Two panel comic of a duck getting excited for food | Aw yiss. Motha. Fuckin. Bread crumbs.

Aww Yiss

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"Aww Yiss" is an expression that comes from a series of comics by the Hark a Vagrant! webcomic artist Kate Beaton.[1] The expression is originally said by a duck receiving bread crumbs and has been used with images of ducks and birds being fed in the years since it was posted.


The original Beaton comic was uploaded to her website Hark a Vagrant![11] (shown below, left). While it is unclear when exactly Beaton posted the comic, it was posted sometime prior to November 4th, 2010, as a definition for "Yiss" appeared on Urban Dictionary that day.[2] Beaton redrew the comic in "Gorey Covers Part 5" (shown below, right).[12]



The Gorey Covers image was reposted several times on Reddit throughout 2012.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] The comic was also used as an exploitable at that time, with either the duck or the breadcrumbs changed (examples shown below).


In 2012, Tumblr user Kapi posted pictures of the bird cut out in a bucket of bread crumbs, gaining over 170,000 notes.[13]


The phrase has also been used outside of exploitable variations of the comic in templates such as image macros, advice animals and comic parodies (examples shown below).

When it's later and you finally see your alligator Aww yis AW YISS MUTHA F------ PHONE CONVERSATION HOT DAMN AW YISS, MOTHA F----- SOBA NOODLES Soba with extra MAH FAVRIT FUD hell yea OM NOM NOM

Various Examples awwviss 8I. F----- BREAD CRu5 Aw YISS AW YISS ui aw yiss dance party carl is that a human naw man keep dancinhe 2. MoTHA F----- BACON Aw YISS Aw yiss mutha fúckin bread crumbs.

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