at night. Was scared shitless Has read all Missing 411 books Path along a river, walks a few steps away every half mile Always expects something Hums a song, makes his presence known Always carries his trusty steel water bottle. Treads lightly Dried garlic in his backpack Psalm 23:4 "It's nightfall, evening is a Carries a gun time of change, be careful." Smokes a pipe or a cigarette, Respects the trees knows smoke protects

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So many missing cases, but neatly folded dresses?

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