Chuggaaconroy Foot Fetish / Sexual Harassment Allegations DMs.

Chuggaaconroy Foot Fetish / Sexual Harassment Allegations

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The Chuggaaconroy Foot Fetish Allegations refers to sexual harassment accusations leveled against content creator Chuggaaconroy in January 2024 by content creator Lady Emily, aka GreatCheshire, claiming he tried to initiate erotic foot fetish roleplay with her and solicited foot fetish pictures from her while he was in a relationship. Lady Emily shared DMs of their interactions as alleged evidence of the claims in which Chuggaaconroy can supposedly be seen asking her repeatedly to model some shoes he sent her in the mail. The allegations resulted in reactions and memes on social media. Further, similar accusations about Chugga came out as the month went on, with content creator Wersterlobe dropping allegations of inappropriate conduct between their anonymous friend and Chugga when she was 15 and Chugga was 19. In mid-April 2024, Chuggaaconroy then made a long-form response to the accusations.


On January 16th, 2024, X[1] user @GreatCheshire, also known as Lady Emily (a content creator), posted a vague statement about an unnamed content creator being a sexual harasser, writing, "Scrolling through Reddit and seeing dozens of comments calling the popular youtuber who sexually harassed you for several months last year a wholesome bean with only green flags 🙃," garnering over 3,600 likes in under a day (shown below, left).

Later that day, the same X[2] user posted, "Fuck it. Just to get it off my chest: last year Chuggaconroy kept trying to get me to initiate erotic foot fetish roleplay with him while he also had a girlfriend. This included sending shoes to my house under the guise of a gift only to constantly ask for feet pics afterwards," garnering over 7,600 likes in the same span of time (shown below, right).

Lady Emily @GreatCheshire ... Scrolling through Reddit and seeing dozens of comments calling the popular youtuber who sexually harassed you for several months last year a wholesome bean with only green flags → 4:43 AM Jan 16, 2024-454.2K Views

Lady Emily @GreatCheshire *** F--- it. Just to get it off my chest: last year Chuggaconroy kept trying to get me to initiate erotic foot fetish roleplay with him while he also had a girlfriend. This included sending shoes to my house under the guise of a gift only to constantly ask for feet pics afterwards Lady Emily @Great Cheshire • 9h Scrolling through Reddit and seeing dozens of comments calling the popular youtuber who sexually harassed you for several months last year a wholesome bean with only green flags 12:29 PM Jan 16, 2024 1.3M Views

The X user posted screenshots of the purported interactions between herself and Chuggaaconroy over the course of the day (shown below). The first DM is from June 11th, 2023, and shows Chuggaaconroy asking Emily to wear a pair of shoes he sent her.

The next messages are from September. In one sent on September 16th, 2023, he asks if she wants to "pick up where [they] left off" the previous night, then sends her numerous messages, which she ignores, between then and November 2023. Emily frames this as him trying to lead her to do "fetish shit," writing, "Eventually I started ignoring him because I wasn’t sure how to navigate around him clearly trying to rope me into fetish shit and in return his messages to me got more frequent and aggressive" (shown below).

Chuggaaconroy 06/11/2023 4:22 PM And beautiful! So! I originally planned to go with black with a floral pattern, but they lacked it in your size. So l went with what I thought was most likely to go with any clothes. GreatCheshire 06/11/2023 4:23 PM Oooh Honestly great call because I love black hi tops but haven't had any in years and years Chuggaaconroy 06/11/2023 4:23 PM Hahaha, it's my personal favorite shoe. GreatCheshire 06/11/2023 4:27 PM it's a great shoe!! goes with everything! Chuggaaconroy 06/11/2023 4:53 PM Do I... get to see you in them? 5:17 + @Chuggaaconroy . Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 9:08 PM Hahaha, thank you. Trying to get a lot done. I want to finish the series or at least get close so I can travel to Scotland to see my significant other soon! GreatCheshire 09/16/2023 9:10 PM Oh cool!! I didn't realize she was in Scotland! Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 9:10 PM Yeah... pretty far, but we're thinking of immigration next year. Would you... like to pick up where we left off last night? Hahaha... It dropped off suddenly. Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 9:35 PM You tend to disappear! Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 11:01 PM Aww, gonna ping you once more September 17, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 09/17/2023 3:40 PM Well, hello! Have a nice doctor's visit? 56 Chuggaaconroy 09/17/2023 6:47 PM Sorry to ping again, I just wanted to know Chuggaaconroy 09/17/2023 11:31 PM Damn, you're no fun.. Kidding, kidding! Just a little concerned. Message @Chuggaaconroy e Chuggaaconroy 10/26/2023 6:30 PM I missed you October 27, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 10/27/2023 5:45 PM Are you doing better? October 28, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 10/28/2023 7:44 PM Blaaaah October 30, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 10/30/2023 4:18 PM Blargen! Hello! November 1, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 11/01/2023 8:54 PM Hey! Hope I'm not piling it on, I just saw you were on. November 6, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 11/06/2023 11:06 PM

