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Cuánto Cabrón is a Spanish-language Internet humor website that primarily features posts including rage comics. The site has been credited with popularizing rage comics in the Spanish-speaking web.


The site was launched as an offshoot of the Spanish demotivational poster site Cuánta Razón[5] in November of 2010, after noticing an increase in demand for rage comics known as "viñetas" in Spanish. The website is part of the Memondo Network,[7] a Spanish-language network of websites similar to Cheezburger in the United States.


Cuánto Cabrón has been the target of raids by users of other websites. In April of 2012, users from the rival Spanish-language site Forocoches[4] spammed rage comic submissions featuring their own original memes and rage faces, including "Valla no me lo experaba" (shown below).


Users from the Spanish imageboard Ñchan have spammed gore images on Cuánto Cabrón, to which Cuánto Cabrón retaliated by using DDoS attacks against Ñchan.

Related Memes

Several Spanish-language memes have originated on Cuánto Cabrón, including That's Suspicious, Feel Like a Ninja, and The Observer.

Nothing to Do Here / Jet Pack Guy

Nothing To Do Here is a catchphrase associated with the rage comic character Jet Pack Guy, who is shown escaping awkward or difficult situations by flying away with his jet pack. The first example was created by the Cuánto Cabrón user premutos on April 21st, 2011.

Feel Like a Sir

Feel Like a Sir, also known as "like a sir", is a catchphrase and rage comic character used to convey elegance, wealth and class. It is associated with Victorian styles like wearing a top hat, monocle or various types of mustaches, similar to characters portrayed in Verbose Memes image macros. The first example was created by Cuánto Cabrón user wberryon March 24th, 2011. The character was used as the logo of a computer hacking group known as LulzSec, who conducted a series of high-profile attacks on government and commercial websites in May of 2011.

You Win This Time!

You Win This Time! is a rage comic character used to reluctantly or angrily admit defeat. The original was created by Cuánto Cabrón user jcs on February 11th, 2011.


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Jack  Schadenfreude
Jack Schadenfreude

-A meme is an idea that can evolve and is extremely viral and spreadable.Yes, friends, a meme is not only a toon, it may be a video, a photo, a collage,etc. In Cuanto Cabron we only allow the memes that are comics. Maybe a spin-off in the future with other types of memes? Maybe…

- A meme is not normally created, but it arise. A lot of the memes appears from mutations of other memes, or from things we would never think that could be a meme, like a video or a picture.

- The memes are one of the treasures of the Internet, and it spreads brutally through all the users. It is important to always keep their origins and where they came from, for perspective. A lot of the memes have their origins on the 4chan community, but you should remind that a meme can came from any community, that is, you shouldnt force it. By that, in CuantoCabron we try to be strict with the original source of a meme.

See? CC gives a nice description of what a meme is, yet most of the users still think memes are only Rage Faces.


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