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Girls Who Say Bruh vs. Girls Who Say Hiii

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Girls Who Say Bruh vs. Girls Who Say Hiiii, or simply Bruh Girls vs. Hiii Girls refer to a loose series of memes that compare two groups of women, one of which behaves in a less sophisticated manner than the other. Originating from a viral July 2018 meme in which the two groups were compared to the Disney princesses and to the princesses from Shrek the Third, the comparison format maintained notable popularity online in the following years.


On July 26th, 2018, Facebook[1] group OkChikas posted a two-panel Spanish meme in which two groups of women, one who speak "sweetly," and the other who use slurs and slang words. The groups were likened to the Disney princesses from Ralph Breaks the Internet and to Fiona, Doris and other princesses from Shrek (shown below). The post received over 17,000 reactions and 9,000 shares in two years.


Girls who talk sweetly / Girls who say "dude," "dog," "go fuck yourself"

In the following weeks, the image was actively circulated online with multiple reposts by Facebook meme communities. For example, on July 29th, 2018, Facebook[2] group Chochos reposted a cropped version of the meme, gaining over 2,600 reactions and 2,100 shares. An August 18th, 2018, repost by Facebook[3] group Corridos VIP received over 3,800 reactions and 4,800 shares.

Prior to August 25th, 2018, an unknown Facebook user posted a translated version of the meme (shown below). The earliest available repost was made by VK[4] group eternal classic on August 25th, 2018, with the post gaining over 1,900 likes in two years.

Girls who talk normal Girls who say bruh and nigga


On August 29th, 2018, Twitter[5] user @bapeheely reposted the translated meme, gaining over 4,200 retweets and 11,300 likes. An August 30th, 2018, repost by Twitter[6] user @gradeint received over 14,700 retweets and 54,500 likes.

On October 22nd, 2018, iFunny[7] user Temper posted the earliest known derivative of the original meme, swapping one caption with the other (shown below, left). The post received over 190 smiles in two years.

The format did not see further spread until early summer 2019. In June 2019, it gained minor popularity in Facebook meme groups, with the images of Disney and Shrek princesses replaced with characters of various fandoms. For example, on June 3rd, 2019, Facebook[8] user Tabby Foczka posted a The Witcher meme that received over 580 likes (shown below, center); a June 28th Dark Souls meme by Pavlína Chrastná[9] received over 570 likes (shown below, right).

Girls who say Bruh and Nigga Girls who talk normal Girls who say 'bruh' and 'fam' WITCHER CIRIPOSTING Girls who talk normal Girls who say 'bruh' and 'fam'

The popularity of the format subsided until on March 9th, 2019, Twitter[10] user @Whereisblockaye posted a video of a muscular woman dancing, writing "Girls who say "bruh, nigga, dawg, wassup." The post accumulated over 18,500 retweets, 99,900 likes and 2.6 million views in two months (shown below).

On April 12th, 2020, Twitter[11] user @offbrandwagner posted two photographs of actress and director Greta Gerwig captioned "girls who say hiiii / girls who say bruh." The tweet received over 9,100 retweets and 118,300 likes, prompting a surge in popularity of the format on Twitter in the following weeks (shown below, top left).

Various Examples

Greta Gerwig iggy @offbrandwagner girls who say hiiii girls who say bruh 3:25 PM Apr 12, 2020 Twitter for iPhone Avatar The Last Airbender Prideful Sin O @PridefulSin girls who say hiii girls who say bruh 4:10 PM • Apr 24, 2020 • Twitter for Android Girls that Do Cocaine Girls that smoke weed
Beans After Dark @goodbeanalt girls that say hiii girls that say bruh iCarly 12:07 AM · Apr 27, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone girls who say Hi :) girls who say bruh GIRLS WHO PLAYS SUPPORT GIRLS WHO PLAYS TOP/JUNGLE

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