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20 Cringeworthy Sightings And Interactions From Bumble

The older you get, the more difficult dating seems to be, even in a world where there are hundreds of apps and websites dedicated to helping you find the one. The idea of online dating seems convenient and efficient, even more accessible for introverted people who struggle with meeting and approaching people in real life. It also can be a good way to screen someone before meeting in person, doing a miniature personal background check to make sure there's no creepy vibes or bright red flags (this doesn't always work). The reality, though, is that people are just as socially awkward and strange online as they are in real life, sometimes even more so. Being behind a screen gives the illusion of being able to say whatever with no consequences, you can also present yourself however you want.

Popular dating apps like Bumble give people the chance to create a whole profile for themselves to start conversations with total strangers in the hopes of finding love. These apps also expose some entitled, overly bold and just plain strange people, 20 of which we have collected to show off today.


Im actually writing a book right now i think you might like it Yes im about to finish diploma in cookery How about you? Oh thats so cool Whats the book about I would love to read it Whats the book about Its a "phone book", im almost done with it, its just missing your number in it.

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ES bumble 69 % About me I think it's brave & pure of u to be looking for love & I know that it can be really hard & defeating at times but I hope that u don't let some stupid app make u feel any less valuable, loveable & worthy than u are. We might not match, but I'm rootin for u & I hope u find what u are lookin for

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A non-negotiable... Gamers! if you spend more then 5 hours a week on an xbox, PS, computer etc. It won't work out. I need a man not another child I'm still not over... The death of Iron Man

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Same Thing

You asked: What is a genuine cause that's close to your heart? Getting my d' k suxked Same thing Mental health Ask another question 1:39 PM

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About me If you are this, we might be it: -net worth of at least $2M & growing -you're kind to EVERYONE, especially me -you're ambitious & work hard. My priorities are: (#1) God, (2) my well-being & health, (3) building my financial freedom, (4) my future husband. You will NEVER be my #1 priority! My basics 5' 8" Never H Q Marriage Apolitical My interests Active Never Graduate degree Woman Not sure yet Spiritual & Libra

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=S bumble My basics 5'10" About me To women over 30: I'm well established in the world of finance and trying to start a family. To women under 30: 1 like binge drinking and petting puppies § % & Man

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Yesterday Do you think humans have a purpose and if so what is ours/yours and if not, do you think it devalues our existence? Today I would break your back Delivered

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That Was Bad

21:59 1 Yeah I went all round Italy it's really good x Top of my bucket list x I was there for like 2 months just did the backpacking trip X ur bed x Wow impressive. Was it a short holiday thing or were you there for a while? X Aa Do you know where I'd like to go tho! x That sounds amazing! You been anywhere else good? X Go on then, surprise me x Sorry, I don't think you pass the visa requirements for travelling there x GIF Delivered

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Heyy...I noticed that you were staring at me. I'll let you have a minute to catch your breath. Definitely need a minute to catch my breath running away from you Hmm...guess you need an inhaler cause you ran out of breath And you need a mirror and a reality check

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Don't Do This

Helloooo Ur pretty Sup Yesterday Today Hello Can I pet your py?! mill Just chilling with my cat, how bout you? Delivered

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Brutal Notification

Public Mobile 7:13 Friday, February 24 LTE Bumble now *laughs in single* Find someone who'll laugh at all your jokes. 48% 0 o

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Therapist Slander?

6:14 P 5GE Today I have a therapist and she's been really helpful Hey, we matched last week. Not sure if you're expecting me to recoil from my bio but what I said stands. My take on therapists is how could I trust someone who needs professional input and can't make decisions on their own. I can't really consider it appropriate for adults to need them and I'm not interested in immature prospects for the long term. Delivered

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Three Messages In

Tired and very glad it's Friday. Anything nice planned for the weekend? x Taking my son to a birthday party tomorrow what about you xx My weekend with my boys, not sure what we'll do as of yet. I feel soft play may be asked for X That's where I'm off to tomorrow Aa Yay for the sounds of screaming kids x I know who I'd rather hear screaming ;) xx Your arch nemesis? x GIF Delivered

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Hii! match too Oh it's okay! Please don't worry! Take care of yourself and rest well You can text me Thanks for the whenever you are free It's nice to meet you I'm please call me yuu or whatever you want Ohh! I'm also a university student living in I'm preparing to sleep and I'm at bed now And you? D

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Yesterday Hey handsome :) Aa Today Hey sexy Check out all my cheese Delivered 2:21 AM GIF 99

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No Shorts Allowed

About me Don't waste my time. Only talking to people who have already bought the diamond they plan on using for our engagement ring, and yes karats matter. Ex was the Terrifier still getting over her. if you wear shorts (ever) swipe left. 420 friendly My basics 5'9" CTD H Socially Active Man In college & Relationship Not sure yet ✔Buddhist

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Getting Rough Out There

About me VACANCY Temp to perm Boyfriend 20hrs p/week Currently recruiting a boyfriend. Relationship experience desirable but not essential. Temporary role with potential of being kept on depending upon the individual's performance. PREVIOUS APPLICANTS NEED NOT APPLY

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3:12 E5 ||| 1.1 6 bumble B 0 스 270116 5 5

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I'm known for... My laugh and smile My real-life superpower is... My late(deceased) husband.

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Caught 'em

Today I will be honest....the first thing i judged is your smile....damnn so refreshing ●●● : im not wtf??? smiling in any of my pic stop copy pasting Delivered

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