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Emojipasta, also known as Emoji Spam Paragraphs, are snowclones which are usually paragraphs riddled with emojis, and often end with the paragraph asking you to send it to 10 other people. They are often shared on holidays, and often receives spikes around holiday seasons.


The first post showing this was around early January by user Tropius[1], in which he replies to a text about themes of 2014. The post got 248,000 notes, and remains one of the more popular examples of the snowclone.

In 2014 I laughed l cried l turned downloved lost trust I was betrayed most importantly I learned but Stop Shut the fuck up


The snowclone saw a spike in spread during Easter of 2015.

Various Examples

HAPPY EASTER!! ! ! TODAY IS THE DAY JESUS CAME BACK TO LIFE AFTER SOME ROMIES NAILED HIM TO TO YOUR OWN 10 LAMB OF LAMBS THAT YOU WOULD NEVER CRUCIFY·.w @ Happy s Easter !!"The Easter Bunny Prolly Ain't o Realx At All, But You Surely Are 聖o! Send This Tom0f Your Realest Hoesa .. If U Geta Back Happy Easter & Today we remember- Christ rising from the dead send this to 10 bitches @t.漁who make ya dick rise

Good Shit / Sign Me the Fuck Up

Good Shit is an emoji spam paragraph which repeats the phrase “good shit” in a paragraph surrounded by various emojis and positive phrases. On May 24th, 2015, user wunkulo created a post with the following text:

By June 23rd, 2015, the post had received over 11,000 notes,[2] and the text had been widely copied throughout Tumblr,[3] following the structure laid out in the initial post; a user would name a subject or event, and then paste the stream of Emoji. As recorded by tumblr user memedocumentation, tumblr user naiba posted a mutation on June 8th, 2015, where the stream of emoji had been changed to reflect "Bad Shit."[3] The meme remains in wide use throughout Tumblr.[4]

nintendo: ok,so,, here are a bunch of new games we released! me: sign me the FUCK up dedode0 good shit good sHitdthatssome goodshit righteredd rightvthere vvif i do say so my sel f型i say so thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ght there) d型d e.. .. e) ddGood shit wallet, do NOT sign me the FUCK up-Heer-98 ,("A ere right × there X X if i dosay so my sel f i say so thats not what im talking about right there right there (chorus: nght there) mMMMMMM OPHo0Oo o oo O Kagome: INUYASHA!!! Inuyasha: KAGOME!!! Me: de ele·le.de. good shit good shit d thats V some good d dshit right d dth d ere ddd righwthere wifi do 5aY so my self型i say so翌thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: 1ght the mMMMMMM 型もも100000000 00000oooooooooooo δもも HO0OO OooOOoooOoo00000 Good shit TAGS >> #INUKAG #INUYASHA #KAGOME HIGURASHI #GOOD SHIT #GOOD SHIT MEME sign me the FUCK up good shit good sHit thats some rightvthere shit rightももth do say so my sel f i say so 100 th what im talking about right there mMMMMMMjw right there (chorus: :9ht there) 00000ooo°d Good shit Hoo0o O00O


Migueh (voruka) @miguehCJ May 16 #cummies 3

Cummies, also known as Suggar Daddy or "I'm Deleting You", is a emoji spam copypasta featuring a girl with an incestuous relationship with her dad, asking for "cummies" (semen shots from oral sex).

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