Bruh Sound Effect #2

Bruh Sound Effect #2

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Bruh Sound Effect #2 refers to a soundbite of a person saying the word "Bruh" in a dissapointed manner. Originating from a popular Vine, the soundbite later became know as "Bruh Sound Effect #2". Starting in Autumn 2018, the soundbite saw use in memes on Instagram and Reddit as a way to ironically convey feelings of frustration and being let down, while the name of the soundbite was circulated as a textual reaction.


On May 1st, 2014, Viner CallHimBzar[1] posted a video of former high school basketball star Tony Farmer momentarily collapsing in court after being sentenced, accompanied by a dubbed voiceover clip of his friend and fellow Viner Headgraphix saying "Bruh." In the first five months, the video received over 440,000 loops and 5,600 likes.


That week, other Viners began posting video clips with the hashtag #BruhMovement, featuring Farmer and other subjects collapsing with the "Bruh" audio clip playing in the background. On May 3rd, YouTuber Cortland Garner uploaded a video titled "The Bruh Movement Compilation," including notable #BruhMovement Vines (shown below, left).[2] In the first five months, the video gained more than 460,000 views and 420 comments. On May 4th, rapper Lil Twon released the song "Bruh" featuring Headgraphix and DillyBeatz (shown below, right).[3] The YouTube video gained over 1.9 million views in five years.

On March 25th, 2016, YouTube user Jame Benedict uploaded the soundbite, tilting his video "Bruh Sound Effect #2".[4] The video gained over 3 million views in three years. As the name caught up, several older uploads of the soundbite were renamed to match.[5]

The resurgence of the use of the "Bruh" soundbite in October 2018, used to convey feelings of frustration and disappointment, followed the popularity of Bruh Moment memes which rose to prominence on ironic subreddits and Instagram in August 2018.[6][7] The first video to reuse the soundbite is currently unknown, but is presumed to be a viral iFunny post.

top 5 bruh moments!!!! from r/okbuddyretard

In addition to an increase in the usage of the soundbite, the phrase "Bruh Sound Effect #2" became closely associated with it and has been used as a reaction text and a title for posts.

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Fat C*nt @anything4views Follow Replying to @maxmoefoe Bruh sound effect #1 Bruh sound effect#3 | 25 Bruh Sound Effect Variations in 60 SECONDS 8:19 AM -28 Dec 2018 "bruh sond effect#2" The last number of your comment's upvote shows which one are uou you Go 1 - Oh God Oh F--- 2- 3 Sock Do g 0 -Old Ni*ga Head Walter Clements 2 weeks ago i like fire trucks and moster trucks Reply . 1 Bruh Sound Effect #2 Jame Benedict 2 years ago-577K ves Walter Clements walter Reply . 2 weeks ago 5 - Walter 6-Bruh Sound Effect #2 4 - Sphere Cow OK DIIDnW OK SO BASICALLY I'm monky T.I 7 - Monky 8 - Toothpaste Hair Man 9 -Original Buddy Retard Doge

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