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Taking accountability: denouncing my problematic old content

Last posted May 25, 2023 at 05:16PM EDT. Added May 19, 2023 at 12:34AM EDT
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tw/cw // racism, rape, body-shaming, sexism, homophobia, ableism, slurs, nazism, christianity, profanity, intense violence, suggestive themes, comic mischief

Hey, KYM. I know I'm basically a celebrity here on KYM for the popular images I posted years ago, but in my dormancy, I've done some deep reflecting and soul searching. Many of you admire me, but I'm here to say you shouldn't. I've come to the realization that nearly the entirety of the notoriety I've built for myself is all a sham and based on hate, bigotry, and misguided "edginess" for its own sake. I mistakenly believed I was just posting silly images for you to laugh at on the computer, but what I neglected to realize is that words and imagery have real world impact in serious, wide-reaching, material fashion.

I was most known for "Expand Dong" edits (a highly problematic meme in and of itself as there's nothing inherently humorous about an erect penis; in fact, to many rape victims, it's a traumatic emblem of their moment of violation), especially the Squidward delivers the nasty cephalopod cock at 3:28 AM one. Where to begin? Squidward's "rape face", the rapey subject matter, the body-shaming calling his cock nasty, I could go on. To make matters worse, my toxic fanbase took the format and made a big rapey fad out of it with other characters. Yikes.

My 2nd most liked image and most liked original edit is this Expand Dong of a Captain Underpants book cover which, let's see, maligns black people with harmful stereotypes and the N-word, references the homophobic "OP is a f****t" meme with a derogatory pride flag, calls unsuspecting anime convention attendees "gay weeaboos" (I irresponsibly could've inspired their doxxing and harassment), endorses nazism with a "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" soda can, and mocks neurodivergent people with an "Autism Awareness" sticker. Major oof alert.

I came from the toxic 4chan school of thought in a lot of my posts in that, somehow, I felt I had the freedom to unabashedly spew the likes of N-words and F-slurs (no matter how much "irony" or "shock value" I thought neutralized it) and not be an evil person in the process. I also have internalized ableism to unlearn in that I thought my own autism gave me license to joke at autism's expense. I started gradually waking up to the error of my ways as I stopped posting so frequently. The biggest wake up call that smacked in the face was when, at one of the KYM IRL meetups (where shitlords like myself quoted edgy memes at each other to express our inner bigotry and male gaze at our favorite fanart with sexist proportions), this guy came up to me and said "I know you probably don't like me because I'm gay and black and I like Johnny Test, but I'm a big fan". At first I was shocked that he thought any of those would put me off from him, but I realized why shouldn't he feel ostracized by someone whose apparent ideology is indistinguishable from a Klansman (come to think of it, how could he have been a fan)? It was never my intention, but what freeze peach warriors like my former self fail to realize is that their words extend beyond whatever intentions they had that end up paving the road to hell.

Speaking of religious mythology, in my moment of ultimate hubris, in this comment I complemented someone's Expand Dong image by comparing myself to the Christian god. Now I have no problem blaspheming the uniquely shittiest, most repressive religion on earth, but I only later realized how my imagery could conjure trauma of abused LGBTQIA2S+ folx who grew up being told that that god was sending them to hell for living their truths. Fancying myself a deity is pretty conceited on its own, but that particular god just isn't the vibe, on god.

TL;DR I'm an incredibly important KYM user, but mostly from being an enormous piece of shit. If denouncing my body of work disappoints you, good. I don't want you as an admirer or a friend. We both have maturing and growth yet to do, but you moreso than me. I won't delete anything, because the whole world deserves access to the proof of my transgressions in perpetuity so they can flagellate me as they see fit. I'm keeping this post monetized, but only so I can donate the earnings to a fund to rehabilitate victims of slurs on the computer.

Who are you again?


Oh yeah, this guy!

Is there even anyone on the site who remembers this stuff? Nobody really cares about anything that happened on the site longer than 2 months ago. I mean, props to you for bringing out your dirty laundry before someone decided to dig to the site's equivalent of the Permian. Harder to have people cancel you when you cancel yourself.

It's also good that you did this before the newest site feature, the automoderator: JAN-E-Bot. I guess this thread is as good as any to announce this. It will go through all the content posted on the site and remove from galleries anything seen as 'problematic' and retroactively punish users accordingly. It takes out the moderator task of having to arbitrarily decide if the context makes something okay or not by removing all context and judging all content equally. We heard your complaints about subjective moderation. You can sleep well knowing that this has now been solved!

Now you may be wondering "Hey wait, but there was a lot of stuff that used to be okay, it only became problematic later". Not to worry! The bot's databases are constantly updated and have incredible predictive capacity, so anything that wasn't seen as problematic before will also be taken down. In many cases, even before it becomes problematic. Isn't artificial intelligence great?

Don't worry, while it will be taken down, this content is actually saved on the KYM database with the username, time, date, location of upload, and the user's current address. This will be sent to the proper internet authorities to determine if corrective action greater than that which KYM can dole out is merited. Don't worry, this later part does not exclude deactivated or banned users! Letting these people off the hook so easily isn't fair to those who didn't deactivate, or to the victims of their posts who might have become offended in the past.

Because you reported it yourself and you have earned enough karma on the site, the bot won't report your address to the Alphabet Mafia, the SJW Conclave, or Melonlord (wait, does anyone even remember that 'I am Melonlord' guy?) So long as you continue to atone for your sins, the donations keep flowing, and you don't accidentally make a new upload the JAN-E-bot flags, you will retain your constitutional right to your KYM account.

No!! wrote:

Are you serious or is it a joke or?…

Schrödinger's Riff Raff thread.

A Riff Raff thread is simultaneously both joking and serious until the FBI suggests you go with the option that has less jail time.


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