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Crow of Judgement

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Crow of Judgement, also spelled Crow of Judgment, is a reaction image featuring an angry-looking bird with the text "Crow of Judgement" underneath it, among other variations. The image is typically used to convey displeasure or disagreement with someone or something. A notable, alternate version of the meme paints the image red and replaces the text with the word "YAMERO," which means "no" in Japanese.


While the image of an angry-looking bird is known as the "Crow of Judgement," the bird pictured in the meme is not a crow but a common grackle. The earliest known use of the full image of the grackle was a December 7th, 2008, post on the blog[1] OwlMeat hosted on Blogspot (seen below).

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2008 Grackle Day poem Lissa brought up Grackle Day and that made me think of a poem about grackles. Now that I look at, I'm not sure that it's about grackles at all. It definitely isn't safe for the restaurant blog.

The angry-looking bird is also featured on the banner of the subreddit /r/Rage,[2] which has been active since June 6th, 2008 (seen below).


On March 20th, 2017, Imgur[3] user DooDooManjaro posted a version of the angry bird image with a red filter and the Japanese word "YAMERO" written on it, which translates to "NO" (seen below, left). On March 31st, Imgur[4] user oozabooza then posted the earliest known upload of the image that reads, "Crow of Judgement" (seen below, right).

O YAMERO 0 Crow of judgement


The earliest known viral use of the Crow of Judgement meme was a December 10th, 2018, Imgur post by LordCabbageGoat, gathering over 1.4 million views in five years.[5]

On April 1st, 2018, Redditor[6] /u/ Maximd1122 posted a screenshot of someone using the reaction image to /r/me_irl, gathering over 10,000 upvotes in five years (seen below, left). On April 18th, 2023, Redditor[7] /u/weavile901 posted an image to /r/ihadastroke, showing someone using the Crow of Judgement meme. The post gathered over 3,000 upvotes in two months (seen below, right).

Want to order pizza? O I don't eat cheese Crow of judgement For medical reasons lol You should have stated how weak your bloodline was in your tinder bio Delivered 3152 Crow of judgement My friend is a gold mine interndet submitted 2 months ago by weavile901 55 comments share save hide give award report crosspost hide all child comments # memes April 18, 2023 What oday at 2:27 PM Crow of judgement day at 2:34 PM pelivoj of hudgkent woujd ve better Today at 3:59 PM

Various Examples

Crow of approval O Crow of astonishment D Crow of Sadnes When you're a bird in a zoo and human ignore your cage then see turtles and lizards and say "they look like living dinosaurs" WHO WILL WIN? You want sum f--? Crow of judgement

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