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CD Emotes

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CD Emotes are Twitch emotes featuring pictures of various Twitch streamers wearing sunglasses with compact discs reflected on the lens. Though some have interpreted the CD as an abbreviation for "Cheating DisRespect," referencing a controversy involving streamer Dr DisRespect, others have claimed the emote was created to mock Twitch's text-to-speech errors.


The emotes are rumored to be a reference to how Twitch's text-to-speech mispronounces the phrase “D OMEGALUL C,” according to a comment by YouTuber TheYTChronicles.[3] According to the Twitch analytics site Twitch Metrics,[7] the ForsenCD emote first appeared in February 2018, featuring a picture of Twitch streamer Forsen superimposed with the sunglasses and mustache of Dr Disrespect (shown below). The emote was originally submitted by a Twitch viewer during a raffle held on Forsen's livestream earlier that month.[5]


On April 24th, Redditor sajtosszenya submitted a collage of CD emotes to the /r/forsen[1] subreddit, where it garnered upwards of 450 points (100% upvoted) and 60 comments within 10 days (shown below).

On April 25th, YouTuber Cx Entertainment uploaded a clip of Dr DisRespect discussing the meaning of the CD emote (shown below).

On May 2nd, DrDisrespect tweeted about the images, referring to them as "transparency emotes" (shown below).

Dr DisRespect @DrDisRespect These desperate channels with their desperate transparency emotes. Bunch of little baby preciouses seeking attention and 6th grade giggles just like their weak communities. I love being the best. Period.

In the comments section of the video, YouTuber TheYTChronicles explained that the CD emotes are used to mock Twitch's text-to-speech feature (shown below). That day, Ebaum's World[2] published an article titled "An Explanation For 'CD Meme', The Latest Twitch Joke That Has Dr. DisRespect Confused." That day, Redditor RobinsonDickinson submitted a post noting that ForsenCD along with other CD emotes had been removed from Twitch.[4]

TheYTChronicles 1 day ago Anyone who still doesn't understand: the CD is because the Twitch donation text-to-speech thing reads OMEGALUL CD" instead of "D OMEGALUL C"...but the clip is noteworthy because Doc clearly suspects it to instead mean Cheating Doc". His paranoia is showing so obviously and it's kind of strange seeing the Doc like that. Thats why this has become topical.

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Bilbo Swaggins
Bilbo Swaggins Moderator

On one hand I can understand where DrDisRespect is coming from

on the other hand why are these twitch channels removing the emotes over a misunderstanding, they should actually stand up for themselves and explain the meaning other than backing down like that, that only confirms the false explanation in Dr. Disrespect's mind


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