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Bridget is a character from the Guilty Gear game series, who has gained a following online for being one of the most known trap characters on the Internet. The character is commonly used on websites to "trap" unknowing posters before revealing his true gender.


The character originates from Guilty Gear X2 (also known as Guilty Gear XX), the third installment in the Guilty Gear fighting game series, released in 2002. He fights with a yo-yo and a a mechanical bear named Roger.
The character was created by Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of the Guilty Gear series, as a "cute character" but thought it "would be boring if the character was just cute" and thought "it would be interesting if the character was a guy"[1], leading to the character's feminine appearance.
The misleading appearance of Bridget is also acknowledged in one of the games endings, in which the character of Johnny confuses Bridget for a female and hits on him, and upon learning the truth, states: "I can't believe I tried to seduce another man…"

Bridget has a complicated backstory that involves her being raised in a superstitious English village that did not take kindly to her parents giving birth to a set of male twins. In an attempt to protect both their children, Bridget was raised as a girl by her parents, a complicated upbringing that forced her to turn to bounty hunting to raise money, hoping to one day return to her family to prove that the superstition was unfounded and that she could be successful in life. This complex storyline had left Bridget's actual gender identity ambiguous for years.


Bridget has a developed a following on multiple websites, such as Tumblr[2] and 4chan[3], and has been the subject of multiple pieces of fanart, with over 2000 tagged images of the character on pixiv[4] and 29 000 tagged images of the character on DeviantArt[5].
TV Tropes has a trope named after the character, "Dropped a Bridget on Him"[6], which refers to when a character suddenly discovers another to be of the opposite gender, often being shocked and surprised at this.

Everyone is Gay For Bridget


Everyone / Everybody is Gay For Bridget is a term that was coined online, after the character commonly being used on online forum and discussions for "trapping" an unknowing poster into thinking the character is female before revealing the character's true physical sex, commonly leading to people to have mixed feelings after towards him, leading to the term to be created to describe the joke.

Bridget Confirmed To Be Canonically Trans

Bridget was revealed to be a trans woman at the 2022 EVO convention ahead of her slated return to the series in Guilty Gear Strive. Fans initially took notice that Bridget's page on the official Guilty Gear website had been scrubbed of all pronouns, and speculated that Bridget would conceptualized as a non-binary character like Testament. It was soon revealed, however, that this clean-up was conducted in an attempt to curb spoilers for the next shift in Bridget's arc -- one where she comes to terms with her gender identity as a trans woman and her capabilities as a strong bounty hunter. She also received a character redesign where her nun's habit was replaced with a more comfortable looking hoodie.


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jacob BLackburn
jacob BLackburn

TFW you say that grooming kids to be trans isn't a thing
TFW you cheer for representation with a returning fan favorite character being revealed to be Trans
TFW said returning character was quite literally systemically groomed into having gender dysphoria and forced to be Trans against their will
TFW you support this character accepting of their unironic trauma as their identity


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