Boss, You Killed A Child...?

Boss, You Killed A Child...?

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Boss, You Killed A Child…? and Amazing. Mission Complete. That Right There Is Why You're The Best, Boss. are two exploitable quotes from the videogame Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The quotes are used in several parody videos, especially in the War Thunder community.


The meme originates from a clip video by Doug Funnie on YouTube, which was posted on September 20th, 2015. In the video (shown below), titled "#ShareEveryWin: Tactical Espionage Operations",[1] the player kills and incapacitates several child soldiers. While killing a child soldier would give an automatic "game over" in the actual game, the video is edited at the end to instead have Miller say "Boss, you killed a child…?", followed by "Amazing. Mission complete. That right there is why you're the best Boss. The one and only.". The video received over 82,000 views in nearly seven years.


On June 30th, 2018, Tumblr user ayeayerontron posted an edit of the Annoyed Bird meme using the lines, along with an audio clip to be played with it. The edit (shown below) received over 35,000 notes in four years.[2]

you kiledm abe AMAZING a child... I'm abort this missi 1. THAT RIGHT MISSION THEREIS PLETE OU'RE BEST BOS or FALSE KNEES 204 ๒

On December 16th, 2020, YouTube user CALAMITI KORP posted a Source Filmmaker video using characters Captain and Commander from Risk of Rain 2 along with the audio clip. The video (shown below) received over 104,000 views in over one and a half years.[3]

In War Thunder

The voice lines have also appeared in several War Thunder replay videos. The first notable video was posted by PhantomRiderWT on YouTube on April 19th, 2021. The video (shown below) shows a Carro Armato L3/33 Contro Carro tankette being hit by several AGM-12C Bullpup rockets at different angles. The video received over 568,000 views in over a year.[4]

On August 2nd, 2021, YouTube user Munitions posted a War Thunder replay video using the voice lines. The video shows a KV-2 heavy tank destroying an AML-90 armored car with a HE round, and received over 265,000 views in nearly one year.[5]

On March 22nd, 2022, YouTube user Steel Guru posted a War Thunder replay video using the voice lines. The video features a Centurion MK.5/1 main battle tank crushing a Wiesel 1A4 self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle against a wall along with a video clip of Twitch streamer negaoryx crying from That's the Cutest Fucking Thing I've Ever Seen, which is followed by the voice lines. The video (shown below) received over 247,000 views in over four months.[6]

Various Examples

AMAZING! MISSION COMPLETE! KILLED A CHILD? GUTS YOU... THAT RIGHT THERE IS WHY YOU'RE THE BEST G- Joel! @mynamelsjoel boss? you killed a child? AMAZING work! That right there is why youre the best, boss! 2:27 PM Dec 8, 2018 - Twitter Web Client :
trilllizard666 Boss, you killed a child? AMAZING MISSION COMPLETE lovelyardie asked: Boss you killed a child #lovelyardie ? AMAZING MISSION COMPLETE THAT RIGHT THERE IS WHY YOU'RE THE BEST BOSS

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Memes aside, the first time seeing "Child Soldiers of Africa" in the opening credits of one of the missions in MGSV had me genuinely unnerved.
But after a few missions of course I learned that there is nothing in Kojima's morale book about suplexing children


in reply to Rarto

I don't remember Guevara being brought up by Venom, but I know Naked Snake and the rest of the cast of P.W. praised him a lot in that game.

I find it ironic how much that game praises him both direct and indirectly, while at the same time on of the main themes of the series is to be wary of legends/misinformation that surround figures, both positive and negative. It's like they only listened to the positive and did no homework to acknowledge the negative about Che.


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