Three screenshots from Cyril Schreiner's Orbeez video. One of the toilet overflowing, the second of Schreiner looking concerned and finally orbeez coming out of the sink. 

This article explains what the video is and how it spread.

Cyril Schreiner's Orbeez Flood Video

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Cyril Schreiner's Orbeez Flood Video is a viral video by YouTuber and TikTok video maker Cyril Schreiner in which he fills his bathtub with Orbeez, a type of bead that expands in water, and floods his house and neighborhood's plumbing system when he attempts to drain the tub.


On February 21st, 2020, TikTok user Cyril Schreiner posted a series of videos in which he fills his bathtub with Orbeez. When he attempts to drain the tub by pulling the stopper, the beads begin coming out of his toilet and sink. In an attempt to force the beads down the drain, he pours salt in the sink, which causes the bathroom to flood. Later, when Schreiner goes outside, he discovers beads coming out of the neighborhood system (clips below). The initial post received more than 25 million views, 2.3 million hearts and 6,600 comments in less than two weeks.

Less than one week later, he posted a recap video of the video on YouTube. Within two weeks, the post received more than 564,000 views.


On March 1st, Twitter user @yuqheis posted a series of clips from the video, adding commentary to the video in the captions. The initial post received more than 16 million views, 875,000 likes and 246,000 retweets in less than one week (shown below).

In their final post, @yuqheis notes that the video may be "fake." They wrote,[1] "guys i really don't care if this is fake or not, the execution is hilarious regardless and i've genuinely cried i laughed so hard at his antics so he gets a pass from me."

Several media outlets covered the video, including AV Club,[2] Distractify,[3] Dexerto,[4] AOL,[5] Unilad[6] and more.

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Never thought I'd enjoy one of these stupid challenges but here I am. Finally, some good clean stupidity, somethin' the whole family can laugh at! This is HILARIOUS, one of the biggest fuckups I've seen in ages.


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