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15-Minute City

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The 15-Minute City or Fifteen-Minute City is an urban planning concept that argues cities should be constructed so that people can access all the services and supplies they need within a 15-minute walk of where they live. Similar to the walkable cities concept, the 15-minute city has been embraced by many progressives as a good idea. In early 2023, a series of conspiracy theories linked to QAnon speculated that global elites wanted to impose the 15-minute city on people so that they could be more easily controlled and surveilled. In late 2022 and early 2023, the slang term was also referenced in various memes, particularly on Twitter.


The "15-minute city" term was originally coined by Carlos Moreno, an academic and an advisor to Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. During Hidalgo's tenure, Paris saw notable improvements to bike lanes, as well as the decision to ban cars from the historic heart of the city starting in 2024.[1] Moreno and others argued that the 15-minute city idea could improve the health of residents by encouraging walking, strengthening community bonds and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.[2] As the idea became popularized in the early 2020s, and more aligned with climate-conscious advocates of zoning reform, it subsequently generated pushback among some online.


A December 13th, 2022, article in Expose News[5] (a British conspiracist website) accused planners of 15-minute cities of attempting to bring "Climate Change lockdowns," and a graphic referring to the article circulated on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms among conspiracy-minded users shortly after (seen below). The conspiracy centered around the idea that the goal of 15-minute cities would be to combine them with new digital surveillance technologies and create an "open-air prison," though no evidence of this exists.

FIET NEWS 15 Min SEPESZ BE Climate Change Lockdowns disguised as 15 Minute Cities under the UN Agenda 2030 REDPILLCONSPIRACY.SUBSTACK.COM Your Government is pushing ahead with plans to bring 15-minute cities to a location near you. They are a brainchild of the UNS Agenda 2030, and are in effect Climate Change lockdowns. And once combined with a digital ID, a carbon credit score and a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC) token, youve got the perfect recipe for creating a digital open-air prison. scottythekid ● scottythekid By 2027 it's over I'm calling it now. And if I'm wrong it'll be even sooner than that not later. By 2030 it's locked in locked in and over over. Figure out your plan now! Edited Β· 3w Follow jeremerogers Ur the best!! Fucking love u...keep feeding us brother 3w 4 likes Reply Q V 4,362 likes JANUARY 28 View replies (1) bridgette_kraus I'm new to this site and I appreciate all of the information charod I don't think Add a comment... : B Post


Jordan Peterson promoted the theory on December 31st, 2022, arguing that the plan would curtail liberty and tell people where to live (seen below, left).[3] He quote-tweeted a user who posted images from the Expose News conspiracy article on his Twitter, however, Peterson and most of the people interacting in the replies to his tweet mischaracterized the plan, saying that people would not be allowed to leave their 15-minute "zones," which was not mentioned in the original concept (seen below, right).[4]

The idea that neighborhoods should be walkable is lovely. The idea that idiot tyrannical bureaucrats can decide by fiat where you're "allowed" to drive is perhaps the worst imaginable perversion of that idea--and, make no mistake, it's part of a well-documented plan. DonKeiller @KeillerDon Dec 31, 2022 It's already happening.... #GreatReset #JailSchwab twitter.com/MingleDandy/st... STAY ACTIVE Dr Jordan B Peterson @jordanbpeterson A290 A2 GET AROUND A2050 EAT HEALTHY the city, out us argue mat it win create segregauvn. 34 WHITSTABLERD University RHEIMS WAY LEARN A290 HOME A28 STURRY RD Cathedral WORK A291 SHARE AND REUSE STOCK UP FORDWICH CANTERBURY A257 CANTERBURY RD Hythe Bridge Street filter ne Dean Court Bockey In A28 1 Binsey Botey West Oxford Oxford Owner Thames Street filter 1,892 Retweets 1,578 Quote Tweets 10K Likes Hirkse You'll own nothing. 7:30 PM. Dec 31, 2022 from Toronto, Ontario 7.6M Views Marston Ferry Road filter Cowley Mod Farm St Cross Street filter : Sandhills singhurst/ St Clements filter WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Hollow Way filter Horspath Dandy Mingle @MingleDandy. Dec 31, 2022 Replying to @KeillerDon You will remain in your 15 minute zone. If your children are lucky enough to be granted the privilege by the elites running your town or city, they too will raise their children in the same property and 15 minute zone that they were raised in. 64 Likes 29 33 Sufficient Painter20 @SufficientPain1 122 231.5K ↑ Replying to @MingleDandy and @KeillerDon Just tell us you don't know what a walkable city is and we can explain to you what it actually is. 15 minute city doesn't mean you're trapped within a 15 min radius of your house, it means everything you need is within a 15 min walk or bike of your house. 12:45 AM Jan 2, 2023 1,852 Views

