Breezewood, Pennsylvania

Breezewood, Pennsylvania

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Breezewood, Pennsylvania refers to a photo taken by Edward Burtynsky in 2008 of Exit 161 (formerly Exit 12) on I-70 in Breezewood, Pennsylvania. The photo shows Breezewood's highly concentrated mass of well-known brands, such as McDonald's, Exxon, Pizza Hut and others. The photo and the town itself has been associated with several image macros and critiques in recent years, often with commentary about the supposed lack of American culture or the effects of unfettered capitalism.


Burtynsky took the photo of Breezewood in 2008, and the photo was printed in 2009 (shown below).[1] One of the earliest known reposts of the image that used it as a commentary on America was by an anonymous Imgur[2] user, who on February 11th, 2012, titled the photo "Welcome to America."

EXON SUNOC GATEWAY TACO ENBELL EXON SUB JAYRS T "HSHOP "GIFTS&SOUVENI McDonald's DRIVE TH ON Restaurant DIESEL Souvenirs & Gi Shop CONPERENC EKON PHtsburgh Mc Connelisbure Harristn SUBUNY Rekins PizzaHuut PTRO:2 PE RO:LUBE Quiznos SuB E JOK WASH Budget ΣΣΣ 355 3651 3851 me 423 EXON ICHELIN Cach 658 3158 39 Gla WAL Dinor Self WAL-MART Regu SATS Plus Supreme EXON 4.27 Del 目


Breezewood had become a place of fascination for journalists in the mid-2010s. On February 6th, 2017, The New York Times[3] published a piece about the town, calling it a "notorious choke point" and "a vivid case study in governance over such projects. It shows how legal quirks, powerful politicians and opaque bureaucratic procedures can influence decisions about how to spend taxpayer dollars." It also noted how a road to bypass Breezewood is unlikely to be implemented, as it would need to be proposed by Breezewood's Bedford County, and Breezewood is an economic boon for the town.

The mid-2010s also saw increasing use of memes regarding Breezewood. On April 16th, 2018, Twitter user @BombermanHero[4] posted Butynsky's picture, writing, "This is one of my favorite photography pics taken mainly because if youve never been to the US then this is how it looks alot of the time," gaining over 11,000 retweets and 46,000 likes (shown below, left). On June 6th, 2019, user @ALLCAPSBRO[5] tweeted a What If We Kissed joke about Breezewood, gaining over 140 retweets and 600 likes (shown below, right).

Jojjua @BombermanHero ... This is one of my favorite photography pics taken mainly because if youve never been to the US then this is how it looks alot of the time EXON SUNOC EXON SUB AV GIFTS&SOUVENI McDonald's Restaurant DESEL PETRO:2 PE ROILUBE QuIznos Sus >>>> 365 EXON Self Cash 658 WAL Dber 3 158 39 EXON 4.271 ALL CAPS BRO ... @ALLCAPSBRO WHAT IF WE KISSED AT THE INTERSTATE HIGHWAY EXIT IN BREEZEWOOD PENNSYLVANIA EXON SUNOC TE TACO BELL SUBI IAY GIFTS & SOUVENI McDonald's NOXE बहाट Restaurant Verkins PTRO:2 I PEROIEUBE Quiznos SuB Adyet EXON ICHELIN Gla Cash 65 3 58 39 Diner Self SA WAL LEXON 4.271 1:32 PM · Jun 6, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

The popularity of memes related to Bridgewood led Bloomberg's CityLab[6] to publish a piece on the town's popularity on the internet. The article noted that most memes seem to say that Breezewood looks like it could be anywhere in America, but the circumstances surrounding Breezewood make it unique in America. Burtynsky[7] reposted the article on his website.

Place, Japan

Burtynsky's Breezewood photograph was used in the first Place, Japan meme, a means for 4chan users to make fun of weeaboos who get excited over average-looking Japanese places.

EXON SUNOC GIFTS & SOUVENİ McDonald's Restaurant Krkins www PETRO:2 PEROLUBE QuIrnos Sum EXON Self WAL 39 LEXON B1F | サムギョ KollaBo 悪質な 客引き に注意 4F 121 A TEPPANYAK の 利名变半兵二

Various Examples

----- MaxValu マクドナルド かわいい内気な人ハンバーガー ENEOS 重きたてパン Pitterh ビッツバー II HM ORIGIN Saizeriya ENEOS ますけっと HottoMotto IE ilyMart ATM 酒は ΣΣΣΣ 152 -425 141 ESoftBank ENEOS レギュラー158 1691 道36 セレフ Glua シャイ。 シャイマート ENEOS Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz @SophNar0747 Not a cell phone in sight, just people living in the moment. Ya love to see it. EXON SUNDC TACO ELL GIFTS&SOUVEN McDonald's Restaurant QuIEnos Su EXON Self Cash SA S WAL 39 EXON 4271 4:19 AM - Oct 5, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone EXON CATEA ONTIS ТАСО BELL EXON BIFTS/&SOUVEN McDonald's Restaurant CENTER ONIELINOO PH1s McCanneli Karr Rerkins #E TRO:2 PEROLUBE Quiznos Sun EXON Self Cash 658 35時 398 HA SAS గౌజు.ు Plus Supreme EXON 427 EXON SUNOC EgON GIFTS&SOUVEN McDonald's Rastaurant PTRO:2 Ounes S EXON Salf Cash SAS WAL 3個5月 39 LEXON 4271 marauders4evr: sejient: powerburial: mf-doom: What america looks like everywhere The look nah this is what america looks like when you stop off the highway at some s----- area bc you gotta piss and maybe get a hot n spicy from mcdonalds. you dont go here, you wind up here. I was going to scroll past but the accuracy of that statement is astounding. OHHHHHHHHHHH, TONNS BIETS& SOUVEI McDanalaY EXON EXON THATE BORGER EXON Damn, bitch,

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Commodore V
Commodore V

In case anyone is wondering why this place looks weird, that's because it isn't a normal area.

Places like these are a what I like to call a "road stop area", attended primarily by people who are on long road trips (Days long) And need a place to refuel their car, get a bite to eat, and stretch their legs after being stuck in a car for hours at a time. Been to more these kind of places before.


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