Amazed Face

Amazed Face

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Amazed Face is a rage comic character and reaction image used to express awe over something that is deemed inspiring or impressive.


Though the original artist of the drawing is unknown, the earliest archived use of it took place on 4chan's /a/ (Anime and Manga) image board on March 9th, 2010[1] in a thread about the latest release in the historical romance manga series A Bride's Story. In the thread, an anonymous user replied with the reaction image, though not yet referred to as “amazed face,” to convey excitement in seeing his or her favorite character on the title page.

View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO 1267354325380.png, 14 kB, 497x501 Anonymous Tue Mar 09 2010 22:41:41 No.31966123Report Quoted By: >>31966202 >new otoyomegatari chapter braided loli gets the title page spot my face


In October 2010, the reaction image was used in the comments of a post on gossip blog Oh No They Didn't[3] in response to a shirtless photo of actor and musician Jared Leto. That December, the image was added to reaction image gallery Emotibot.[2] By January 2011, the image had become a popular reaction image on Tumblr, as evidenced by a Yahoo Answers[4] question about a “tumblr meme face with … big, amazed eyes and rainbow background,” posted on January 3rd. That same month, "Amazed Face" also began appearing on personal blogs on Blogspot.[5] In October 2011, the image was first referred to as "amazed face" by a Cuánto Cabrón submitter who used it in a rage comic[6] to express the joy experienced when someone plugs in a USB wire to their computer correctly on the first try.

Un dia cualquiera en el pc cuando de repente. el cable USB entra en el primer intento Any given day on the PC when suddenly... USB cable goes in on the first try

The day after the comic was posted to the Brazilian internet humor site, a Facebook fan page[7] for "Amazed Face" launched and a deviantART Plz Account[8] was created for the image in December. In March 2012, "Amazed Face" was added to the rage face archive All The Rage Faces[9], where it has been viewed more than 77,000 times.

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