But Can It Run Crysis?

But Can It Run Crysis?

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But Can It Run Crysis? is a phrase referring to the 2007 Crytek first-person shooter Crysis, underscoring the reputation the game has obtained for it's steep system requirements at the time of its release. The phrase has slowly evolved into a snowclone as years pass, substituting "But can it run X?" for the most recent and system-demanding title at the time.


Crysis was released on November 13th, 2007[1] by Crytek and Electronic Arts, and was developed on the (then) latest version of the CryEngine, which also powered Crytek's first title, FarCry. It was one of the first games to ever utilize Microsoft's DirectX 10 API framework, which is only available on Microsoft Windows Vista or later. Other feats prided by the Crytek developers was the game being created with over 1 million lines of code, utilization of over 1 GB of texture data, and up to 85,000 active shaders.
Since it's release, Crysis has received universal acclaim, hailing it as the first true 7th-gen gaming experience, with a Metacritic[2] aggregated score of 91 and multiple game of the year awards.
One of the earliest uses of the phrase comes from the bit-tech.net[3] article on the game posted December 15th, 2009, stating that "The question 'Yeah, but can it play Crysis?' [has become] a comical catchphrase addition to most graphics card reviews." The article also questions the necessity of such taxing features on the game at release, and if this was a step in the right direction for gaming.


The phrase quickly became synonymous to PC gaming and was popular amongst many gaming outlets, with the phrase seeing use alongside queries of the user's system specs. The phrase's memetic status was also recognized by Crytek, inserting the phrase as an achievement in Crysis 2.[4] The phrase was referenced in several image macros (examples shown below).



"But Can It Run Crysis" has slowly evolved into a snowclone phrase over the years, as PC gaming has become more widespread and accessible thanks to lower priced PC peripherals and computational advancements plateauing. The phrase has been changed to accommodate for more recent technical milestones, such as RSI's Star Citizen , changing into "But can it run X" (Minecraft example shown below).


Various Examples

tax dollars well spent NASA COMES CLOSER TO RUNNING CRYSIS AT MAXIMUM SETTINGS 5 cientists at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center have revealed that thay are caxtremcly close to accomplishing what experts once thought impossible: running EA's PC shooter Crysis at maxi mum settings Using a custom built Cray XT3 Opteron supercomputer, NASA engineers, in part- nership with a tearn of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, dlaim to have actually run the game at full capacity for more than 10 minutes before a fatal system crash. it's been hard," comments NASA project lead James Ferguson, "but challenges ike this are why we do what we do. Hearing everyone applaud in the control room when we got the first level up and running was a feeling Iil never forget. This has been a real joumey for the whole team...even a few months ago we weren't able to put the sliders up past half before it cippled the system. Now, we're playing for five, ten minutes at a time at full resolution with no demonstrative frame lag Although progress has been good, time is of the essence, as recent rumors have speculated that a rival team in China will be attempting a full run-through of the game within the next month. Still, Ferguson remains confident. "1 believe in America's know- how, and I guarantee we'll be the first country on Earth to run Crysis. Now if youll excuse me I have to go sign off on a ship- of Red Bull I's gonna be a late nighe iPhone 3G Cannot run Crysis $699 gaming PC Can run Crysis Barack Obama's message of hope Sorry, Crysis runs on GPUs, not hope IBM Roadrunner supercomputer Can beat Gary Kasparov at Crysis multiplayer Large Hadron Collider Can run Crysis, but may destroy the planet in the process 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL Cannot run Crysis (it may be sentient, but c'mon, it's running on seven-year-old hardware) Toaster (2-slot) Cannot run Crysis Chuck Norris Can't run Crysis, but can roundhouse-kick it Weighted Companion Cube but it will 0! Can't run Crysis, love you (or will it?) God's computer Can run Crysis 2: The Crysising Star Trek Holodeck Can run Crysis, but the safeties will inevitably fail, trapping you in the game with enemies that can really kill you OCAN RUNCRYSISON MYPC! BUT METOO,ONAXBOXLORA PS3 GONE SO MUCH MONEY WORSE Hitler:IIhave the ultimate weaoon! have the ultimate The Allies: But can it run Crysis? CA N HA SO HEE2BURGER.COM。 e ASK "DOES IT RUN CRYSIS?" ONE MORE TIME quickmeme.com can itrun Crysis? Bue Gen 1 1

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