December 2022 Know Your Meme Meme of the Month.

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We want to dedicate the December 2022 "Meme of the Month" award to …

MEME OF THE MONTH Bill Clinton Kid Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Bill Clinton Kid this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of Nº 1222 December 202 CERTIFIED

… also known as Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton. The most memorable highlight from the 2022 Game Awards, the moment when YouTuber Matan Even snuck onto the stage together with FromSoftware developers to pick up the award for the "Game of the Year" has become an instant classic as everyone tried to understand what the heck happened and who the kid who ninja's his to the microphone. Matan has been enjoying his moment under the sun, and a few other clips with the YouTuber went viral shortly after. Solid first place with 24 percent of the votes.


Rap Battle MrBeast

In the runner-up spot, we have Mr. Beeeeeast! with a whopping 16 percent of your votes. The dollar-store Mister Beast knockoff from a rap battle video by Freshly Kanal has several things going for it: fake MrBeast's awkward lean into the camera, the announcer's perfect delivery, the red circle (itself a recent meme format). Fake MrBeast didn't have to become a meme, but for some reason or another, it did, and isn't this what YTPMVs have always been about?

Zoolander Stare

Mixing rizz, lightskin stare, object labeling, Zoolander and Mareux' 'Perfect Girl' all into one, Zoolander Stare has delivered one of the best one-fits-all formats of the year, becoming popular across TikTok, Twitter, Reddit and the rest of them alike. Is this merely the start of the 2023 Zoolander meta? Or will this treasure trove remain untouched? This is up to you all. And for now, that will be third place with 15 percent of total votes, brah.

Maxwell the Cat

Just a few votes short of hitting the top three, Maxwell the Cat (real name Jess, not Doofus or Uni) spins comfortably in the fourth place with 14 percent of your votes. A viral image turned 3D model, Maxwell found its initial popularity in the Garry's Mod community, from where the meme expanded into the internet proper with videos in which Maxwell spins round and round to goofy music. Congratulations on this massive W for one of the silliest memes of December.

Rizz God

Congrats to all the Rizzards, Rizzly Bears, Rizzologists and Rizzlers in here, because Rizz Nicknames were peak fashion this month. The endless plays on the word rizz (standing short for "charisma", and describing one's ability to "pull" mates) have been many and inventive, forcing up to step our pun game. Hope you all filled your Rizztionaries this month because there's very little chance everybody is still not tired of the word. Fifth place, six percent of total votes.

Did your favorite meme not make it into the top five? Fret not, because we're obliged to give shoutouts to formats and memes that might have been a bit too niche, but kept us entertained through the entire month nonetheless. Here's to Jenna Ortega, her Wednesday Dance and the rest of Wednesday memes (4%), the unmistakable Metal Pipe Sound Effect (4%), Different Dimension Me, the isekai-in-your-pocket (4%), Smart_Calender1874 and his "small cylinder" (3%), Tanya McQuoid fearing being murdered by these gays (3%), Yeah I'd Like to Solve the Puzzle (he he he, yup) (2%), being the biggest bird (2%), Kevin Hart gatekeeping sensitive asses (2%), bringing the sort of vibes to things, celebrity death pranks (1%) and the nifty theory about Peter Griffin going insane (1%).

Little Thunder リトルサンダー @littlethunderr Wednesday 2022 | Wednesday 1993 9:25 AM Nov 28, 2022. Twitter for iPhone . : 00 QQ搜索 Q 免费画画 异次元的我‧ QQ小世界·AI合成 扫码免费体验 momo Lmfao. The comments OP replies with are hilarious. It's your dick bro. You stuck your dick in an MnM tube of butter. O These gays, they're trying to murder me.
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