Crossed-Out Pride Flag Emoji Combination

Crossed-Out Pride Flag Emoji Combination

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Crossed-Out Pride Flag Emoji Combination 🏳️‍🌈⃠ , also known as "No Homo" Emoji, refers to a Unicode symbol combination which appears as a crossed-out pride flag on iphone and ipad mobile devices when emojis "Pride Flag" 🏳️‍🌈 and "Prohibited" 🚫 are combined. The discovery of the emoji combination and its consecutive spread online sparked an outrage, with some users misinterpreting it as a new emoji.


The earliest available tweet containing 🏳️‍🌈⃠ combination was made by Twitter[1] user @mioog on February 18th, 2019 (shown below, top left), who later claimed discovering it "in Apple's code"[2]. The tweet gained 118 retweets and 336 likes in two days. In the following hours, multiple users used the combination in their tweets (examples shown below).

Some users misinterpreted the combination of the Unicode symbols as a new emoji added by Apple, describing it as homophobic and anti-LGBTQ[3][4][5].

Tweet by person who discovered the crossed out pride flag emoji Vik @VIKTORIOUS 10:37 PM 18 Feb 2019
fake conversation between the community asking for more emojis and Apple responding with the crossed out pride flag emoji tweet asking who at Apple is responsible for the crossed out pride flag emoji

While the emoji combination appears as a crossed-out rainbow flag on Apple mobile devices (shown below, left), it appears differently on Android devices (shown below, center) and on Windows systems (shown below, right).

taylor.marlett 8h Reply View replies (1) ja yyylc 11h Reply @perplexz 11:08 PM 18 Feb 2019

Combination Technique

On February 19th, 2019, Redditor[6] goodbagels provided instructions for combining Unicode characters together (shown below). The effect can be replicated by putting any of the following Unicode characters, categorized as "combining" symbols, between the emojis: U+20DD, U+20E3, U+20E4, U+20DF.

1 goodbagels 388 points 19 hours agoedited 15 hours ago Thanks man. I figured out that it's just a unicode character designed to combine with other characters. Here are a few that work of course) Edit: just put any of these after the emoji you want it to overlap Reply Give Award Share Report Save


On Twitter, the emoji combination has been used in multiple popular posts both of pro-LGBTQ and anti-LGBTQ nature (examples below).

tweet about gay person being in denial as a child What If You Wanted to Go to Heaven meme with god using the crossed out pride flag emoji
tweet using the crossed out pride flag emoji about not coming out as gay to your parents cumnor @cOnnorpl3ase Finally, us homophobes can enjoy the same mainstream representation that gays and lesbians have flaunted over us for decades 1:06 AM - 19 Feb 2019

On February 19th, 2019, Redditor[7] Minchworm posted the Unicode combination to /r/copypasta subreddit. The post gained over 3,700 upvotes in one day.

On Instagram, the trend became the subject of memes and was used as comment spam (examples below).

meme using the crossed out pride flag emoji about comment sections being homophobic fantasy painting object labeling meme using the crossed out pride flag emoji Trump's First Order of Business using the crossed out pride flag emoji

The trend was covered by several news outlets, including Independent[8], PinkNews[9], Heavy[10] and Paper[11].

Various Examples

the emoj eople who have it Dming the emoji to them who People don't have the emoji ahugeplateofketchup8 @banditochords me: minding my own business at thanksgiving my relatives: 11:15 PM -18 Feb 2019
When the gay kid start dissing you in the gc @humanity.gone26 subpoena gri @theharkyp mes Pop stars and their emojis: Ariana Mariah Taylor Beyonce Rihanna Nicki Minaj 12:53 AM - 19 Feb 2019 #NARCISSUS @cheolful rt to be in a homophobic f--- them gays 12:21 AM-19 Feb 2019

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