In the late winter of 2022, conspiracy influencers continued to post about the theory online, and it then broke through into the mainstream heading into early 2023. Some mocked those who posted these conspiracy theories, such as Twitter user @0xAltmsivi,[8] who received almost 4,100 likes (seen below, left) in two days for a February 20th, 2023, post, and @ButtPraxis, who received over 300 likes for posting a Breezewood, Pennsylvania meme (seen below, right) about the subject on February 21st.[9]

stellz @OxAlmsivi. Feb 20 15 minute city advocates want you to ride a bug to work 26 489 4,096 ₁95K (β†’ : Butt Praxis buttpraxis@mastodon.social @buttpraxis Feb 21 Gonna tell my grandkids this was a 15-minute city EXON CONS EXON Self Cach $658 3 58 399 4.271 9 TACO ABELL € SA'S 1 18 WAL P Perkins PTRO:2 PERO LUBE >>> SUNOC MICHELIN Clas 3 EXXON SUB IAY TIAR LEXON 328 GIFTS&SOUVENI McDonald's Restaurant & Of Shep Diner Quiznos SUB Bulgt ₁13.4K ↑ :

The conspiracy theory led to real-world protests around this time, including in Oxford, England, where people marched against 15-minute cities on February 19th, 2023 (seen below).[6][7]

Various Examples

WORLD ECOMMUNIST FORUM World Ecommunist Forum @EcommunistForum Feb 21 Your 15-minute city is ready for you. 1,644 2,689 ● 10.2K ₁936.9K ↑ : Ray Delahanty @Nerd4Cities. 4h If you're keeping score at home, this is the true definition of "15 minute city." Portland 1, Paris 0 Ray Delahanty @Nerd4Cities Oct 7, 2022 99% of Portlanders live less than 5 minutes from a weed store twitter.com/parisyimby/sta... Forest Park Vancouver Hayden Island 8 62 P Milwaukie 648 23.4K Feedback Megan @MeganTheOracle β€’ Feb 20 Replying to @NatePano Why does everything need to be within 15 minutes of me? 27 1 1 3 @Nate Pano Β· 23h 1 Nate Pano Replying to @MeganTheOracle I'm legitimately confused. Do you enjoy driving 30 mins for groceries or a 1 hour ambulance ride if you require emergency medical care? Why *wouldn't* you want to live in a local community like that? Our grandparents all did. We just don't want the globalists' version of it. 27 ₁103 1 99 Ψ¨Ψ§Ψ± Megan @MeganTheOracle - 23h Replying to @NatePano I'm legitimately confused Nate. What's your brand of socialism? Why can't my kids school be 45 mins away? 27 4 ↑ 95 Ψ§Ω„Ψ± ↑ : ... .... ...

moderna sheik @garethlwatkins. Feb 19 This is the 15 Minute City that the Socialist WEF wants to force down our throats. MYRA 3 TV. VCR REPATE 1 18 131 SUPERMARKET ₁6,600 ... yeq United yegunited 835 followers PROTEST AGAINST 15 MINUTE CITIES IN EDMONTON Edmonton wants to start something called 15 minute cities where you can't go to any area that is more than 15 minutes from you, limiting your movement between DISTRICTS as they called it. You will spend 90% of your life in this 15 minute area as they are monitoring your "carbon footprint" aka your actual footprint. When are we protesting: Friday February 10th Time: 3:00pm Where: Whyte Avenue (by the clear bathrooms) Please dm @Yegunited on Instagram to rsvp View more on Instagram Γ› View profile 143 likes yegunited (Bring your signs and flags) All ages are welcome! Let's stand together as Canadians View all 149 comments MelanieThe BarnOwl @MelOwl5.3h This is how AOC and the rest of the green movement lunatics envision our future. 15 minute cities without cars and void of any beauty and any joy. 14 10 52 2,574 ↑

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Turian Gentleman
Turian Gentleman

in reply to Ganondward

Seriously I don't fucking get the whining about this. My city is not very walkable and yet I have in a 20-minute walking radius almost every type of entertainment (including parks), necessities and shops both necessary and superfluous.

At this point it's just acting like toddlers.


Being able to perform most of your daily tasks and activities within a 15-minute walk from your home is a good idea and not a conspiracy. You can always drive or take public transport to move outside your range if you desire. Nobody is forcing you to stay in your area.
What's not a good idea is limiting your freedom to go beyond that range by imposing fines for driving outside designated areas without a permit and whatnot.


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