Thug Shaker meaning

What Is A 'Thug Shaker?' The Meme Explained

When asked to do the thug shaker, be skeptical of the person you are talking to. They are likely referencing the viral meme that recontextualizes an adult video, similar to Ambatukam.

Also known as the Rump Shaker, this meme is everywhere across TikTok, Instagram and iFunny. Compared to the memes, however, the original video is a little bit more explicit.

Tired of not knowing how to do the thug shaker? Want to know what this meme's all about? Let's explain.

What Is The Original "Thug Shaker" Video?

The video that the thug shaker meme is based on was posted in April 2020. It wasn't uploaded to your typical social media site, though. Instead, it was posted on the adult website xHamster by the production company Thug Hunter. It was titled "That D*** Tastes Like Money."

The plot follows a young man named Logan who approaches a so-called "badass thug from the hood" with an offer: to do the rump shaker, also known as the thug shaker. Essentially, the "thug shaker" part of the video shows the man twerking while lacking pants.

How Is "Thug Shaker" Used In Memes?

At first, the thug shaker was used in bait-and-switch memes on Instagram in late 2020. From there, the videos spread to private Discord servers where friends tricked friends into watching the act.

Going into 2022 and 2023, thug shaker memes spread to TikTok alongside Hood Irony and Dreamybull videos. On TikTok is where the audio of the thug shaker video was isolated and inserted into video templates, specifically ones that used AI voices.

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What Are The "Thug Shaker" Lyrics?

Due to the prevalence of the video's iconic audio, many are curious what exactly the young man asks his thug-shaking friend:

Oh, you've got an a** on you alright, see that's what he's talkin' about! Spread your a** open, dude. You can do the rump shaker, huh? The thug shaker, give me the thug shaker!

Also, when people think "thug shaker lyrics," they might think of Brandon Curington's song "Thug Shake," which was released last year.

For the full history of the thug shaker, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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