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#CuttingForBieber (also known as #Cut4Bieber) is an online hoax and Twitter hashtag campaign launched by members of 4chan in trying to spread a rumor that fans of Justin Bieber are cutting themselves in response to the leaked photographs of the singer allegedly smoking marijuana. The hoax involved creating numerous fake Twitter accounts and spreading pictures of supposedly self-inflicted scars with the hashtag, similar to misinformation techniques used in the #BaldForBieber campaign.


The entertainment news blog TMZ[1] published several photographs of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana at a party in a Newport Beach hotel room (shown below) on January 4th, 2013. Within four days, the post received over 15,000 Facebook shares and 12,000 tweets.

TMZ.com TMZ.com

On January 7th, 2013, a thread was posted to the /b/ (random) board on 4chan,[2] which urged other users to create Twitter accounts and post images of scarred arms to spread a rumor that Bieber's fans have begun harming themselves in response to the allegations of Bieber smoking marijuana (shown below).

thread File: 1357574020647.ipg-(34 KB, 400x421, huehue.jpg) Anonymous (ID: ZPsxVV+a) 01/07/13 (Mon)10:53:40 No.449297309 Lets start a cut yourself for bieber campaign Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves 'm cutting myself because you smoke http://pic.twitter.com/obaUsJw □ Anonymous (ID: PnF30UCs) 01/07/13(Mon) 10:55:36 No.449297571 File: 1357574136962.ipg-(64 KB, 211x227, 1288986990934.jpg) BRILLIANT □ Anonymous (ID: +0yAudcM) 01/07/13(Mon)10:55:40 No.449297584 inb4 this gets ruined by newfages Anonymous (ID: ZPsxVVta) 01/07/13(Mon) 10:55:48 No.449297605 File: 148 (64 KB, 500x447, huehuehu.jpg) Anonymous (ID: S2iDPHla) 01/07/13(Mon)10:56:13 No.449297657 (2 KB, 125x117, lennon.jpg) first the shaven heads, now this, I like your thinking OP File: Anonymous (ID: CKIw0/Tn) 01/07/13(Mon) 10:59:43 No.449298119


On January 7th, 2013, several fake Twitter accounts were created for the hashtag campaign, including the @brittanyscrapma feed which tweeted several photographs of arms that had been supposedly cut with a razor accompanied by the hashtag “#CuttingForBieber.”

The same day, a Facebook[5] page titled “Cutting For Bieber” was created, featuring image macros related to the campaign. Within 24 hours, the page received over 70 likes. Also on January 7th, YouTuber Wildhoglogging uploaded a video titled “Leader of Anonymous talks about cutting for Bieber,” in which a man hidden under a sweatshirt calling himself “Commander X” claimed to be the “leader of the 9gag Anonymous movement” and took responsibility for the #CuttingForBieber hoax (shown below)

News Media Coverage

Shortly after #CuttingForBieber began trending nationwide on January 7th, the Internet news sites BuzzFeed[6]and Twitchy[7] initially reported on the hashtag without any mentions of 4chan's involvement, but both articles were later updated with details of the actual scheme. The same day, the entertainment news blog Complex[8] described #CuttingForBieber as “the most disturbing hashtag of all time,” but subsequently updated the post after discovering the campaign’s true origins. Throughout the day, similar articles revealing the campaign as a hoax were published by Gawker[10] and the men’s interest blog Brobible.[9] On the following day, The Huffington Post[11] published an article noting that the hashtag #SelfHarmIsNotAJoke began appearing on Twitter in response to the hoax.

Twitter Feed


On January 30th, 2013, a new thread was started on 4chan's /b/ (random) board, asking readers to create and spread photoshopped images of nude women with the hashtag #boobs4bieber, all in an attempt to convince unsuspecting women into getting naked for the pop idol. The thread was met by a handful of responses featuring doctored images of nude women, while the hashtag was mentioned more than 400 times via Twitter within hours of the post on 4chan, according to The Daily Dot.[12]

Anonymous (ID: gmwAFa9T) 01/30/13(Wed)12:35:09 No.454876675 Replies: 23454878820 File: 135956730 (44 KB, 315x420, boobs4bieber.jpg) Not amazing, but the idiots will believe it. Made it m'self in MSPaint Anonymous (ID: HU7u84mD) 01/30/13(Wed)12:35:17 No.454876690 454873401 bald4 and cut4 both worked This will work too because TEENS ARE FUCKING STUPID 「- >> Anonymous (ID: WXKL9ejn) 01/30/13(Wed)12:35:54 No.454876785 324 go make fun of his greek ancestry. greeks are faggots so its no surprise he wants to spoil our good cause 厂 Anonymous (ID: XKONGTOT) 01/30/13(Wed)12:36:35 No.45487688 1 Replies: 22454877264 File: 1359567395710 png-(684 KB, 4581x688, boobs4biebertemplate2 png) #hatslt beber >>454275647 Anonymous (ID: gmwAFa9T) 01/30/13(Wed)12:37:31 No.454877013 Replies: 23454877226 22454877348 22454879903 3345487 345 That nigger just fucked himself. His account is legitimate and all of his personal information appears to be linked to it /b/, you know what you must do 「Anonymous (ID: 1E10JDS) 01/30/13(Wed)12:38:06 No.454877103 >> Was there even ANY proof that cut/bald even worked? Literally everything I seen/read was fake and /b/ ended up trolling itself #boobs4 bieber

However, in contrast to the previous two hashtag campaigns aimed at Justin Bieber, the launch of #boobs4bieber was met by criticisms on /b/, with some commenting on the triteness of targeting Justin Bieber for the third time with the same joke and others alerting people on Twitter to disregard the hashtag altogether. Among the watchdogs against 4chan's prank was John Mallamas (@JinSaotome), whose personal information was subsequently doxxed on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

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