Images from the 'Hunter Schaffner Golden Goyette Mirror Incident'

What Is The 'Hunter Schaffner Holden Goyette Mirror Incident' Video And Is It Real? The Viral Incident Explained

Stories of an alleged gore video known as the Hunter Schaffner Holden Goyette Mirror Incident are going viral on TikTok right now, leading many to search for the video. According to rumors, the video captures footage of a young man getting harmed by a broken mirror. But does it exist? Here's what we know.

What Is The 'Hunter Schaffner Holden Goyette Mirror Incident?'

In December 2022, TikToker @holdne posted an ominous TikTok slideshow sharing four images. The first three show a student smiling with a large detached bathroom mirror in his hands. The last shows a pixelated mass of red under the mirror and a small portion of a person's face, eyes closed.

According to the video's description, the screenshots come from a 2022 video taken by a student named Holden Goyette. The kid holding the mirror is allegedly Hunter Schaffner, who allegedly removed the mirror from the school's bathroom wall and dropped it "too hard" in a stall.The mirror broke, splintering and sending the glass shards over Hunter and "cutting him into little tiny pieces." The video has gained over 36 million views since it was posted.


Is The 'Hunter Schaffner Holden Goyette Mirror Incident Video' Real?

The TikTok slideshow's virality inspired viewers to search for the full "mirror incident" video themselves. Nobody has managed to find any video depicting the alleged series of events, meaning the video likely doesn't exist.

It is unclear where the photos shown in the slideshow come from, but they may have been taken by the account owner, @holdne.

TJ @skelopit ... Why did I search for hunter schaffner mirror video for what left like years only to find out it was a joke and there is no video. 5:50 AM - Dec 20, 2022 100K Views

For the full details on the Hunter Schaffner and Holden Goyette Mirror Incident, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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