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What Does 'Bat Ka Grip' Mean? Sachin Tendulkar Saying 'Ae Vedya' Explained

The catchphrase "bat ka grip" has become increasingly popular in recent weeks, and is often used in relation to famous Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. But what does the phrase mean, and what is its connection to the cricket legend? Here is the history behind the viral voice message meme that sounds like Sachin Tendulkar saying, Ae vedya, bat ka grip nikalke na…

Where Does The Phrase "Bat Ka Grip" Come From?

In 2023, memes featuring a voice recording that sounds like Sachin Tendulkar began to proliferate. The dialogue in the memes was, "Ae vedya, bat ka grip nikalke na, seedha tere gaand me daal, hatt!" The audio originally emerged from a 2019 video posted by the YouTube channel "Shudd Desi Endings."

In 2023, the audio clip began to be used in various video memes spurred in part by the popularity of the 2023 Indian Premier League.

Why Did "Bat Ka Grip" Become A Meme?

In 2022, Sachin Tendulkar posted a video showing his technique for cleaning the grip on a cricket bat, where he removed the grip and runs the bat and the grip under running water to clean it. The video brought renewed interest to the viral audio that sounded like Tendulkar delivering an expletive-laden sentence.

In May 2023, a meme page on Instagram edited the aforementioned video and spliced it with the viral meme audio, effectively kicking off the 2023 "bat ka grip" meme craze.

What Are Some "Bat Ka Grip" Memes?

AFGHANISTAN INDIA Happilo ware QATAR AIRWAYS Agression OFSPRAT slice mi team @kulche_chole Gulf EUROBRI captaincy REOCON Bat ka grip
WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? YBIR 0000 PRODO0ODÓDÓDÓDÓPODOPODOPODOPPO0 200000 0000000 PODOPODOPODOPODOPODO000 ae vedya 000 0000 600060606060606060606060606000 3600000 PODOPODOPODODOPODO000000000 00000000 5000000000000 PODOPOPODOPADÓDOPO00000 bole jo koyal 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Cricketers Then Aye Waidiya..Bat ka grip nikal ke... EXTRA NNINGS CRICKET Mujse fight mat kro..Warna Insta story laga dunga

For the full history of "bat ka grip," be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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