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[Just For Fun] No-fap September 2016

Last posted Oct 02, 2016 at 03:07AM EDT. Added Aug 21, 2016 at 07:26PM EDT
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Day 29 soon to end, and with that being said it's almost the final day.

And remember don't be stupid, and do it today cause Day 30 still counts as September. Would be pretty embarrassing for that to happen.

With that being said, as Mr. Phil Collins puts it;

Double Entendre

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Masterdragoon57 wrote:

Day 30: Final day, final run and I tried testing myself again……I…..ejaculated without even touching myself……looks like I've lost……this is the most shameful thing I've ever experienced. How is that even possible? I guess it couldn't be helped. To all the lads still in, you will make it and don't do the same mistake as I did. I'm out now. Good luck in your final run.

Doesn't count, fapping counts. Yer still in.

superjumpman wrote:

Doesn't count, fapping counts. Yer still in.

Wait seriously? It didn't count? Thought I was done for, thanks man.

And now
Dawn of a New Day: It's finally over for me, it wasn't as difficult as last years but it was one fun ride. I won't stop here though, I have the feel of not fapping for as long as I can. I may end before the 1st week of October ends but I'll still try it for the hell of it. The end near approaches my fellow comrades. Just less than 12-13 hours to go, heaven is near.

Day 30.
I'm still in. Nothing interesting happened this time shockingly.

Homura's Homutown




He Who Has Not Been Named

Henry from Another Dimension






Shulk Heir to the Monado

Sergeant Arch Dornan

Skimpy Crusader

Mudkip Master




S1MP50N (local AFOL)




More Metals


Oh, and sorry for not telling you sooner that you were still in Masterdragoon57. I feel slightly irresponsible for not fully reading your post last night.

Mission Log: Day 30, 1734 hrs

Just got back in from trying to trim this gnarly old pine tree in my yard. 6 more hours until September ends. (Someone go wake up Billy Joe because it's that time again.) It's been a helluva month, folks. Only around a third (maybe more) of us made it. Congrats to the rest of ya that have survived.

Also, thanks again to that lone member of L-Squad who was doing what was supposed to be the whole group's work. You were a valiant opponent. (You know who you are.)

Mission Status: Active
Alert Level: Yellow

Addendum: Special thanks to Homura's Homutown for taking the initiative and doing a damn good job of keeping the list updated.

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Day 30

report, looks like we made it through guys! Congratulations for all who put up with an ultimately pointless challenge to gain internet cred. But no matter, its been a fun month! 2 left for me and then its fap time.

Day 30
The things that NFS took from us is as vast as this Earth…
Homura’s Homutown, DokiDoki_EienNi, IndignantCynic, UltimateScorpion, He Who Has Not Been Named, A-Train, Yunpol, Evil-Tree, Masterdragoon57, Arcanine, Shulk Heir to the Monado, Sergeant Arch Dornan. Skimpy Crusader, Mudkip Master, Cipher_Oblivion, Gnairly, Nectarine, S1MP50N (local AFOL), StoneColdKillerWhale, KirbyfanNeox, L0rdtr3k, More Metals, Xin… it's over…
(Yes, I went full Stardust Crusaders into that one)
NFS… End.
Some hours left until October 1st here. Gonna post one last time tomorrow.

Alrighty then it is now officially 12:01 where I live ( EST ), I am now free of this fapping embargo. Well its been fun gents, but now that I'm free, its time to unload my rifle into the Wicke threads on /vp/

Ahhhh, he first fap after no fap september. It honestly makes the whole contest worth it. Being able to fap so often and at any time is honestly something I take for granted. Fapping too much trivializes the feeling, so after going cold turkey for so long, it honest to god feels like I'm having my first fap again.10/10 would abstain again.

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Despite what I initially looked for, I managed to survive the entire month. This was my second attempt and I got victorious. Congratulations to all who also achieved victory.
It seems like a fun activity to raise your chance of getting testicular cancer, but it's worth it.
Henry signing out.

Day 30: It is done. After a whole month of restraints and updates, it is finally done. Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure participating in this challenge alongside you. But now it is back to fapping to all the smut I see. Looking forward to next year. Status: CHALLENGE COMPLETE!!!

Maybe it wasn't as hard as it could of been because of my weird sexual problems (which still haven't entirely gotten fixed yet), but I'm pretty proud of myself.

Day 30 END. Currently @ 01 Oct 2:08AM
Status: Success!!
Sanity: Bittersweet Cheerfulness

What's this? Something not Touhou-related music? Hey, I like stuff other than Touhou.