Eventually I started ignoring him because I wasn’t sure how to navigate around him clearly trying to rope me into fetish shit and in return his messages to me got more frequent and aggressive

The next DM is taken from a September 9th, 2023, exchange in which Chuggaaconroy asks her to describe what she would do if he took her shoes from her at a convention. The next DM, from September 13th, shows Chuggaaconroy explaining that he's interested in shoes and likes talking about them with people, saying his girlfriend is okay with it because it "isn't sexual with my friends." In the next DM, he roleplays a scenario in which he trips her and takes off her shoes (shown below).

GreatCheshire 09/09/2023 7:43 PM That's what I thought too lol I was like "I could fix this, but it's funnier if it's flawed" At times I do miss the versatility of the old avatar. It was fun to mess with Chuggaaconroy 09/09/2023 7:47 PM Is that the face you'd make if I ran off with your shoes at a con? GreatCheshire 09/09/2023 7:48 PM Lmao Something like that! Chuggaaconroy 09/09/2023 7:48 PM Hahaha... what would you even do?

As far as I know I’m not the only, nor the first, person he’s done this to. He would try to assure me everything is fine while also clearly trying to initiate fetish italicized text RP.

Finally, she shares a series of screenshotted DMs from June 2023. The first screenshot shows a post she made to X in which a pair of sneakers is seen in the background. On June 4th, 2023, Chuggaaconroy messaged her about the photo, "Nice sneakers!" then asked for her PO box so he could send her sneakers, presumably the ones he was talking about in their June 11th exchange in which he asked if he could see them on her (shown below).

Lady Emily @GreatCheshire • Jun 4 last selfie + on repeat (There's one song I'm ashamed to have in here and it's probably not the one you're thinking of) 13 In the Meantime Spacehog 1 35 Penny & Me Hanson Dog Days Are Over Florence + The Machine 270 I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Seeb Remix Mike Posner, Seeb Coolin' Out Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Lucius L to the OG (feat. Kendall Roy) SUCENicholas Britell, Kendall Roy fargo mustache consultant @beforesophie Jun 4 Snake Eater Cynthia Harrell : ili 35K ⠀ : : : last selfie + on repeat (i was sleepy) (please ignore one thing on here) : ⠀ 口企 Chuggaaconroy > i don't know how many i have? lol i have enough for a full stamina bar and 11 hearts Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:15 PM You can see it on the loading screen GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:38 PM Ah! According to this, I've done 54! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:39 PM Good work! Um... if I may be so bold... ....sneaker size? GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:40 PM Oooh Generally around But that's usually what works most often! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:41 PM Nice! Give or take a little. GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:42 PM Yeah! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:42 PM Okay, well, I'll figure something out. Not sure if you have any dislikes for me to be aware of.

It had started with him attending my Pokémon Black streams last December and chatting. We started talking in DMs because he seemed chill. Then on June 4 I uploaded a selfie and he zoomed into my shoes in the background and messaged me about them.

Emily also posted a series of videos to X[6][7] sharing further DMs. In the posts, she writes, "Convos would often derail suddenly. One moment we’d just be talking about Nintendo games, and then it would shift immediately to feet talk. He was very persistent in commenting on how big my feet are. I try to respond with blunt jokes to make the vibes less creepy out of nerves."

She also shared a video and wrote, "And for those asking how I know it was his actual discord and not an impersonator I was talking to, beyond the fact that I ran it by mutuals of ours to make sure it was valid, here’s our first connection over Twitter leading up to things going to discord" (shown below).

Chuggaaconroy's Response

On the night of January 16th, 2024, Chuggaaconroy responded to the allegations in an X[8] post, writing, "Hey, I want to say I’m sorry to Emily and to you, our community. I apologize for my mistake of overstepping the boundaries of our friendship and causing her to hurt in the process. This will not happen again."

He followed this with a comment, writing, "I’d rather have time to collect my thoughts than react immediately, and ask that you not contact my friends about this. I will talk more about this in a few days." The post gained over 2,100 likes in under a day.

Emily responded in a post on X[9] writing that she's not sure if she fully accepts his apology, suggesting his actions seem to be a pattern and claiming other women have come forward to her, but that she "wishes him the best" in his efforts to grow from the mistake.

