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Need the name of a meme? Ask here!

Last posted May 31, 2023 at 05:22PM EDT. Added May 16, 2011 at 09:39PM EDT
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What is the name of this one ? There are a series of them around the internet and facebook:

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What's the name of that meme were people make versions of the painting by Grant Wood "American Gothic"? I tried to find it here and search by "American Gothic meme" but couldn't find it.
Or is it called "American Gothic meme" and there aren't any entries about it yet?

Hypercat-Z wrote:

How is called this one?

1. Don't think it's a meme, just a captioned image.

2. Game is Halo, meme is "Demotivational Poster".

3. "One is not amused".

Zipperbars wrote:

1. Don't think it's a meme, just a captioned image.

2. Game is Halo, meme is "Demotivational Poster".

3. "One is not amused".

I think he was refering to the "3,2,1…" thing.

Alright, I need to ask my own question.

What's the name of the meme with some guy wearing a horse head/suit? I've seen at least 5 instances of this.

And another meme I need to know about now…

What are memes of this "style" called? Those little dots, light blue background, and a black/white character. (Thanks for the image, commentor in the Boku No Pico article!)

Tomberry wrote:

The meme itself with the girl is called Pomf =3.
The background style and use of the picture is part of Reaction Faces, usually used on imageboards.

Yes, I know that.
Does it go by a specific name? I've seen quite a few variants of it. Thanks.

This one should be pretty easy – I can't find the page (probably as a result of my ineptitude) but would be thrilled to be pointed in the right way _
I would've liked to add more images, but I have no idea what they're called!

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Well, for me, I would like to refer to those types of images as "I Have Earned Their Trust." And no, we currently don't have an entry for that.

Last edited Nov 17, 2012 at 07:56PM EST

I don't think so.
…Ok, it might have some spread and mutation.

It appears to be edits to this (the likely original:)

lol dutch
I can't tell you what that says, but it was posted to the above site on Oct. 20, 2012. Other sites have your edit as being uploaded before that (September 9, 2009 for this one,) so the original may be older than that (or the one on the Dutch page was an translation of the original.)

I don't see any entry under the search terms I used.
Anyway, back to capstone project work.

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Hypercat-Z wrote:

What are these memes called?

The top one is the emo girl from The Incredibles. I know the exact scene. it's when she sees her crush while invisible, the quickly turns visible and sits down.

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