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Amabie (Japanese: アマビエ) is a Japanese yōkai[1] or mythical creature in the late Edo era in the 19th century. During the COVID-19 Outbreak, Japanese amateur and professional illustrators on social media drew illustrations of the yōkai in order to avoid the disease by the power of the legendary mermaid.


According to the legend,[2] Amabie appeared on Higo Province (Kumamoto Prefecture in present) in the middle of April 1846. The mermaid-like yōkai with 3 legs and a beak emerged from the sea, gave a town's officials prophecy of the abundant harvest for upcoming 6 years and said "if disease spreads, show a picture of me to those who fall ill and they will be cured." This event and the form of the yōkai had spread via Kawaraban, or woodprint newspaper in those days (shown below, left). Until 2010s, Amabie had been very obscure, while a few of anime viewers knew the yōkai because it had been featured in an episode in the 5th season for anime GeGeGe no Kitarō[3] which aired in the late 2000s (shown below, right).

1104 21 ste17. . 80 んるづのルと去視; 1病僱行另~ くせのと

On February 28th, 2020, Twitter user @shigeokahide[13] posted a drawing of the character, captioning it "Coronavirus measures," gaining over 100 retweets and 240 likes (shown below).

しげおか秀満 @shigeokahide 新型コロナウィルス対策 #アマビエ Translate Tweet の壁 7:37 PM · Feb 28, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone


In the following days, Amabie was introduced to Japanese Twitter users via Yokai fans & artists such as @orochidou(大蛇堂)[4], @KitanoYoukaiten (北の妖怪展)[5] (shown below, left), and @youmisedori (妖店百貨展) whose tweet had earned 29,900 retweets and 35,000 likes in the five days after it was posted (shown below, right).[6] The legend of the yōkai caught the attention of users who were nervous about the Coronavirus outbreak, and its special power also inspired both amateur and professional illustrators/mangakas. Twitter users started uploading their own Amabie illustrations with prayer for the end of the pandemic under the hashtag #アマビエ, #アマビエ様 (Amabie-sama), #アマビエチャレンジ (Amabie Challenge), and #アマビエ祭り (Amabie Fes).[7] This illustration trend also spread to Pixiv[8], Nico Nico Seiga[9], and Instagram.[10]

@KitanoYoukaiten 【アマビエ】 ていましたので、せっかくなので中の人も漫画で描いてみました。 熊本県に現れたというアマビエという妖怪のお話。 (早く日常に戻れますように、祈りを込めて) (A) Translate Tweet Amabie アマビエ ganovoukten CKnookates 8:48 PM - Feb 29, 2020 - Twitter Web App 1.8K Retweets 2K Likes 単 がニ 妖店百貨展@3/7在宅イベントチャレンジ @youmisedori アマビエは、江戸時代に肥後国に現れたとされる半人半魚で 「もし疫病が流行することがあれば、私の姿を描いた絵を人々に 早々に見せよ」と言って海へ消えたと伝えられているそうです。 マビエ の姿を!!ータグで是非とも拝んでください! Translate Tweet EME 146421 st7. 6. 80 5:51 PM · Mar 3, 2020 · Twitter Web App 29.9K Retweets 35.6K Likes <] Rるつのぬく

This illustration movement was covered by Japanese online news media J-CAST[11], local newspapers in Kumamoto Pref., and Japanese major news agency Jiji Press in English respectively.[12]

On March 17th, Mizuki Production, the copyright management company for Shigeru Mizuki[14], tweeted an illustration of Amabie by the authority of Yokai manga who passed away in 2015.[15] The tweet had earned over 95.4K retweets and 196K likes within its first 3 weeks.

水木プロダクション @mizukipro 「アマビエ」です。水木しげるの原画を撮影しました。 江戸時代、熊本の海に現れ「疫病が流行ったら私の写し絵を早々に 人々に見せよ」と言って海中に姿を消した妖怪、というより神に近い もの。 現代の疫病が消えますように。 Translate Tweet 4:39 PM · Mar 17, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 95.4K Retweets 196.4K Likes

On April 7th and 9th 2020, Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare published an official awareness poster for preventing the spread of COVID-19 on its official site[16] and Twitter[17], in which the official featured Amabie for the purpose of gaining more recognition from young generations.

知らないうちに、拡めちゃうから。 STOP! 感染拡大 - COVID-19-

Various Examples

@tmnk_illust Translate Tweet Noke 9:39 PM - Mar 3, 2020 · Twitter Web App 2.9K Retweets 5.8K Likes 而击背禮 赤綿1月テーマの展示(ドラードギャラリー) @aka_SHIGE アマビエパワー! コロナをやっつけて-! #JPPI -L13htsPI&hDnZASPPLIFEt してはワクワク! Translate Tweet AKAWATA 7:47 PM - Mar 2, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 684 Retweets 1.4K Likes 木喬/ハシ @hashisan 魚の妖怪「アマビエ」を。 #アマビエ Translate Tweet 7:02 AM - Mar 5, 2020 · Twitter for Android 681 Retweets 1.3K Likes
小林義和/蔷薇十字団 @barajuzidan 「世に疫病が流行ることがあれば私の絵を人々に見せよ」と予 んアップするという流れ。遅ればせながら私も以前描いたアマビエ を~ 疫鬼退散除難招福 Translate Tweet アマビエ 1:09 PM - Mar 3, 2020 · Twitter Web App 780 Retweets 1.3K Likes ebika! @ebika_yanagies なんだか #アマビエという妖怪さん絵がいっぱい流れてくる?と 妖怪とのこと……で、描いてみました ... Translate Tweet ebika!. 9:26 PM - Mar 3, 2020 - Twitter Web App 488 Retweets 990 Likes まるねる堂 @marunerudon31 #アマビエ Translate Tweet 10:14 PM - Mar 1, 2020 - Twitter for Android 549 Retweets 1.2K Likes

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