Lady Emily @GreatCheshire Re: the apology. While I'm not sure if I fully accept, I do wish you the best in growing from this. I find the framing of this as a simple mistake concerning - so far I've talked to half a dozen women who have shared similar stories. I hope your future apology acknowledges that 9:17 PM Jan 16, 2024 4,524 Views 161 Post your reply 3 359 14 Lady Emily @GreatCheshire. 7m That this isn't just an isolated incident with me but a pattern of behavior with several women over the course of the past decade. I hope you're willing to own up to that fact and re-examine the ways you interact with your fans, with your peers, and women in general going forward 1722 ₁3.1K 233 Reply :

January 22nd, 2024, Facebook Statement

On January 22nd, Chuggaaconroy posted a longer response on his Facebook[11] page, garnering over 2,500 reactions in four days. In the statement, he discourages hate towards Emily and further apologizes to her. He claims he went to therapy after she shared how hurt she was by his actions. He also admits to having "done and said similar things in years past with other people," issuing an apology to them, as well.

He then claims that his girlfriend was aware of the interaction with Emily and consented to it, writing that it "crossed no lines." About the shoe talk prior to the allegations, he writes, "Fitness and footwear are among my hobbies and not strictly fueled by anything more. I can get passionate about my interests, and I now understand how this can come across and how it could negatively affect others" (full statement below).

Hey, all. I ask first of anyone who thinks it’s helping to insult Emily on my behalf: please don’t send any further negativity her way. Emily should be treated with respect.

I know that I have hurt Emily with my actions. These are choices I made myself and I don’t think it’s relevant how I “felt” or what my intentions were to justify my actions. I just want to say the end result is that I really hurt you and made you feel uncomfortable. I hate that anyone made you feel that way, and I wish you the best. It took me longer than it should have to take the hint that something was wrong when you cut contact with me. I shouldn’t have assumed you were just busy with traveling and that things were fine. I only began putting it together when the silence continued. I pestered you for too long and I apologize for doing so.

When you communicated this to me privately a few months ago, I apologized to you directly and promised I would never repeat this kind of behavior again with anyone else. Once you shared how I made you feel, it was a huge wake-up call and I immediately sought professional help through therapy. I’ve worked in the months ever since then to do what you have wished for me: learn and be better.

I have done and said similar things in years past with other people. I am still friends with some of them, while I have fallen out of contact with others. If you were uncomfortable with how I behaved, this apology is for you as well. No matter my intentions, I’m sorry the impact was harmful. I will not reach out to you myself again.

I would like to briefly clear up speculation about my relationship. I love my girlfriend, she was aware that this conversation took place, consented to it, and saw what was posted. It crossed no lines set between us at the start of our relationship and we are still together. I trust her to tell me if I do something to upset her. I wish to take this space to thank her for being with me through this and apologize for the immense amount of stress my situation has caused her, because that hasn’t been fair to her.

Separately from above, I also want to touch on online discussion about other previous comments I’ve made about shoes over the years. Fitness and footwear are among my hobbies and not strictly fueled by anything more. I can get passionate about my interests, and I now understand how this can come across and how it could negatively affect others.

One last time, I recognize I have hurt people and needed to be held accountable for it. I respect anyone who feels disappointed or hurt. I decided around the time of the incident that I would never do this again and learn from it, but I would understand if you didn’t wish to support me any longer.

Wersterlobe / Lawly Allegations

On January 25th, 2024, streamer Wersterlobe posted a Google Doc[12] to X,[13] garnering over 8,400 likes in a day. In the X post, they wrote, "I'm sharing the story of a close friend of mine, to allow her to maintain anonymity. She feels it's relevant to share, given the dynamic started when she was 15 years old, and he was 19." They also shared four screenshots with the post depicting Chuggaaconroy purportedly chatting over the MMO Gaia Online with their anonymous friend, allegedly when she was 15 and Chuggaaconroy was 19. The conversations feature roleplay between the two involving the removal of shoes (shown below).

