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Amanda Bieber's Tweets

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Amanda Bieber (Twitter handle: @MandaSwaggie) is a Twitter user who began expressing her appreciation for the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber in March of 2012. After several bouts of insulting tweets against well-known artists such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, the British boy band One Direction and Freddie Mercury of Queen, some Twitter users responded with harsh criticism towards the Twitter user for being ignorant and offensive. While some have suggested the account was created for trolling purposes, many have reacted to the tweets as if they were genuine.


The @MandaSwaggie Twitter[1] account was created on March 30th, 2012, with its first tweet proclaiming that Justin Bieber had become more famous than the deceased pop star Michael Jackson.

On June 13th, 2012, @MandaSwaggie published a tweet comparing Justin Bieber to the deceased rock star Kurt Cobain, saying Bieber was a bigger star for having one of the largest fanbases on Twitter.

Notable Developments

On June 14th, 2012, the day after the Cobain tweet was published, the women’s interest blog Jezebel[13] published an article titled “Justin Bieber Superfan Burns Kurt Cobain By Saying He Wasn’t Huge on Twitter”, which criticized the tweet for failing to recognize that Cobain died in 1994 before Twitter was even invented. On June 16th, the entertainment news blog Digital Spy[14] followed up with an article titled “Justin Bieber fan sparks controversy with Kurt Cobain remark”, which reported that @MandaSwaggie's Cobain tweet had been retweeted over 5,000 times and further speculated that the tweets may have been intentionally written in a controversial manner for trolling purposes.


The same day, Redditor bigbenecu submitted a post to the /r/AdviceAnimals[15] subreddit titled “My immediate thought after reading the infamous Amanda Bieber tweet”, which featured a Futurama Fry image macro implying that the Twitter user was actually a man causing trouble on the Internet (shown above). Also on June 16th, several of @MandaSwaggie’s tweets were posted in a compilation on the Internet humor site 9gag, which suggested nuking the state of California to eradicate the Twitter user. On June 18th, the “Amanda Biebers Tweets” Tumblr[2] blog was created, which posted screenshots of tweets published via @MandaSwaggie. The same day, a[11] petition calling to remove @MandaSwaggie from Twitter was created, which received over 375 signature within 10 days

The Removal Amanda Bieber [@MandaSwaggie] from twitter.: The Remove racism and homophobia from twitter. Signatures Amanda Bieber @MandaSwaggie SIGN THIS PETITION 378 out of 1,000 First Name Petitioning The Removal Amanda Bieber @MandaSwaggie] from twitter Bieber has more #1 albums than Nirvana, Queen, Cher, ABBA and Lady Gaga. They're shit compared to the new King of Pop!:) 1 day ago via Twitter for Mac Last Name Created By Dwayne Preboye Email Address City State SelectOutside U.S. About this Petition Petition Letter Petition Updates Zip Code This fanatic Justin Bieber fan has shown ignorance, disrespect, racist and homophobic attitudes toward other users of twitter and famous dead artists including Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury all the while incorporating her psychotic fandom with pure hate speeches and destroying the reputation of other Bieber fans as well. We have to fight against this ignorance and prejudice Why are you signing? Add a reason (optional)

Also on June 18th, the MSN music blog MusicFix[16] published a post titled "Justin Bieber fan attacks Kurt Cobain on Twitter." On June 19th, Redditor BerryKisses submitted a post to the f7u12[12] subreddit titled "Amanda Bieber, The Fall of Humanity and Disgrace to all Amandas", featuring a rage comic expressing frustration with two religiously insensitive @MandaSwaggie tweets. The post received over 275 up votes and 80 comments within eight days.

Who is this amanda bieber on twitter? PLEASE BE WARNED THAT THE FOLLOMING TMEETS ARE REAL. I ONLY CHOSE TWO BECAUSE HER TMEETS REALLY BURNED MY EYES "Jesus ain't real. If he was, cancer wouldn't exist. Bieber is real and he donates money to cancer funds all the time. Such a hero <3" "I know but canadians are french, and rance 13 an islamic country Her account is Cmandaswaggie How was it possible that you were the sperm that won? I hope terrorist cut off your tongue, force you to drink salt water. Make you bathe in acid and then send you to another galaxy to die


On June 21st, 2012, Yahoo Answers[17] user AsteRisque submitted the question "I Have Found Amanda Bieber, aka @MandaSwaggie?", which linked to a Pastebin page identifying the Twitter user as Amanda Nesheiwat. In the post, an anonymous commenter claimed that the information was incorrect and that @MandaSwaggie was actually created by the Lady Gaga fan @TobeyMonster.[18] The commenter included a screenshot of a Twitter exchange remarking that the @MandaSwaggie account was created by someone named "Tobey":

Tweets Ro | Lady Gaga monster9 MandaSwaggie is making people hate Bieber LOL 18m Lady Gaga LadyGaga Gkaislemonster @gagamonster96 You do know it's Tobey? Lo Expand Ro | Lady Gaga Og @kaislemonster yes Imao, I remember when he made the account Expand Lady Gaga LadyGaga kaislemonste @gagamonster96 I only found out a couple of days ago lol it's genius haha Expand 1m Ro Lady Gaga Ogagaonstr9 @kaislemonster hes getting thousands of followers every hour, he can use it to promote gaga lol 47s Hideconversation ← Reply Retweet ★ Favorite 3:19 PM-17 Jun 12 via web Details

Other Controversial tweets

Several other tweets by @MandaSwaggie have been the subject of criticism, including statements supporting racism, homophobia and violence.

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