Kung Pow Penis

Kung Pow Penis

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Kung Pow Penis is a nonsensical catchphrase paired with images of Bernie Sanders which are inspired by to an audio shitpost on Tumblr. The phrase also has also been used as a way to troll a user on Tumblr who claimed he would block any user who replied to his posts with the phrase.


The phrase was popularized in an audio reading of a doctored political cartoon showing a Bernie Sanders "consoling" one of his supporters with the phrase "Kung Pow Penis." The post, by Tumblr user snoopingasusualisee, was posted January 6th, 2018 and gained over 25,000 notes (mirror below).

The comic is a doctored political cartoon originally drawn by David Horsey for the Los Angeles Times[1] and showed Sanders attempting to convince his disappointed supporter to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 United States Presidential Election (shown below).



The phrase began further spreading on Tumblr after snoopingasusualisee, the same user who made the "kung pow penis" audio post, responded to a post by user trilllizard666 which stated Tumblr users "treat straight men like incels treat women" with the phrase "kung pow penis" on January 22nd, 2018.[2] After snoopingasusualisee trolled him further with the phrase, trilllizard666 stated, "i’m going to block everyone that reblogs this version of this post from snoopingasusualisee that i find, fyi".[3] This led to myriad Tumblr users to reblog the post with the phrase "kung pow penis" (shown below). leading to the post eventually gaining over 38,000 notes.

ellesville: oppa-homeless-style: feazelbal: working-class-clown: rosemary-the-skunk: illizard666 snoopingasusualisee: not-semi-perfect: snoopingasusualisee: trilllizard666: before talkin s--- on straight men maybe try talking to some for a period of more than five minutes at a time cause all y'all treat straight men on this website like ncels treat women Kung pow penis What did that add to the convo i'm going to block everyone that reblogs this version of this post from snoopingasusualisee that i fnd, fyi kung pow penis kung pow penis kung pow penis kung pow penis kung pow penis kung pow penis kung pow penis

The trolling practice continued with other posts of trilllizard666's, leading him to include "Stop putting "kung pow penis" on every goddamn thing I reblog" in his Tumblr bio.

caps locked t trilllizard666 STRONGEST FANTASY COMIC 27. Writer. Security Guard. Californian JJBA. Berserk. Devil May Cry. Dark Souls Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku. NieR. Metal Gear. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona. Batman Superman. Hellboy. Payday 2. Old Marvel NSFW. I barely look at replies, so you're better off sending an ask or message. If you whine in my inbox, put words in my mouth or fight in my notes I'm gonna f----- block you. Blacklist"#yikes" if you don't wanna see The Discourse. Stop putting "kung pow penis" on every goddamn thing I reblog

Meanwhile, other social media users both on Tumblr and on other sites made photoshop edits using the phrase both in reference to the trilllizard666 situation and about the phrase itself. For example, on July 20th, 2018, a manga-like comic featuring Bernie Sanders saying the phrase was posted to /r/ChapoTrapHouse (shown below, left). Tumblr user dillyt made a Wheeze Comic parody with the phrase (shown below, right).

KUNG POW PE NIS KLUNG POW PENIS!! KUNG POW PENIS !! Well-written structured, original ioke kung pow penis

Various Examples

KUNGPOW ENIS Saytem Comics OW A CLOWN! KUNG TELL ME A JOKE, CLO ConservativeDaily News.com ©2018 STARBUCKS COFFEE TODAYS SPECIAL kung pow penis 3 "Kung Pow Penis? In my notes?" 0 It's more likely than you think FREE PC CHEC E2 CONTENTwatch KUNG Kung pow penis s Why didn't you say this to me when I was alive?

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