Crazy Live Report

Crazy Live Report

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The Crazy Live Report (Japanese: 電波実況MAD, Denpa Jikkyou MAD) refer to a series of MAD videos based on footage of an excited e-sportscaster providing a play-by-play commentary during a second-round match of the fighting arcade game Guilty Gear XX at the Arcadia Cup Tournament in 2003. The remix fad became widespread on the Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga (NND) after the video was uploaded in 2007.


The clip was originally recorded during a second-round match of Guilty Gear XX between Japanese pro-gamers Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (SOL)[1] vs. an unknown player Shishamo (Faust) at the the 1st Arcadia Cup Tournament[2] held on March 22nd and 23rd, 2003. Due to Umehara's legendary reputation in Japanese video game competitions, the footage was included in the official DVD titled "TOUGEKI SUPER BATTLE DVD TRILOGY-DISC3," which was released on June 26th of that same year.[3]


UMEHARA GAAAAH!!! TSUKAMAETEEEEEE!!! (Umehara is chasing up)
UMEHARA GAAAAH! GAMENHAJIIII!!!! (Umehara is, on the corner,)
BURST YONDEEEE!!! MADA HAIRUUUU!! (reading bursts, and still attacking.)
UMEHARA GAAAAH!!!! tsu・・・CHIKAZUITEEE!!! (Umehara is ch… closing and ….)


This 17-second video clip was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga on March 6th, 2007, shortly after the site was relaunched with its own video hosting service.[4] However, the hilariously giddy commentary didn't receive any significant attention until June 17th, 2009, when a hybrid remix with another MAD series known as Figu@mate was uploaded onto the site.

Titled "Figu@Umehara,"[5] the video began to draw mass appeal from the site's MAD editors for its rhythmic fluency and high exploitability. Soon, the footage was dubbed "The Crazy Live Report" by the NND users and the clip went onto spawn more than 200 remixes in its first year of existence.[6]

Identity Revealed

The play-by-play commentator was eventually identified as an amatuer fighting game event organizer in Tokai district, best known by his player name "Gama no Abura" (がまの油). He went on to make several appearances at livestreaming programs on Nico Nico Live in 2009, during which he answered questions about his style of commentary as well as openly embracing the newfound internet fame of his "Crazy Live Report" video.[7][8] Moreover, he stated that he felt very pleased to get more people interested in the fighting arcade series Guilty Gear through the MAD video.

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