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20 Relatable Cats To Refresh Your Soul

Looking at a photo and thinking to yourself "that's so me" has become such a common and universal experience. This expression has been condensed into a simple me irl. Sharing the little moments in life has made us realize that we aren't all so different, and maybe none of us have ever had a unique experience. Humbling. This feeling doesn't end with human experiences, though. Sometimes we share feelings and experiences with animals too, especially cats, it seems. Their careless and leisurely life symbolizes some parts of us and makes us want to be them a little more as well.

The subreddit /r/Meow_IRL is a spinoff of the popular subreddit /r/meirl. Reddit's r/Meow_IRL features photos of relatable cats who radiate the human experience just through their actions. Here are 20 photos of cats and cat memes to channel your inner cat.

Daily Mood

Head empty No thoughts

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Cool Dude

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How I'm trying to be.

Drag Him Away Boys

Me being carried out from grandmas house after my twelfth helping of mash potatoes and gravy

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Dino Kid


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Hot Dog Thief


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Just A Sleepy Guy

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Running A Scam

Bill is running a scam PREMIUM BIRD FEEDER M Member's Mark.. PREMIUM- BIRD FEEDER You're not fooling anyone, Bill.

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Let Him in

Il Gatto Nero @gattocciao #SecurityCameras Caught the cat saying he's ready to come in now 02:26:52 AM 6:53 AM LJ LJ [] L

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He's Innocent

Fizzington Womack is in Toronto, ON, Canada. 2d Just because I'm a cat doesn't mean I ate your plant. Frankly, your accusations are offensive. ... See more

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A Working Adult


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We All Have Those Days

Edna 385998199 It has been 3 day(s) since I smacked someone for no reason.

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Remain Ignorant

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting. Do you understand? I Understand remain ignorant X

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My plans on 14 February: AND LT

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Ooo Tiny Baby


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Cardboard Elite hehe hehe

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They Are Not Impressed

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Weekly Rankings

NICE CAT OF THE WEEK ELIJAH has opened up and showed the staff how much he loves belly rubs NAUGHTY CAT OF THE WEEK POPSICLE stole treats from Daniel, his BLIND roommate E

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Daniel never saw it coming.


e-o อาหารแมว ไอ ปลาก cootel that Me-O'Dry Cat Foods Mackerel 200 cc

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For Good Reason

Cat becomes Polish city's top-rated tourist attraction FEB 9, 2023 | SOCIETY Kot Gacek ******* (1001) Tourst attraction

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I'd visit him.

Every Single Day

*my cat doing nothing from the same spot every day

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Quite literally me.

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