20 Pictures That Are Just Full Of Cringe

The internet is an odd and mysterious place. It allows us to share practically anything we want with little moderation, and that usually comes at a price. Sometimes it's best to have a little restraint when you post anything online, as you don't want it to bite you back much later on in the future. The best example of this would be the tweets we have on Twitter, where many celebrities get canceled (or worse) for the stupid things they've said years ago.

Reddit's /r/cringepics is one example of a subreddit that tries to collect all the different instances of embarrassing posts or situations online, it has everything from tweets, comments, and posts that all emanate a lot of awkward energy. We hope you can survive the cringe that comes from the pictures that we've gathered today.

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OCK IT, DIG TREN . @D.... 16h A father designs a headstone for his wheelchair-bound son depicting him "free of his earthly burdens." . SON 547 18,008 164K Replying to As an atheist, this makes me cringe unbearably hard 3:30 am 07 Nov 22 Twitter for iPhone ⠀

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Dark Brandon?

BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan Dark Brandon came to kick ass and eat ice cream, and he's all out of ice cream. @literal anaology 3:13 PM 2/7/23 78.6K Views • Twitter Web .

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These People On Facebook

Beach in 1970. There are no fat, tattooed, plastic, etc... There are no sunbeds, umbrellas and sunglasses, various creams... There are no cell phones, so people talk, and there are no white lines in the sky... There is nothing, but there is everything!

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Very Big Claims…

Sperm Donor 27 2,364 likes official ASK ME ABOUT MY UNVACCINATED SPERM : Σ _official I'm opening up an unvaccinated sperm bank. Call me crazy...but I have a feeling that unvashenned sperm will be more precious than gold in the next couple years.

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Very Convincing

8 NEW MESSAGES February 6, 2023 Today at 12:42 AM Hi I am also a girl love racing day at 12:50 AM Can you help me realize a wish? day at 1:39 AM unfortunately I suffer from depression, I would like to be able to learn pedal operation from you, could you please put a camera in front of the pedal? Maybe this will help me recover, thank you

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Inspirational Tattoo

I live in a crazy time -Anne Frank

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Truck Memes

8.80 *Me **** *when you drop some conspiracy knowledge on a friend and their only reply is* "if it's true it would be on the news" Ford I won't be apologizing for my opinions any time soon. Just saying! SIR!! YOU CAN'T SAY THAT! YOU CAN'T SAY THAT WORD! NO, YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT THAT TOPIC EITHER! I'M DEFENDING DEMOCRACY SIR! STOP TALKING SIR! facebook LINTE

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Faith In Humanity Lost

NEWS NATION NewsNation 2.9K ▪ Like 1d People reportedly filming TikTok dances at Idaho house NEWSNAT i N ~ Send ●●● X 205 Shares Share

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Nice Clickbait

LATE mil RIZZ REACTS 小 Is Jenna Ortega Pregnant? true story Jenna Ortega Unrecognizable In No-Makeup Selfie

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My Favorite Way To Shop For Groceries

OR'S 1.99 PRIME More exclusive than 7.49 8.99 13.19 - FEVER 4.99 re exclusive than USDA Prime* 5.79 14 LINKS 6.19 5.48 18 PR 5.98 1.59 1.5% 14 1.59 1.59 2.59 BUST 2.59

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Quite Embarrassing

3 years ago, a cute guy I worked with wanted to give me a fist bump...l thought he was pretending to hold an invisible microphone so I leaned forward and said hello What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? Show this thread

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Very Romantic

Today at 7:44 PM Wrote a song for a girl, recorded meself performing it w/ my guitar, and then texted the recording to her 21st century approaches to age old cliches... Sent it last week, no response yet

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weld I had to get a license plate with me on it Haha The Main Event You and 20 others Comment ... × 3 comments Send

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Who's Gonna Let Them Know?

Reit I accidentally had sex with this girl and now she pregnant, since it's an accident the baby isn't mine right? Yes it's yours Nah it was an accident 15% 85%

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Average American Public School


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Wedding Hell

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Uwu Men


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Using People For Fashion Accessories?


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This puzzle piece logo is used to represent the Autism Speaks foundation, which is known for some particularly controversial takes on people with autism, so much so that much of the community has an intense hatred for the foundation.

Very Classy

BORED! FLASH ME!!!! SACP TLXZ 455 - Do 25.3³ NE CL 40/4

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* O Î TAHOE Southgate Rd Ollie Williams Rd ON Never Satisfied ares for ALE NOYDE PLEN CHEVROLET UD

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