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Chadfishing is a form catfishing in which men within the incel community created a fake dating application profile by posing as a conventionally attractive male, known as a Chad. Screenshots of messages taken from Chadfishing chat conversations have often been shared online to mock and humiliate women.


Chad Thundercock

On January 9th, 2015, BodyBuilding Forums[3] user oogahboogah submitted a post titled "Going on Tinder as Chad Thundercock is beyond depressing," featuring screenshots of Tinder chat sessions using a fake profile (shown below). In these chats, people would pose as "Chads" rather than themselves in an early version of chadfishing.

34 .1 | 34% 2:13 PM Ebony Messages About Wow ebony, that name makes me horny 16 mins ago you're lucky you're hot lol 2 mins ago Sorry I can't control my urges, would you F--- me 1 min ago ahahaha cute Now I'm a dominate alpha male Now 35 11 35% 3:26 PM Isabell Messages About Hey I'm Chad, wow you are sexy 46 mins ago Hey:) thanks you're too 28 mins ago Would you give me your number if I approached you 24 mins ago Hahha yes I would of course :) Now You re cute Now Send a message

Chad Says Beta Things

In October 2015, /r9k/ user Beta Chad submitted a series of screenshots in which he uses a fake Tinder profile with a photograph of an athletic man to send women bizarre messages on the dating app. The thread was not archived. On October 10th, Beta Chad submitted a second batch of screenshots to /r9k/[1] due to popular demand (shown below).

File: IMG ng (603 KB, 533x800) | Chad Says Beta Things To Girls on Tinder beta chad 11SXYJiGapi 10/10/15(Sat)21:27:24 No.23190991 Edit Into >2231 91009 >>231 911 42 >>231 91599 >>231 91776-92473 TO hey so l did this last week and people liked it and asked me to come back so welcome to another edition of Chad Says Beta Things basically i made a Chad profile (pic related) on tinder and have been saying the cringiest s--- possible to girls on tinders, who surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly) don't care at all and continue to message him here's where we last left off told some latino girl im into diapers, have never had sex with a woman, have only ever had sex with men, and have deepthroated a c--- before, and she was cool with all of it eventually she stopped messaging so it seemed like she had had enough, but then the next morning she messaged me asking if i had any STDs so she was literally down to f--- a diaper-wetting, cocksucking Chad stold another girl i was training to become the best minesweeper player in the world because for the past six years i've had recurring nightmares about it and have literal panic attacks if i dont play for at least 6 hours a day Chad, 24 acidng for a mommy gf to pot me back into dlapers she also stopped messaging, but then the next morning she was very sympathetic to Chad's minesweeper problem >messaged a girl i superliked saying YIPPEEll!l and she responded positively i just logged on for the first time in a week and got like 6 matches in a row so sit back relax and enjoy the show


On June 14th, 2016, Body Building Forum[2] user MigosMiscer posted the thread "Made a tinder as Chad. Results are unbelievable." They wrote, "Wow, brahs. I knew that Chad controlled the dating market.. But mind = fukked at the kind of monopoly he has over it. Girls LITERALLY wait until they match with a Chad and only have sex with him" (shown below, left).

On June 9th, 2017, Urban Dictionary [4] k4yfour defined Chadfishing as "catfishing but using pictures of chads" (shown below).

Edit Info Chad, 27 Consultant at less than a mile away Six foot two T like my booties and boobs like the capital letter B TOP DEFINITION chadfish catfishing but using pictures of chads "I downloaded my highschool bully's instagram pics and used them to chadfish on tinder, but I still got no matches" #catfish #catfishing #chad #chadfishing #tinder #dating by k4yfour June 09, 2017 27

On May 30th, 2019, the /r/Chadfishing subreddit [5] launched. Within 24 days, the subreddit received more than 4,300 subscribers.

Less than one month later, the subreddit was banned for a violation of community standards. That day, Redditor[6] Athelric posted in the /r/IncelTears subreddit "We did it guys! /r/Chadfish is banned!" The post received more than 12,000 points (89% upvoted) and 1,000 comments (screenshot below).

reddit CHADFISH: BANNED This community has been banned This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit's content policy against harassing content Banned 19 minutes ago. BACK TO REDDIT help about apps & tools <3 reddit premium reddit coins redditgifts Reddit for iPhone Reddit for Android mobile website blog about site rules Reddit help center wiki advertising reddiquette mod guidelines careers contact us our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. ©2019 reddit inc. All rights reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

The following day, Mel Magazine[7] published a report on the history and trends of Chadfishing. They criticized the practice writing that Chadfishing "is pointlessly bolstering the incel’s narrative that somewhere, somehow, a male model is fucking an ultra-hot woman who should be fucking him instead. He goes a step further here, literalizing the delusion with a fake instance of an already fictional rival." They continued:

In the end, though, he cannot be angry at Chads, because they do not exist as claimed, and to the extent that any such men are out in the wild, they are not obstacles to his interactions with women. Misogynistic hate is what keeps him in isolation, and it is the real purpose of chadfishing: The entire test is meant to show that with the right bone structure, you can treat women like shit, and they’ll love it… but the “and they’ll love it” part goes out the window almost immediately, because they typically don’t. What you’re left with is pure bile.

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