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What On Earth Is 'The Unknown'? Bizarre Willy Wonka Mirror Creature Explained

You've probably heard about the disastrous Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow: the 40-dollar event that was low enough effort to be considered a Dashcon-level failure and a prime example of false advertising that left kids in tears and parents angry and demanding refunds.

However, it was just the right amount of low effort to deliver hilarious, memeable moments such as the depressed Oompa-Loompa bartender and, of course, "The Unknown," a completely made up character who supposedly lurks in the walls of the chocolate factory and seeks to steal Willy's "anti-Graffiti gobstopper."

What exactly is The Unknown supposed to be and why are people fascinated with them? Find everything in our brief explainer.

What Is 'The Unknown' From Willy Wonka Experience?

The fallout of the failed Willy Wonka Experience had irate attendees sharing photos and videos of what was happening at the lackluster event on social media. One of the clips that was shared on X / Twitter showed some sort of creature with long black hair and wearing black robes and a silver mask emerge from behind a mirror, spooking the kids.

As the creature emerged, Willy McDuff — the event's knock-off version of Willy Wonka — introduced the character as "The Unknown."

What is that? It's The Unknown!

It appears that The Unknown, who, of course does not appear neither in Roald Dahl's book, nor in any of its film adaptation, was created for the event specifically. The character comes from a 15-page script that the organizer of the event generated with AI, just like he did with promotional materials.

Some excerpts from the script, which was leaked on Facebook by one of the actors, shed some light on what "The Unknown" is supposed to be.

Scene in the Twilight Tunnel with Willy McDuff, the Unknown, and the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper Scene: Deep within the serpentine pathways of the Twilight Tunnel, the atmosphere grows tense as Willy McDuff gathers the audience in a semi-circle. His face is illuminated by the flickering light of his lantern, casting long shadows on the walls. The group's laughter and whispers fade as Willy begins to speak in a grave tone. Willy McDuff: (with a serious expression) My dear adventurers, we stand on the precipice of a discovery most wondrous and perilous. For within these ancient walls lurks a tale not yet told, of an evil chocolate maker known only as the Unknown. (The audience leans in, captivated by Willy's words.) Willy McDuff: This fiendish foe has long coveted one of my most cherished creations the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper. A marvel of confectionery science designed to aid, oh, not just any soul, but the tireless guardians of cleanliness, our beloved mums... and yes, dads too, but especially mums, from the endless scourge of dirty socks strewn about by youthful adventurers. (A murmur of amusement and agreement ripples through the audience.)

The official lore of the character says that The Unknown is an evil chocolate maker lurking in the walls of the chocolate factory who covets one of Willy McDuff's creations, the "Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper" (yes, that's the name). According to the script, an epic battle is supposed to ensue between Willy McDuff and The Unknown, which, of course, did not happen. The Unknown did emerge out from behind the mirror in a spooky sort of way, though.

Willy McDuff: (resolute) In the spirit of imagination and the pursuit of joy, I cannot let that happen. If it's a showdown you want, it's a showdown you'll get! (Suddenly, the room transforms into a battlefield of lights and lasers. Willy uses a device resembling a futuristic remote, activating traps and illusions around the lab to thwart The Unknown's advances.) The Unknown: (dodging a beam of light) You think these parlor tricks will stop me? I've come too far to be foiled now! (He retaliates with his own device, shooting beams of light towards Willy, who skillfully evades them, using the lab's inventions as shields and counters.) Willy McDuff: (with a twinkle in his eye) It's not about stopping you with tricks, but with creativity! For every dark intention, there's a light of innovation ready to shine through! (Willy activates a machine that releases a dazzling display of holographic images, momentarily disorienting The Unknown. Seizing the opportunity, Willy sets the Anti-

Is The Unknown In 'Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory'?

The Unknown does not appear in either Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" or in any of the film adaptations of the book. The character was created specifically for the Glasgow event by its organizer.

Who Plays The Unknown?

The Unknown was played by a young actress whose name is currently unknown. On February 28th, news account Discussing Film reported that the actress will be making a statement on TikTok in the future.

Discussing Film 4 @DiscussingFilm The Unknown will be making a video soon about her involvement in the Willy Wonka experience. 7:42 PM. Feb 28, 2024 5.5M Views AJ Please tell us who played The Unknown? I really need to know 3h Reply Xbee JenXdesign Yes! I'm so invested in this Reply JenXdesign. Creator She's a your actress, she's gonna make a TikTok soon explaining her involvement 1h Reply 569 1h 1602 4 : 12 ▸ JenXdesign We are so ready for the unknown lore 36m Reply ♡19

What Kind Of Memes Are People Making About 'The Unknown'?

After footage of the character was shared on social media, "The Unknown" became a popular subject of memes on X / Twitter alongside with other memes from the event. Notably, users mixed The Unknown into other recently popular memes, involving the character into Kate Middleton's conspiracy theories and imagining Pete Davidson sliding into The Unknown's DMs and dating the character.

Eve Belle @EveBelleSongs I can put two and two together. 8:44 AM Feb 28, 2024 2.8M Views . : Benedict Townsend @BenedictTown Pete Davidson has been spotted stepping out with The Unknown from the Glasgow Willy Wonka experience 5:23 PM. Feb 28, 2024 2.4M Views NEW YORK 2

There's more, of course. Some people double downed on the spooky factor, imagining children getting seriously traumatized by the mirror creature.

Others thought that The Unknown would make a pretty neat Halloween costume, if anyone still remembers the debacle six months down the road. And there's been some neat fan art, too!

x zam x @samaoxCX is it too early to plan for halloween Your Orders Last six months Q Search all orders Arriving tomorrow Arriving today On the way Arriving today On the way 2:00 PM Feb 29, 2024 1.2M Views Filter orders >> @drawckie

For the full history of The Unknown, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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