Day 28

Welp, I honestly don't remember much. It's the usual routine. Wake up, prepare for class, go to class, go home after, eat dinner while watching something, watch until it's 2AM, go to room, lounge around some more until 4-6AM, Sleep.
Well, I had to go earlier to school since my Older Sister was arriving today from her trip to our Home country. The time I usually leave was near her arrival time. I doodles in my free time then. Did my almost-whole-week's worth of doodles in those 2 hours. It was a comic though instead of the usual one shots.
Day 29
Pretty much a carbon copy of day 28 minus the drawing thing. If I had to say something, it would be that my progress on my projects is lagging behind more than I would like.
Step-father reminded me of that one job position. I suddenly get extremely grumpy when anything relating to jobs gets brought up. I always feel bad about it afterwards since I act unreasonable towards those that brought it up. It's something I feel more comfortable doing on my own, though I know that it's almost impossible getting myself to get one.
Also finally felt comfortable watching Wagnaria!. Enjoyed it even.
Oh and I looked around g.e-hentai for doujins about Komeiji Koishi for when NFS ends. Naturally, I got a boner. Nothing I couldn't handle though.
Day 30
Woke up at around 3:30. Played a mobile clicker game until around 4, when I had lunch. I could've had it earlier, but could've had it later too. Got caught up on RWBY Chibi as well as finishing the entirety of Wagnaria's 1st season. I think I also finished dinner while finishing Wagnaria too… or was it before I ate dinner? Browser history says I've only been on Crunchyroll though… I find it hard to believe that in only 6 episodes I've both ate lunch and dinner. Oh well…
After dinner, I decided to watch Gintama. Farewell Shinsengumi Arc is where I left off. Feels already even from the first episode. Once the actiony episodes started, I went to get snacks, Umaru-style. Barbecue flavored corn chips, Pocky, and A&W Root Beer. Few episodes later and Feels is back again. Cried. Hard enough that I was letting out tiny sad moans. It's not as hard when I watched Assassination Classroom's Episode 24, but it's close. It didn't help any that seeing Imai Nobume, who was totally my type, in such state that she was in near the end…

I was planning to fap as soon as Oct 1 came, but I was having too much feels from watching Gintama that I have lost all immediate sexual tension. I was too sad to fap.
Anyway, I'm probably gonna watch some Lost Pause after writing this report to cheer myself up.
Nothing special on the Lewd side of things. Well… there was that time in Day 28. Right after getting home from class, I lied down on my bed. Sure enough, Lewd thoughts popped out. Though it was very vivid. It also had a good sense of continuation. I didn't dawdle on one scenario as much. Not much skips or repeat. It went smoothly. However, right when my thoughts were getting into the good stuff. Right before putting it in, I was suddenly called out for dinner. I know it was just a thought but I was still cruelly blue-balled…
I dunno, I may actually be in the mood to fap once I cheer myself up.
Anyway, It's been a fun ride. It got surreal and frustrating at times but still. I think I was more cheerful more often this September.
To the people who read my reports in their entirety, Thank you for being interested.
I hope I could entertain you in the future, even outside of NFS.
I was actually planning to draw something NFS related a week ago and post it here but you know me… I'm a lazy shit… Although I may actually draw something in commemoration of NFS ending. I wont guarantee anything but I'm in a good mood so there's a chance I may go though with it.

Congratulations for all those that made it to the end!
Thank you Homura's Hometown for listing the participants.

If you're thinking of watching Hunter X Hunter, Assassination Classroom, or Gintama, I would recommend that you do.

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                           Mission Log: Day 31 (1 October), 0001 hrs

                                      MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

This year honestly felt a bit harder than last year for me. Considering the heavy casualties we have faced over the month, I'd say I'm not alone in that opinion. Until the next No-Fap challenge comes, I'll need to see if I can't develop more effective countermeasures. Considering the staggering increase in close calls from last year's challenge, it would seem that this would be a prudent endeavor.

Hopefully, we won't see as many casualties next time. I'm pretty sure around a third of us survived. (If someone could verify the survivor/casualty numbers, it would be much appreciated.)

It's been a helluva ride, folks. See you all again next year.

(Again, thank you Homura's Homutown for keeping record of the participants.)

Mission Status: COMPLETED
Alert Level: Green

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Well, it’s finally over. Here’s the list of hard mode winners:
Skimpy Crusader
Henry from another dimension
Giblet Gravy
Cecaelia Girlie
He Who Has Not Been Named
Shulk Heir to the Monado
You Are Reading This
Well done all of you. You’ll receive your badges soon.
If someone could make a list of the regular NFS-winners this year, i would be grateful

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