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Ashbie Moon, also known as Aspie Girl or Aspie Chan, refers to a neurodivergent, introverted female character that popularized on 4chan and then wider social media in the early 2020s. In memes and comics, Ashbie is shown to struggle with social anxiety, have an insecurity with her autism, deal with autism-related issues, do daily mundane things and go on VR adventures. Many crossover edits would frequently show Ashbie with a tbh creature plushie. Ashbie's character design has changed and evolved over time, with her receiving two additional glow-up designs. Ashbie's prototype character design was based on Derpina, and later became a variation of Pink-Haired Enbie.


The prototype of Ashbie's design first appeared both on December 24th, 2020 in a thread on the /qa/ board[2] and on Know Your Meme[16] by the Know Your Meme[17] user "OG Ashbie Account" around the same time, which is the original account of @ashbie.and.friends and her creator. This prototype was a variant of the Pink-Haired Enbie" meme from this time period, celebrating neurodiversity.

Hey normscum idiots, if aspies don't exist why are they heckin' cute and valid? usm

This particular variant became quite popular and was frequently reposted on 4chan over the next two months.[5] The prototype of Ashbie's design was based on Derpina[2][9][10] and its head was generated via LGBT Friendly Icon Creator by finndraws,[5] the same program that Pink-Haired Enbie was generated with. This version of Ashbie had a newly drawn body with Derpina's hair color and wore a green turtleneck sweater with pigtails and a black bow like Derpina.


Although Ashbie started off as a branch of the Pink-Haired Enbie meme, she would eventually evolve into her own character. On February 28th, 2021, Ashbie's design changed from its original form, and various edits were produced with Apu Apustaja. In this era, Ashbie wore a blue t-shirt that reads "Autism is my Superpower." On September 26th, @ashbiemoon started drawing her with shirt logos not associated with Autism Speaks.[11] She has also been depicted wearing a Please be patient I have autism hat.[9][10]

On December 6th, 2021, @ashbiemoon uploaded several images detailing the evolution of Ashbie as a character.[9][10] This would be the first of a few design revisions. Since then, other content creators joined into help in Ashbie content and her design changed more overtime as a result. @ashbiemoon frequently posts Ashbie content on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook and goes by the username @ashbiemoon on all other social media sites.

Prototype Classic AUTISM/ Evolution Of Ashbie Middle (original glow-up) second glow-up Modern
Evolution Of Ashbie's character design over time

On April 25th, 2021, YouTube user Mox uploaded "The Adventures of APU n ASHBIE", which features Apu and Ashbie falling in love, and eventually marrying and having children. The video (shown below, left) received over 368,000 views in over one year. On May 13th, 2021, YouTube user blazeaster uploaded "Apu x Ashbie", which features Apu and Ashbie hanging out together. The video (shown below, right) received 47,000 views in over one year.

On November 1st, 2021, a Facebook[10][11] post of Ashbie standing up to the Wojak girls portrayed as bullies (Doomer Girl and Daddy's Girl) went viral and within a few days got more than 1.2 million views, 22K+ shares, and 12K+ likes.

Image from the viral Ashbie Facebook post

On March 15th, 2022, YouTube user MillenniaThinker uploaded "DUALITY OF COOM" (shown below), which features Ashbie alongside a Wojak character. It received more than 39,000 likes and over 610,000 views in one year. Ashbie has since appeared as a background character for new MillenniaThinker videos.

Ashbie and Autism Acceptance

Anecdotal sentiment from the ASD community is generally favorable toward Ashbie, with some members of /r/aspergirls/ writing that it makes them feel "seen"[1] and is the best character to come out of 4chan in some time. Many fans, especially those with autism, also express how relatable Ashbie is and how she is depicted better than many autistic characters in the media.[6]

Character Relationships

Over the course of multiple years, Ashbie developed lore and a webcomic-like relationship with other meme characters, including a best friend named Ellie (an alternate Doomer Girl Wojak variation) and a boyfriend named Aidan (an Apu Apustaja's VR avatar which is a parody of The Frog Prince[22][9][11][12]). She also has a hard-of-hearing friend named Heidi, a mom named Nina[20], a big brother named Ashton[20] and a little sister named Ashlie.[20] Ashbie's father Ha-Ru is deceased.[21] Ashbie also has a Hispanic family member named Luna Martinez.[18]

Nina Moon The Moon Family Ashton Moon 138 21 АТИЦОМ A Ashbie Moon 28 Ashlie Moon BOND
Ashbie and her family

Various Examples

ORiginal Skerch BY SUpeR Binario CoLOred BY avon AUTISM SUPER POWER O 20 m

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Jolly Jew

everyone constantly calling each other autists in 4chan finally reached the focal point that it's no longer an insult but something unifying. eventually resulting in everyone just celebrating their autism together

how genuinely sweet :)


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