Ninja Keemstar "bald" tweet explained.

Did Ninja Really Call KEEMSTAR The R-Word? Fact-Checking The Infamous Tweet About The 'Bald Genius'

There's been a tweet seemingly written by Ninja tossed around in which he appears to call YouTuber KEEMSTAR the "R-word." The post has found lots of use as a way to insult KEEMSTAR online, being edited and posted as a reply to KEEMSTAR's tweets on many occasions.

However, while Ninja is known for occasionally raging and posting cringe online, it seems that insulting a person in such a way wouldn't be something he would do, so let's fact check this infamous post and explain what it's all about.

What Did Ninja Tweet About KEEMSTAR?

Setting the facts straight, the notorious X / Twitter post by Ninja in which he seemingly calls KEEMSTAR the R-word was NOT posted by Ninja.

In fact, KEEMSTAR and Ninja used to have a more or less friendly relationship on social media, sharing joking exchanges and occasionally collaborating prior to 2022.

In 2022, KEEMSTAR posted a video in which he explained that he and Ninja were no longer friends. Not over the insulting tweet, however, but over a G FUEL dispute.

Now the post that's been flying around and which was seemingly, but not really, authored by Ninja refers to KEEMSTAR as "a bald retard."

> Ninja @Ninja KEEMSTAR is a bald retard. 11:56 - 2/22/20 Twitter for iPhone

Did Ninja Post the "KEEMSTAR Is a Bald Retard" Tweet?

No, Ninja didn't make the post, nor was it his social media manager.

On February 22nd, 2020, the day of the post, Ninja's X / Twitter account was briefly hijacked by a hacker after Ninja forgot to enable two-factor authorization.

During the brief window of time, the hacker posted a self-promotion, did several shoutouts, offered to fight Tfue and posted the now-infamous tweet insulting KEEMSTAR.

The tweet was quickly been wiped after Ninja regained control of his account, but its screenshots later popped up on iFunny, Reddit and pretty much everywhere.

Use In Memes

While it had occasionally been used to insult KEEMSTAR before that, the post achieved widespread recognition in December 2023 when a meme in which Mr. Krabs admired the post, lovingly framed above his fireplace, went viral.

< Tweet Ninja @Ninja KEEMSTAR is a bald retard. 12:56 PM - 2/22/20 Twitter for iPhone 393 Retweets 2,282 Likes 23 3

The tweet most often has been used as a reply to KEEMSTAR's posts on X / Twitter. Commonly users reference the post in creative ways rather than quote the explicit version — for example by offering others to complete the phrase, or inviting them to play hangman.

Ziggy @ZiggyPulsardust Fun exercise! Complete the following phrase: Keemstar is a... DramaAlert @DramaAlert · Dec 6, 2023 . ‘GTA 6' female protagonist might be NON-BINARY. What pronouns do you think Lucia uses? Readers added context There is no evidence to support that any of the GTA 6 protagonists are Non- Binary. This is an attempt from drama alert to rage bait interactions for money from twitter blue. Do you find this helpful? Rate it 8:44 PM • Dec 6, 2023 3M Views

For the full history of Ninja's KEEMSTAR tweet, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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