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St. BlackOps2cel / Morgan Lahaye

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St. BlackOps2Cel is the online nickname and persona given to a French man named Morgan Lahaye, who is wearing a graphic t-shirt of the popular First-Person Shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops II, as he's posing for a selfie. In Incel Culture he is seen as a mascot, a saint, and has been involved in a series of image macros and photoshops on the internet.


According to the thread titled: "The lost information of St.Blackops2Cel"[1], the earliest known use of the image was seen August 5th, 2014 on FunnyJunk with user "joshlol" asking other members "I don't know, what do you assume?" about what people think of his appearance.

#51 - joshlol #24 on content (08/05/2014) [-1 Reply +81 I don't know, what do you assume? CALL DUT BLACK OPS


On incel forums and imageboards such as 4chan, Lahaye has been posted and characterized in humorous ways. On the now deleted subreddit r/braincels, he was seen as the primary incel public figure and could be found on the banner. Overtime, the original image (shown below, left) was subject of various edits and photoshops that altered his appearance, usually trying to make him look more handsome or attractive (example shown below, right).



Lahaye's Facebook profile was discovered by anonymous users on 4chan[2] and 3 more images of him were shared online. According to an anonymous 4chan user[3], his other Facebook pictures were video game-related or of Lightning from the Final Fantasy franchise. The anonymous user also adds that he is single, a claim that can be confirmed by other threads about him on

On November 1st, 2018, users from tried to estimate his height[4] by using one of the 3 images of him, in which he's standing next to a Ferrari (shown, below).

O sport & collection 500 ferrari contre le cancer HOUTE 43 21 LECTION

On November 2nd, 2018, a newer selfie of Lahaye next to the iconic one of him wearing the Black Ops II t-shirt was shared on r/virginvschad[5] by DonovanTheG, titled "The Virgin BlackOps2cel vs The Hunter Eyed Chad". The image received over 110 upvotes in 2 years (shown below).


On November 4th, 2018, Lahaye deleted his Facebook profile[6] after being contacted by his fanbase. On February 15th, 2020, user Felatio from discovered the earliest online image of Lahaye, accompanied by a series of comments regarding his appearance (shown below, left)[7]. The image (shown below, right) predates the original one of him wearing the Black Ops II t-shirt and was posted by the Facebook page Les célibataires de Namur on March 9th, 2014[8]. The post claimed Lahaye being 26 years old, having no experience with girls, a liking for video games and Final Fantasy

Les célibataires de Namur ... Diese Seite gefällt mir - 9. März 2014 - 6 morgan 26 ans n'a eu aucune experience avec des filles cherche sa muse , il aime les jeux video et final fantasy ajoutez le Daniel Pollard, Carine Muller und 2 Relevanteste - anderen gefällt das. 1 Mal geteilt 8 Kommentare Daniel Pollard pbuh 1J 1 Antwort Louis Casey PBUH 1J Mathilde Geirnaert Davine Dufaux cherche pas il en a un autre qui t attend ahah 3J Aurelien Lecomte Céline Thiebout voilà ton future copain! OV00U0V Il aime les jeu vidéos!!! 3J A 14 Antworten verbergen Céline Thiebout Ho ptn je préfère encore lecher mon chien O Aurelien Lecomte |l est beau arrête de mentir V 000 3 J Céline Thiebout Oui tellement sexy 3J Aurelien Lecomte Oh yeah V

On Other Media

On October 6th, 2020, YouTuber PreLawDropout uploaded a video titled "Who is St. BlackOps2Cel?" receiving 1,200 views and over 25 likes in 4 months

On February 6th, 2020, YouTuber TinderExperimentChannel uploaded a video titled "Saint blackops2cel tinder experiment" with the purpose of seeing if Lahaye could obtain matches in South East Asia. The results were surprisingly positive, and the video received over 4,500 views and 70 likes in one year.

On April 16th, 2020, another Tinder experiment video was uploaded, named "Saint Blackops2cel goes to Africa", which saw him getting several matches with African women. The video received over 8,000 views and 175 likes in 10 months.

Various Examples

So yousee, that's where the trouble began That smile. i That damned smile. Incels community HATES him! CALL'DUT CALL DWT BLACK OPS DPS This guy changed his personality in 20 minutes and fucks girls regulary FIND OUT HOW>> CALL DUT BLACK OPS XBOX 360 CALDUT OF BLACKOPS II 18 treyarch CALL PUSSY BLACK OPS E DUTY OPS R

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