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20 Bizarre Products From Wish

Sometimes when you're trying to save money, you have to scour the internet for the best deals on whatever products you might need. You might get lucky and find a used product on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, or maybe you can find a great deal on a product you've been wanting for ages through an online marketplace like Alibaba or Wish.

One major problem with websites like Wish is how incredibly unreliable they can be, and more importantly, how bizarre the advertisements for their products can be. Wish has a very bad reputation on the internet for selling made-up or completely fake products, and Reddit /r/wtfwish perfectly explains why. We've collected some of the most bizarre products taken from the website or its advertisements seen online. Maybe this collection will convince you to find more reliable stores to shop for what you need.

I've Been Looking Everywhere For One Of These!

$2.47 SHEIN CLUB Simulation Dental Brace Design Cuff Ring $2.60 Color: Pink SHEIN 2/3 O X REGISTER AND GET 15% OFF Q ADD TO BAG 1.7cm Join for an Exclusive 5% OFF > ✰ ✰ (100+) > REGISTER

(Source: Reddit)


Sponsored A Pound of Flesh Guinea Pig [X ... See All

(Source: Reddit)

The Coolest Seatbelt In Existence

Overview D /|\ Related Open beer 14 L Seat Belt Clips, Suitable for Most Cars Auto Parts, Multifunctional 4-in-1 Keychain Bottle Opener, Gift for Father, Husband

(Source: Reddit)

Unfortunate Ad Placement

-40% BEING A TEACHER IS EASY it's Like riding a bike EXCEPT THE MJER 19-ON YORK. TEATRINIS OS PIRE You Love at Etsy -10%

(Source: Reddit)

WTF Pinterest

X Pinterest Nicolas Cage Bikini | Nicolas cage, Cage, Nicolas Q 3 Q Visita

(Source: Reddit)

No Legs?

0+3.5 +4.0 es 340 DO $4 1,000+ bought this XX $4 1,000+ bought this 13 CA 300 T =

(Source: Reddit)


conjugallove Pink Essence Cream ピンククリーム Become A Girl in 28 days $8.99 App store Shop now

(Source: Reddit)


Wayfair Sponsored Don't let these items pass you by and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $35! Multifunctional Dual Comfort Seat Cushio... Starting at $32.99 Like Shop now Comment Single Pe Bluetoot Starting Share

(Source: Reddit)

Shiny Head Covers?

tting en €2 B 18 Colors Upgraded Version Outdoor Face... Shoppen

(Source: Reddit)

They Sell Headcrabs Now?

Wish - Shopping Made Fun Sponsored O On a budget? Shop Wish! Download today to shop millions of deals. $24 Wish App store Like Shop now ... Comment X Share $38 B JACK-IFFING STROKE IT... with this rubbers reversible multi glove-a twisted get off Each finger is a different texture Made of our sug that's glossy s any size hand Wish App store

(Source: Reddit)

Might As Well Have A Big Target On Your Shirt

1/7 Q liverpool fc www. A ! I HAVE A GUN AND AM SCHIZO- PHRENIC C$ 6.34 Price shown before tax,Shipping fee: C$ 8.65 3.4K I Have A Gun and Am Schizophrenic T-Shirt 4.9 389 orders

(Source: Reddit)

A Very Charming Necklace!

doo PECE

(Source: Reddit)

Why Would A Chicken Need A Helmet?

Enjoy the much cheaper items sold by Wish. don't miss 60-80% OFF store prices OW $3 Wish SHOP NOW 10 12 ✔HI LE Househ gene Wis

(Source: Reddit)

Burrito Babies!

AliExpress Store Home Products ✓ William's Shopping Store 92.8% Positive feedback Sale Items ✓ Top Selling + Foll 2032 No

(Source: Reddit)

I Love Purchasing Weapons On Wish!

a PCs 3 COLORS 7.0 Titanium alloy HOT ypg 2 PCS 3 COLORS New Brass Knuckles Tactical Survival Multi-Functional Self Defense EDC Duster Tool 9 € ALV sisältyy hintoihin Koko: Black-1PCS Osta Lisää toivelistalle

(Source: Reddit)

Very Stylish!

Wish - Shopping Made Fun Sponsored On a budget? Shop Wish! Download today to shop millions of deals. § § § § s $ $ OW $23 MUSIC SEHE 19 USIC MUSIC LOVER A LOVE MySic LOVER LOVE ABDL Onesie Adult Baby Snap Crotch Romper Little... APP STORE Mysl Mysi Shop Now x S AIN Е ВЕ Preg Mat APP

(Source: Reddit)

O 40% y deals Recommended for you For you Garmin Forerunner 45, 42mm Easy- to-use GPS Running Watch with... $118.00 prime Shop the holiday gift guide

(Source: Reddit)

Farting Pants?

wish Sponsored $18 Shop Now a Y Follow wish Wish Aký nákupné strediská nechcú, aby ste vedeli... more 口

(Source: Reddit)

Very Charming Shirt

← 1/2 Qy2k crop top graphic boys Imake gr8 pets M C$ 3.92 $7.83 -50% Price shown before tax, Shipping fee: C$ 5.77 466 Aesthetic 2022 Goth Crop Top y2k Women Harajuku O Neck Short Sleeve Sweat Shirt Graphic Pattern Fairy Grunge Clothing crop tops

(Source: Reddit)

For All The Peaky Blinders Fans…

tagur JUST STOP psycho MAY douchebag Disgusting (72 store ratings) WORH 1/14 7 British Mafia TV Print Peaky Blinders Art Blanket Sofa Cover Thin Sheet Cillian Murphy Blanket Plush Single/Adult/Baby Warm Blanket Suitable for Home, Office, Tourism Multi functional Blanket J131

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