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20 Terribly Hilarious Tinder Interactions

The world of online dating can be a scary place. With the incline of the use of dating apps and websites such as Tinder and Bumble people seem to be losing the ability to start conversations and talk to people in a polite and kind manner. They just say whatever they want with no further thought about repercussions. Many times, the boldness and strangeness of the interaction does make for some funny content. It's a wonder how anyone finds love on these apps but it does happen, miraculously.

If you've been a victim of obscene, bold, or awkward dating app pickup lines and conversations, you may be able to relate to or find humour in the posts on Reddit's /r/tinder and /r/tinderpickuplines. These subreddits are made for people to share their worst dating app interactions so that we can all cringe along with them. Here are just 20 terribly hilarious conversations, pickup lines, and bios from poor souls just looking for connection.

History Class Coming in Handy

Madison, 22 Mizzou 80 miles away •Looking for someone to take Thomas Jefferson's place in the last pic basically ← Madison Monday 10:35 PM As far as presidents go, we all know Jefferson came before Madison, but I'll make sure that's not the case. Today 1:20 AM That was literally the absolute best pickup line I've ever heard

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um As a side note, I've noticed your profile says your relationship type is polyamory. What does that look like for you? If you don't mind me asking I always have two partners, well, of coz they don't know about each others And is it two serious partners or just like a fwb sort of situation? serious partners I see I see Isn't that just cheating tho, rather than polyamory?

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Oh God

12:10 TikTok Eli YOU MATCHED WITH ELI ON 11/05/2023. If I scan your wrists, will I get a discount at Tesco's

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Absolutely Winning

Can't say I agree this made me want to throw up This is a red flag You're sick Your Turn Your Turn Your Turn Your Turn

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ok! ok! 6:40 PM 7:39 PM thanks!! Read 6:29 PM 3:49 AM Read 3:50 AM Yesterday your good person! I will come around 7:40pm Read 3:48 AM Q & = 3:50 AM Read 7:39 PM I'm outside I like you How do you feel about me ?

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Kindness Though

12:40 bumble The quickest way to my heart is... Kindness or you wanna recreate my favourite book scenes with me holocausts for men OS's location Mohali The world would be a better place with more... S's Top Artists on Spotify Taylor Swift NF 4G 52 9 % Aditya Rikhari Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

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What Happened to Hello

< Matthew YOU MATCHED WITH MATTHEW ON 5/10/23 Hey gorgeous Want to come aboard an awesome boat and fk two hy guys? I'll give you 500 for the evening

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Happy Mother's Day

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When did you move here? A year a half ago hby or are you a native Cool do you live with roomates? I moved here at 17 Why do you want to know? Are you trying to pay my bills? Because if not I don't see why who i do or don't live with concerns you. Fling loser Sent

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Crazy News

Fri, May 12 9:12 AM I can bench press 30 crazy u say that. i was at the gym earlier this morning and i attempted a 30lb PR with a friend holding 1lb of pressure on the bar, effectively making my new PR 31lbs Today 11:05 AM Oh congratulations I just benched 32 lbs i was JUST at the gym and i have the craziest news Sent

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GIF Tuesday 10:07 PM Call this a shot in the dark but blow me 8 inches Today 12:14 AM (respectful Rizz) Type a message... SEND

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That Took a Turn

Today 1:59 PM I'm move to NJ for work. I don't leave for a few weeks but needed to pack up the container now or it wouldn't arrive in time Well we should hook up before you leave I get you pregnant you move across the county sounds so ideal for me Lol What? + Sent

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That Was Quick

hey Today 9:43 PM whenever Today 10:08 PM my as is yours Today 10:33 PM What's up Lmaooooo + Sent

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Really Though

GIF Today 9:41 pm Hey there, don't tell me someone as cute as you is single Today 10:05 pm Hey there, I can't believe someone as creepy as you isn't a convicted K offender ||| And what did I do to you for that Type a message ... O < ✔ Sent SEND

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YOU MATCHED WITH ABBI ON 5/7/23 Hey what kinda stuff are you into? Is psychology fun? I'm an accounting major and it's about as boring as you'd think Yesterday 9:25 PM that's a boring way to start a conversation Yesterday 11:30 PM Ok Sorry I guess

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People Are Bold

You look like you send terrible nudes Prove me wrong brother in christ you could have at least said hi how are you how's your day been

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Not Quite The Same

I he can't been there yet, not sure how I feel about a place that sells high dollar beers like that. Why pay 5 dollars for a coffee when the gas station has coffee for a dollar ya know Lol because gas station coffee is nasty! It's sits there for hours and gets all stale and burnt! I'd rather pay $5 for a coffee made fresh right before my eyes. Sorry former barista here lol Well we're all different and that's what makes earth beautiful eh I don't care for Asians > Excuse me? + Sent

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11:58 1 Search < Itsa YOU MATCHED WITH ITSA ON 4/22/23 5G Mama mia its-a nice to meet you + Sent

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Women Love Boats

What ur boat like? It's floats on the water and s give me head on it + Sent

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You liked Today 9:32 PM Start the chat with Today 9:35 PM Split me in half like you did that log photo. As long as you let me spit beer in your mouth before That's the only way I'll drink beer Sent

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