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Beyond the four deres

Last posted Jan 05, 2016 at 10:28AM EST. Added Jan 05, 2016 at 10:28AM EST
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I was just randomly browsing around the internet and discovered there may be another facet to the four dere types. You, know:

  • Yandere- literally crazy about someone else
  • Tsunedere- sweet and sour (can be subdivided into harsh or sweet depending on which of the two moods is predominant)
  • Kuudere- cold outside, sweet inside (can be divided into "always in control", "once you get to know them", and "mood-swinger")
  • Dandere- wallflower
    (There are TvTropes articles for all four, so I won't bother with links.)
    Now, pay attention to the way these are named.
  • dere comes from deredere, meaning lovestruck
  • tsun comes from tsuntsun meaning aloof or irritable
  • yan comes from yanderu mental or emotional illness
  • kuu comes from(?) cool, as in emotional cool.

However, it seems there are more suffixes than dere. For example, gire means to cut, slice, or snap (maybe physically, maybe metaphorically, maybe both) and dura, coming from duragon (aka dragon in English.)

Here's the extra non-deres I've found:

Finally, there may be a progression between yandere and yangire and yandeguire, but I'm unsure.

Sorry if this was rather pointless! Um, lol?
Also sorry for any typos or formatting errors but I gotta go, no time to edit! Sorry!


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