Nuclear powerplant building that resembles "big naturals" from the meme.

Big Naturals

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Big Naturals is a slang expression used to describe naturally large breasts unenhanced by silicone or other cosmetic surgery. The term likely originated in pornography but has been used to describe well-endowed women on the internet since at least the 2000s. This slang commonly appears online in memes, porn or in various comments and replies, whether seriously or humorously.


Though the exact first use of the term “big naturals” to describe breasts online is unknown, the slang definition was added to Urban Dictionary[1] by user Douche man Dick on January 24th, 2009, as “a girl that has huge natural tits” (seen below). The definition received 34 likes and six dislikes in roughly 12 years.

y f > Big Naturals a girl that has huge natural t--- That chicks big naturals are poppin out of her white tee. by Douche man D--- January 24, 2009


After initially being spread online for several years, the phrase began appearing in various tweets and memes on social media in the late 2010s with a strictly humorous context. On September 14th, 2017, Twitter[2] user CIAGoFundMe tweeted one such example of the term being used for comedic effect, receiving over 152 likes in three years (shown below, left). On April 10th, 2019, Twitter[3] user nobody_stop_me tweeted a similar use of the term (shown below, right), receiving over 924 likes in over one year.

andy s @CIAGOFundMe My feminism? Ironic My racism? Ironic My sexism? Ironic My socialism? Ironic My love of big naturals? The only genuine thing about me dasha @nobody_stop_me Go on Red Scare and bring your big naturals Emily Ratajkowski @emrata ty Sally Rooney. (stop confusing s----- capitalism with feminism thanks) ideological spinelessness. Do they have a stance on sexism these days? she said. Or are there two sides to that as well? They definitely want more women CEOS. You know, there's a distinct lack of female arms dealers, I've always thought. [ 61 1

On March 31st, 2020, Instagram[4] user moma.ps5 posted a meme including the term, accumulating 455 likes in seven months (seen below, left). On June 16th, Twitter[5] user killdads tweeted another reference to the slang expression, accumulating over 1,500 likes and 200 retweets in four months (seen below, right).

That's him officer MOMA That's the man pretending to like Red Scare with girls with big naturals so he can flirt sung 8 @killdads big naturals are not about corporeal volume. they're about spiritual, metaphysical presence. a vibe if you will. A cups can be big naturals. are you spreading joy? are you feeling? are you walking the earth with generosity? that's big naturals baby. go out there and love

On September 5th, Twitter[6] user lunch_enjoyer tweeted “everyone is mad at me for having big naturals,” receiving over 1,500 likes and 92 retweets in roughly two months. On October 14th, Instagram[7] user spilledmyjuice posted a meme using the term (shown below), receiving over 1,800 likes in two weeks.

my body is a gym 60509 05 CORE SAG IWHEN CORE SAG 10 yoU TH A YOU T CORE BAG 15 POOSOFT BOK CORE BAG 20 HA and my big naturals are the free weights. ..... ....... ..

Various Examples

Me: I wonder is she's had any work done? Her: u/evildeadtim danny devito with t------ @fakedannydevito pros of dating me : ??????? cons of dating me : - my big naturals they're so big and natural a constant distraction a true burden 9:04 PM · 4/5/20 · Twitter for Android 11 Likes Alana Hope Levinson ( @alanalevinson Today a man told me I technically have "big naturals" because it's more of a "vibe" about "spreading joy" i was like... woah luv... tha caugh me off guard

Big naturals Biy E. rava @rava my family has also spent four generations perfecting large naturals PERFECTING for FOUR GENERATIONS C LINDSAY Naturals LARGE Hand- picked Sea salt, water pthing else O soph ...*:** @praxisbaby02 t-shirt that says "i got your aphex twins right here" worn by a girl with big naturals i got your aphex twins right here

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