Bernie Sanders behind a microphone at Iowa Caucus victory speech making various reaction faces which were used as the template of the meme

Bernie Sanders Iowa Victory Speech Reactions

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Bernie Sanders Iowa Victory Speech Reactions is a reaction image series featuring Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sequentially making four separate expressive faces correlating with four captions. The images which began trending on Reddit in February 2020 were taken from Bernie Sander's speech following the 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus.


On February 6th, 2020, Bernie Sanders spoke in New Hampshire after receiving the majority of the Iowa Caucus results. The speech was uplouded to Youtube by PBS Newshour and garnered over 35,400 views and 1,400 likes in a day (shown below).

That same day, Redditor CaptainCrutches uploaded a new template to r/MemeEconomy[1] featuring Sander's four facial expressions and gained over 15,600 points (93% upvoted) in a day.

ie BernieSandersOom Bernie OF 7 Ber ie Bernie OF T Bernie ie Bernie OF TH Berni ie BernieSanders.oom Bernie Bernie .OF T 2 6דל


On February 6th, 2020, Redditor doesnotapply posted a variation of the meme to r/dankmemes[2] with the sequential captions reading "100 Followers on Instagram", "50 subscribers on YouTube," "10 Followers on Reddit" and "5 followers in a dark alleyway" (shown below). The post received over 60,000 points (93% upvoted) in a day.

ie Bernie BernieSandersOom 100 Followers on OF 7 Ber Instagram ie Bernie OF T 50 Subscribers on Bernie YouTube ie Bernie 10 Followers on OF TH Berni Reddit ie Bernie 5 Followers in a OF T Bernie dark alleyway 776 **

On February 7th, Redditor that_onion_knight uploaded a variation to r/memes[3] which included the meme I am once again asking for your financial support (shown below, left). The post accumulated over 15,400 points (93% upvoted) in a day. That same day, Redditor 0SaturatedFats posted a similar meme to r/memes[4] but with a laser eye edit to the bottom image (shown below, right). The post gained over 13,300 points (95% upvoted) in a day.

ie ermetanderscom Bernie Once again asking for financial support OF T Ber 776 ** ie Bernie OF TH Bernie They look interested ie Bernie BernieSanders.Oom They pull out their wallet OF TH Berni V5.Com |ie ie Bernie OF T Getting financial support Bernie bom OF Ber she gives you attention 776 *3 OF Bernie she gives you gifts Berni she gives you head .0cm she gives you financial support rnie

Various Examples

ie Bernie ne Studying then getting a good job with a good salary Ber ie Not studying and working as a Bernie food server all your life ie Bernie Selling nudes online and Bern LECU SA claiming to be a "sex worker" Bermsiesanderscom Bernie Once again asking for financial support Bernie oom @ThePandaBrah666 171 ie Bernie your crush doesn't see OF T Ber you e BernieSandersoom Bernie your crush looks at you OF T Bernie ie Bernie your crush says hi to OF TH Berni you ie your crush starts a Bernie OF T Bernie conversation bom with you 776 * эfau9Я HT.10 mounsbnnaims tow9я mOou mourmbnnorvəll OE I mod ziaaale bobls ie Bernie British BernieSandersOom OF 7 Ber women calls you love ie berniesanderscom Bernie Gang member calls you good OF T Bernie kid Black ie Bernie OF TH women calls Berni you sugar Someone gives you financial support ie Bernie BernieSanders.oom OF T Bernie OF You meet Ber a girl OF• She plays Minecraft Bernie Berni She shows you her base She has Netherrite armour rnie 776 OF. Ber Getting clothes on your birthday 1776 *3 Getting gaming equipment on your birthday OF Bernie Your crush invites Berni you to their place FINANCIAL rnie SUPPORT!


ie BernieSandersOom Bernie OF 7 Ber ie Bernie OF T Bernie ie Bernie OF TH Berni ie BernieSanders.oom Bernie Bernie .OF T 2 6דל Ber OF Bernie Berni rnie LOF. 1776

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