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What Are The 'Big Red Boots' Memes About? MSCHF's Astro Boy Boots Explained

Cringy hypebeast lore has officially expanded ever since the MSCHF 'Big Red Boots' dropped on Twitter and shocked the fashion and non-fashion worlds alike. If you've seen these big red Astroy Boy-lookin' boots on your meme timeline lately, you're definitely not alone.

Ugly to some and beautiful to others, the fashion brand MSCHF's Big Red Boots are sparking discourse across Reddit, Instagram and TikTok. They've been photoshopped onto innocent characters. They've been spotted on models and celebrities. They've become known as difficult to take off, put on and even style.

Where did all these Big Red Boot memes come from? Is everyone just getting duped by a viral marketing scheme run rampant? Let's explain.


What Are MSCHF's "Big Red Boots?"

At the start of the month, the "high fashion" clothing brand MSCHF started sending their upcoming product to notable fashion news outlets like HYPEBEAST and Saint. The promotional tactic was designed to generate buzz for what they simply called "Big. Red. Boots." MSCHF apparently hoped that the outlets would post videos and photos which would generate real-world hype organically caused by the ridiculousness of their newest shoes.

What's Up With All The "Big Red Boots" Memes?

As the initial photos and videos landed on social media, people quickly identified the shoes as hilarious-looking, opting to make fun of them by comparing their aesthetic to anime and cartoon characters. Some of the funniest comparisons were Astro Boy, Saitama from One Punch Man and Pac-Man himself.

SAINT SAINT @saint Feb 4 First Look: MSCHF Big Red Boot Wes W 283 tv 3,428 @WesleyBitton Replying to @saint II GIF ALT 制作 5:20 PM Feb 4,202362.2K Views 11K 5.6M △ Tip 日本テレビ 手塚プロダクション : : 9.8 PAC-MAN Official @officialpacman Can confirm, these look great! SAINT SAINT @saint Feb 4 First Look: MSCHF Big Red Boot .. 7:45 PM. Feb 6, 2023 1.3M Views ….. :

The memes continued as so-called "fashion-heads" weighed in on the boots, debating whether they were goated with the sauce or not based in the slightest. Many made fun of the "fit pic" selfies posted by earlier buyers, claiming that no one could "style them" right. The question of "How does one style these big red boots?" emerged, proving almost impossible to solve.

friedrich nichijou @weadhitter wearing this when i drive off a bridge Sweet N' Spicy Honey BBQ M Glazed Tenders From Grandma! with love 12:56 PM Feb 8, 2023 169.2K Views STEWIE D : RECIPE Пелиску Frlec in n BUCHET BREAK ARNOLD, THESE NIGGAS GOT ME FOR MY laura @ecto_fun nahi genuinely love these. i think more clothing and accessories should look stupid as hell Jay Martin @steak_jones. 23h Damn the future is kind of dog shit Show this thread 0:32 383.4K views Tik Tok @hypebeast 10:18 PM. Feb 7, 2023 302.7K Views :

When Can I Buy MSCHF's "Big Red Boots?"

After all of the memes and general hate, you might still want to buy these big red boots. Maybe they'll give you a powerful aura, enough to beat out any opponent in a powerscaling edit. Luckily for you, MSCHF's release date for the big red boots is coming up. They're scheduled for general purchase on February 16th, 2023.

For the full history of MSCHF's big red boots, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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