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20 Terribly Cringeworthy Tinder Interactions

Back in the day, to meet people you had to actually leave the house and go out with the intention of, or at least being open to, talking to people. Genuine in-person connection is not the most common way people meet anymore. Dating apps and online dating sites have made it efficient and maybe a little bit too easy to meet and talk to people. The battle for the best pick-up line is basically what can make or break the first impression with someone.

Apps like Tinder are essentially just a big game of hot or not with the added potential for someone to reach out, but the success is slim. Not to say there's never dating app and site success, that's where many people find their special someone, but it takes a lot of wading through the weeds. Tinder and similar apps are full of questionable people with questionable intents and a whole lot of unusual ways to communicate. Here we have collected just 20 of the most peculiar dating app encounters.

They Say Romance is Dead

Today 6:10 AM Idk y but I love your name It's super unique Today 4:13 PM I need 5.5 inch or more. Longer does not get you any more points as you will hit my pelvis at 5.5. Need pic of with measurements. With paper with your name next to it or your face. Once verified let's do video call right after to confirm your are not cat fish. I get 500 likes everyday. If you don't agree with this then move on I could care less. Today 7:52 PM Sorry, I only break out the yard stick for 750+ likes a day or more Sent

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9:38 Today Sup Daddy? How's it hangin? To the left and not as far down as I'd like Delivered

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Okay Then

< Damn, sorry Payge, as pretty as you are, tattoos aren't my thing. I bet you're a lot of though. Take care. ●●● Lmao why swipe right then? I'm a guy, I swipe right on everyone. Sent

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The Audacity

< Kapreece YOU MATCHED WITH KAPREECE ON 2023-02-07 Lool heyy Why would you even bother Imao Swiping right ? mean.. I could ask you the same, no?

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< 9:56 YOU MATCHED WITH ON 3/1/23 Just moved back to looking for some entertainment! What do you do for fun around here? Yesterday 10:28 AM i stab homeless people + Sent

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10:33 ◄ Messages YOU MATCHED WITH MADDY ON 3/19/23 57 hey how are you? Today 10:30 PM Good just got back from the kkk meeting Sent

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< 9:37 1 Cassie YOU MATCHED WITH CASSIE ON 2/4/2023 Hey! How's your Sunday going? Type a message O Sunday 11:46 am My pain is sharp and deep and I do not wish for a better world for anyone Today 9:37 pm Hbu? + Sent Send

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< 10:52 Erin YOU MATCHED WITH ERIN ON 3/22/23 90 - ا... Today 12:45 AM okay uncle sam I want you bad + Sent

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YOU MATCHED WITH SARAH ON 3/20/23 Hey you look really familiar Yesterday 6:23 PM did you see me in your dreams? + Sent

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She Knows

YOU MATCHED WITH MERRISA ON 4/5/23 do you ever get mad when you walk into the kitchen and realize you're the only snack in the house? Today 10:50 AM Nah, I have gone in the kitchen mad asf cs I was the only meal + Sent

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How It Goes

Madison YOU SUPER LIKED MADISON ON 3/17/23 Danm your cute, what's the catch? Today 5:09 PM your dog made me swipe Sent

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Best Compliment

< 05:17 Cameron .ill 5G+ YOU MATCHED WITH CAMERON ON 4/4/23 id pick you first in duck duck goose

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Great Match

What's something dark about you? Today 5:26 PM I am actually quite nihilistic and think most people suck haha Oh nice lol. I wish there were more active serial killers Send a message Wbu Sent

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Best to Check

Let's make sure we're on the same page about Hitler 3

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Sad Face

P 3:52 Tracey YOU MATCHED WITH TRACEY ON 4/4/23 Please don't 144 Lemme disappoint you next Today 3:42 PM Sent

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He Is Here

GIF Hey Jesus LTE l 54%9:48 AM Today 9:46 AM Good morning 33 Type a message ... Christ has risen Stay updated. Get Read Receipts. Sent SEND

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Follow Me

YOU MATCHED WITH ON 05.04.2023. Do you have Instagram? My parents told me to always follow my dreams

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12:19 < Aiden YOU MATCHED WITH AIDEN ON 4/7/23 youre funny? tell me a joke! Today 12:18 AM exactly. go back to the kitchen U 1/2 >

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Let's go to a café and find out that we are incompatible but both too awkward to leave early so we just suffer through it until we can go home and never speak again. 287

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