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Tumblr Ask Blogs

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Tumblr Ask Blogs
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Tumblr Ask Blogs


Tumblr Ask Blogs are interactive roleplay blogs that are run from the perspectives of fictional characters, similar to other novelty social networking accounts on various platforms. In these blogs, readers are encouraged to ask questions and the roleplayer behind each blog will respond with either text or artwork in the first-person narrative.


On January 6th, 2010, Tumblr implemented the ability to ask other users questions,[1] which was designed to foster user-to-user communication[7] and anonymous interaction without resorting to third-party commenting services like Disqus.[8] The trend of character roleplay blogs on Tumblr began with the launch of Ask Homestuck[9] blog on April 23rd, 2011, which allowed its readers to interact with any character from the webcomic Homestuck. The first post featured a drawing of Karkat answering an anonymous reader's question about another character from the series.

Anonymous asked So Karkat.. What's going on between you and Terezi? block answer WHY DON'T YOU ASK 3 THAT WITHOUT ANONI? 0

LiveJournal Precedent

In December 2008, the blog Ask Captain Jack[2] was created, written from the perspective of Doctor Who character Captain Jack Harkness.[3] After this, approximately 20 other question based roleplay LiveJournals were created for other characters, deemed the "Askverse,"[6] including Ianto Jones[4] from Torchwood and Martha Jones[5] from Doctor Who. The blogs all stopped updating and interacting with each other by December 2009.

30 June 2009 @04:38 pmm What does love feel like? Dear Captain Jack What does love feel like? I guess this is a stupid question. - Megan There are no stupid questions on Livejournal, Megan. ) Tags: love current Location: Beyond the g My 51st century feelings today |. loved


Tumblr's ask blogs began gaining attention outside of the platform in July 2011 when Equestria Daily[15] posted about two of the first My Little Pony character blogs, Ask Twilight Sparkle[16] and now-defunct Ask Applebloom. In October 2011, a thread[17] about League of Legends-themed ask blogs was posted on the official message board, linking to Ask Riven[18]’s follow list as a source of 45 other blogs related to the game.

Anonymous asked: Twilight What is your favorite band? block answer you've never heard of them block answer jajs asked you: 2011-09-27 20:03 Which of your LoL characters would you most like to have a tea party with? i heard yo like scence so mede rts dissolvw the tencup ving SCIENCE TEA

While there is no complete list of every ask blog, several sites have tried to compile lists of them based on fandom including Ask Characters Directory[10], and the (Unoffical) Masterlist of the "Ask" blogs.[11] The My Little Pony fandom has their own directory, Ask a Pony Blog List[21], which has collected nearly 1000 different blogs. Tumblr tags like Ask the Character[12], Ask RP[13], and Ask Blogs[14] have been used to indicate their posts are directed towards the Ask blogs. Some bloggers have also reposted their response artworks onto deviantArt, using the tags "tumblr ask"[19] and "ask blog".[2]


The original format of the Ask Captain Jack[2] blog was text-based roleplay with the occasional inclusion of images. This remains the most popular format on Tumblr. Other bloggers have drawn their answers in the form of fanart or cartoons, such as Usagi[24] of Sailor Moon, reaction GIFs like the Eleventh Doctor[25] from Doctor Who, or cosplay GIFs and photos like Francis Bonnefoy[26] from Hetalia. Some of the most famous image-only blogs include Ask Gamzee[27], Ask Princess Trollestia[22], and Dan vs. FiM.[23]

Anonymous asked you block answer Usagi-chan! What is your favourite item in your bedroom? I love your chicken clock! It's sooo cute My bed, definitely. :D a message from Lucie-lolza im bored can you give me a lift somewhere? Sure, but you'll have to promise me not to tell the others! Can't have a gaggle of girls chasing after me and my TARDIS, you know What do you say, five minutes good enough for you? Of course, that's five minutes your time, not mine. I've got to sort all of this out first! Do make sure you say hi to me when you see me, however! biacomcafe asked: block answer Dear Francis, are you a dog or cat person? Dogs slobber a bit too much and have a tendency to break things with their jumping about and they track in mud. Though the smaller ones are indeed cute I am very much a cat person. They are much tamer and, while prone to scratching things if their nails aren't trimmed, much better companions for an artist like myself.

Notable Examples

Search Interest

Search queries for "ask tumblr" have been steadily increasing since the ask feature was introduced in January of 2010.

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Tags: ask, tumblr, rp, roleplay, role play, ask a character, character blog, tumblr character, single topic blog,

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