Costanza.jpg / George Costanza Reaction Face

Costanza.jpg / George Costanza Reaction Face

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Costanza.jpg is a reaction image based on a still image of the Seinfeld character George Costanza (played by actor Jason Alexander) holding a baseball bat with a look of contempt on his face. On 4chan, the image is typically used to express disapproval towards greentext implication posts that would be considered out of social norms. It has also become closely associated with the phrase "I Seriously Hope You Guys Don’t Do This" (ISHYGDDT).


Origin: The still shot of George Constanza was taken from the 143rd episode of the American TV sitcom Seinfeld titled “The Abstinence,”[2] which originally aired on November 21st, 1996. While encountering some New York Yankees players at a batting cage, Costanza strikes up a conversation with Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter, who boasts about winning the world series with his team. Constanza responds to Jeter with a smug smile while preparing to swing his bat, coyly replying “Yeah… in six games.”

According to Encyclopedia Dramatica[8], the image was first used on 4chan’s /sp/ (sports) board in combination with “>putting ketchup in the fridge,”[9] a greentext phrase used to imply that an activity or choice is abnormal, sometime in early 2011.

We Were Promised Tripcodes!!4Q9SESccWeU Fri Mar 18 12:19:10 2011 No.16277162 File: 31 KB, 250x250, 1300464052855[1]jpg [View same] [iqdb] > Isn't that supposed to be refrigerated? Anonymous Fri Mar 18 12:23:10 2011 No.16277223 File: 106 KB, 244x248, 1298728608144.png [View same] [igdb] >16277162 >cookies in the fridge >We Were Promised Tripcodes!!4Q9SESccWeU Fri Mar 18 12:24:10 2011 No.16277234 File: 90 KB, 244x246, sp2.png [View same] [iqdb] >16277223 not putting cookie dough in the fridge


In March 2011, a 4chan user posted an explanation of the reaction image noting that it can be used to criticize people for doing something abnormal or ridiculous, like using sandpaper in place of toilet paper.

>Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:39 No.24691872 File :1301467163059.jpg-(12 KB, 275x278, newman.jpg) 24691673 The meme comes from /sp/ based off of a reaction image captured from an episode of Seinfeld. In this episode, George Costanza talks to the members of the New York Yankees (specifically Jeter) and mocks them. When Jeter points out that they won the World Series, Costanza makes this face, laughs at them, and says "yeah...n six games" Basically it is a great >implying or greentext reaction image, and often on /sp/ you'll see it associated with either standard greentext, or text that goes ">not "where the blank is doing something normal (for trolling purposes) or absolutely ridiculous (for fun) ie >Putting your ketchup in the fridge >Not taking a s--- in the shower >Not wiping your ass with sandpaper Anonymous 03/30/11 (Wed)02:39 No.24691 884 File :1301467189694.png-(43 KB, 445x445, sub geroge.png) >> Susing palette swaps to make more characters

In early 2011, Costanza.jpg appeared multiple times on /sp/[3][4][7] and also on /co/[6] (cartoons), where a blank template image of Alexander’s face spawned a series of fsjal-like derivative images. By May 2011, 4chan users began using the phrase “I seriously hope you guys don’t do this” (ISHYGDDT) in response to lines of greentext that the poster deemed ridiculous. One of the earliest archived uses of this initialism appeared on the /v/ (video games) board[5] in response to an Infinity Ward developer who didn't use secure tripcodes[10] to protect his account during an AMA thread.

う) N7

In June 2011, the first Facebook fan page[11] pairing the phrase ISHYGDDT with the Constanza image was created, but only gained 624 likes as of September 2012. The following month, a second Facebook fan page[12] using both the phrase and Constanza was created, gaining more than 22,000 likes in a little over a year. The same day, a fan page specifically for Constanza.jpg[13] was established, but it has only acquired 1020 likes.

On July 28th, 2011, the Twitter account @ISHYGDDT[14] was created, tweeting commentary in a specific format: First, using

On July 31st, 2011, the first Urban Dictionary[15] definition for “ISHYGGDT” was submitted, linking the phrase to Costanza.jpg. The acronym has also been defined on the 4chan BBS[16] and Wikitionary.[17] As of September 2012, “ISHYGGDT” is actively used as a tag on Buzzfeed[21], Tumblr[18] and Twitter[19], and the reaction image/phrase pairing has appeared on other message boards including MMO Champion[20], GameFAQs[22] and[23]

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