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Derpina is a nickname mainly associated with female characters portrayed in rage comics. While there are several iterations of the character with varying facial expressions, Derpina is most often depicted with a wall-eyed derp face or a smile in Japanese-style emoticon (^ ^).


Most likely derived from the male counterpart Derp, Derpina began appearing in rage comics as early as 2010. One of the first documented uses of the name in a rage comic was posted in a “Memes of 4chan” thread[7] on the PokerStrategy forums on February 9th, 2011.

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Later in February, comics featuring Derpina were posted on Tumblr[5] and FunnyJunk[6] and by March, Derpina made her first appearance in a comic on Memebase.[3] In June, a definition entry for Derpina was first added to Urban Dictionary[4] and the first Facebook fan page[1] for the character was established, which gained nearly 22,000 likes by January 2013. In May 2011, Derpina was used in a Yahoo! Answers[8] question from a person seeking solace after a breakup.

Resolved Question Show me another >» My girlfriend Derpina left me.? My girlfriend Derpina left me and now I am heartbroken. I still love her and I cant seem to find any new girl that would be at least similar to Derpina.... What should I do to see life from the bright side again? : 2 years ago woohoo P Report Abuse Best Answer - Chosen by Voters Well Derpy, it seems like the only person who understands you just left your life for good. I don't know who else is going to go out with you at this rate. 2 years ago Wolfe Report Abuse 50% 2 Votes 3 people rated this as good

In November 2011, the single topic blog Derpina[9] launched on Tumblr but only made a handful of posts before it stopped updating in August 2012. An additional Facebook fan page[11] for Derpina featuring Spanish language rage comics was established in January 2012, gaining nearly 45,000 likes within a year. As of January 2013, there are more than 1100 pieces of Derpina fanart on deviantArt[10] and nearly 900 mentions of Derpina on Reddit.[12]

Notable Examples

Underwear? End of the world Bikini? No problem Left hand Right hand Derpina Dianna Auron
le upload to facebook le take picture Now people will say I'm pretty Caption: im so uglyy! HONEY BUN Le me using hip terms to talk to my friends EY HI HONEY BUN *putting on mascara accidently poke eye

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