Bernie Sanders Glowsticks

Bernie Sanders Glowsticks

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Bernie Sanders Glowsticks is a viral hoax image aimed at tricking supporters of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders into making chlorine bombs by providing false instructions for making homemade luminescent light sticks.


On March 8th, 2016, Tumblr[4] user defense-of-the-gathering posted an image purportedly offering instructions to make "Bernie Sanders Glowsticks," along with a warning that it would "release chlorine gas which can kill you" (shown below). The image falsely advises readers to combine alcohol and chlorine tablets in plastic bottles to make a glowing liquid, which would actually cause an explosive reaction when mixed together. While the it is unclear where the image originally surfaced, the Tumblr post contained a tag suggesting that it was discovered on Facebook. Within two months, the post gained over 89,600 notes.

How TO MAKE BERNIE SANDER'S GLOWSTICKS! YOU WILL NEED. -(1) 2 Liter Bottles found at Wal-Mart (1) pool chlorinating tablet found at Wal-Mart isopropyl alcohol (70% concentration) Also found at Wal-Mart First, peel the label off of the 2 liter bottle so you can see that blue glow. then crush up the pool chlorinating tablet and shove the pieces down the neck of the bottle (the smaller the pieces the brighter it will glow but it also won't last as long). Finally, pour your trusty isopropyl alcohol into the bottle, cap the bottle TIGHTLY, and shake it up. Now just tun out the lights and watch it GLOW! Impress your family and friends with your Bernie Glowsticks! *Note The higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol you use the longer it will last. Bernie FEEL BERN Bemie Sanders Approves this How-to Glowstiek Tutoriall


On March 10th, 2016, the image was posted on the /pol/ (politics) board on 4chan.[2] The same day, the image was reposted on the imageboard Ponychan (shown below, left). On May 6th, another thread featuring the image titled "Feel The Literal Bern" was posted on /pol/[3] (shown below, right).

home /site/ arch/ pony/ loat/ lanon/ Igala/ rpl looc/ /picl fan/ File: 1457584265787 jpg (58.74 KB, 830x749, JPs9KIjpE Wesley IGN/AlhxgYM 10 Mar 2016 4:31:05 AM No.4165 SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR BERNIE SANDERS How TO MAKE BERNIE SANDER'S GLOWSTICKS YoU WILL NEED Wesley !GN/Alhxg YM 10 Mar 2016 4:34:47 AM No.4166 Bernie But I think its safe to say that these will allow you to feel the bern -1Wesley !GN/Alhxg YM 10 Mar 2016 4:46:59 AM No.4167 Replies:4169 If we can gas even one Sanders supporter we've done our job as Americans 1-1 Wesley !GN/Alhxg YM 10 Mar 2016 4:49:01 AM No.4168 Replies:>4169 THE MOD WHO MOVED THIS THREAD IS A BUTTHURT SANDERS SUPPORTER Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 10 Mar 2016 4:58:55 AM No.4169 Replies:4170 4168 4167 our job implying you can hold down a job Wesley IGN/AlhxgYM 10 Mar 2016 4:59:38 AM No.4170 Replies.>4171 >4169 FYI I have a jolb. You do it for free :A) Feel The Literal Bern Anonymous ID: 2HULMUPs Fri 06 May 2016 23:23:05 No.73247948雪@ View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >7324847973248754 >732490707324922273249373>>73249386 >>7324942473249566>73249638 >73249676 >73250138 HOW TO MAIE BERN SANDER'S GLOwSTICKSI YOU WILL NEED... 73250439 >73250516 >73250643 polaconol concentration Ala od at Wal-Mat Hey guys! Let's trend this on Twitter and my FaveBook. Even though I like Hillary the mostest I still think this is a fun idea for a truce between the Democrat groups! Who's with me!? Bernie View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO image.jpg. 227KiB.1107x1772 Anonymous ID: 2 HULWUPs Fri 06 May 2016 23:24:09 No.73248049雪Report 270KiB, 540x487, image.png View Same Google iqdb SauceNA。 View Same Google iqdb SauceNA。 1406635150962.jpg. 157KiB, 501x585 Anonymous ID:RxTEZWwD Fri 06 May 2016 23:28:43 No.73248479 >>73247948 Oy vey! You can use them as Feel The Bern Dildos Report View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO t2_spy_by_biggreenpepper-d581d7q.jpg, 286KiB, 964x807 Anonymous ID: kdSbx0oE Fri 06 May 2016 23:31:54 No.73248754雪 >73247948 Vi need a "Bernout" to zi post zis informazion in zheir own foreeems Gentlemen. Report

On May 10th, Snopes[1] published an article about the viral image titled "Bernie's Blow Sticks," which highlighted several YouTube videos demonstrating the explosive reaction between chlorine and alcohol (shown below).

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