gaia ONLINE My Gaia GCash Shops! Forums EGAIA From: To: Posted: Subject: O Online World Hey, I've got... 43 New Requests 5 Announcements 5 Staff Notices New Forward Reply Message 47 of 123 Inbox | Older | Newer Games Catch ♥ Delete Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:02 am Chuggaa! 2 Search REPORT THIS PM [07:15] chuggaaconroy: Two hours later... [07:15] OH SHH. 31,490 It's only to be expected, no? 378 70% : That makes me feel somewhat better about myself. Hi, DEALS Post, Vote, or Explore to earn Platinum! [07:16] chuggaaconroy: Hahhaa.. [07:16] chuggaaconroy: People always get so surprised when I ask them to talk, or even that I reply to their messages at all [07:16] [07:17] chuggaaconroy: Hahaha... [07:17] chuggaaconroy: Well, I read every message that's ever sent to me, read every reply I get on Twitter, and read every comment I get on Facebook [07:17] chuggaaconroy: And I make sure to reply to the... Less-stupid ones. [07:18] Pfftt-- XD [07:18] But heck... that's gotta be a lot of people... [07:18] chuggaaconroy: Oh, well that's nice if you feel better! [07:18] chuggaaconroy: And yeah... Lately, my mail's slown down to about 110 messages per day [07:19] chuggaaconroy: Used to be about 250 a day when I was doing Pokémon and Mario Sunshine [07:19] :Ah-- that's still.. insane.... @ @ Profile [07:20] chuggaaconroy: Hahaha, yeah, it's pretty insane still. It's just that making a Twitter and a Facebook really lightened the load of mail on YouTube. [07:21] chuggaaconroy: So, enough about me and my e-peen. I see you are of the endangered species that is the Mother [07:34] I go around outside listening to the Japanese Giygas rap. It certainly turns some heads. xD-- Oh really? Wanna hear obsession? XD One Mother mix thing, from NicoNico, I have listened to over 1200 times. [07:34] chuggaaconroy: ...Hot Jesus with a side of pudding [07:34] : Lawl. Told you. [07:34] chuggaaconroy: My most-played song on my iPod is the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story final boss music [07:34] chuggaaconroy: Over 300 times [07:35] Can I screenie my iTunes for you? XD [07:35] chuggaaconroy: Haha, sure! [07:35] chuggaaconroy: I have a Dragon Roost Island remix in there that's over 200 times also [07:36] I r--- my songs, apparently, so yeah... XD [07:36] chuggaaconroy: I'M GOING TO R--- YOU [07:36] chuggaaconroy: ..Sorry, cat guy quotes [07:37] [07:37] [07:37] [07:37] chuggaaconroy: Haha, it's cool.. [07:37] chuggaaconroy: Not as bad as the 12-14 year old girls who write to me telling me of their massive crushes on me [07:37] chuggaaconroy: Which is hilarious because they don't even know what I look like [07:38] :It's not totally impossible to be in love without knowing what someone looks like. -spends way too much time on online sites- And.. le question.~ PFFTT. Would it really be r---, now? R--- is unwilling. > 3> Sorry, me being a retard ... [07:38] [07:38] chuggaaconroy: Yessss? [07:39] Just how old do you think I am? [07:39] chuggaaconroy: 18? [07:39] I'm flattered, really. I'm only 15, turning 16 this year. XD [07:39] [07:39] chuggaaconroy: Oh Jesus... [07:39] chuggaaconroy: Hahaha [07:39] [07:40] [07:40] [07:40] chuggaaconroy: Whenever I meet people, if they see what I look like, they think I'm only 16 [07:40] chuggaaconroy: If they just hear my voice online, they think I'm in my mid-20s What? DI Why does everyone always thin significantly higher, or lower...? DX Think* [07:40] chuggaaconroy: I'm really 19 [07:40] [07:41] [07:41] [07:42] chuggaaconroy: Creeepy demonic voice [07:42] : I'm not thaaat scary.~ [07:42] ......Or am I? -Dramatic background music- [07:43] chuggaaconroy: And with that, as a random subject change, I'm now done with Episode 43! Yay, no more Earth Temple editing! Works out in the middle. xD I'm not sure what people think of my appearance.. I've been said to look old, and young.. o 30 And well, you heard my voice... xD [05:43] O WO [05:44] chuggaaconroy: You. [05:44] chuggaaconroy: Suck. [05:46] ILU2. 8D [05:46] chuggaaconroy: I know you do! [05:50] [06:03] [06:03] [06:03] ..The Game. [05:50] [06:02] chuggaaconroy: Pff... [06:02] chuggaaconroy: You're only a few years younger [06:02] chuggaaconroy: Yay, creeping [06:03] [06:03] : Fuuuu. You secretly love small children. : Don't deny it.~ I know that..... But .... It's still pedophiliaaaaa. : But it's okay. The law will never stop us. :U And I have no idea what's wrong with me. Lack of sleep.x D [06:03] chuggaaconroy: Sounds like my life [06:04] BABY COME BACK. You can blame it all on meeeeee. O WO [06:04] [06:04] chuggaaconroy: You throw out your mop and broom? [06:04] ......I had one?! [06:04] [06:04] [06:05] ..OR two.... Wait wh-- ..... I HAD THOSE? [06:08] chuggaaconroy: Just like how you had sneakers [06:08] ...But I doooon't. D: [06:08] [06:08] [06:11] [06:11] : You do. And I wear them when you're not looking.c: [06:08] chuggaaconroy: You mean like... NOW? [06:09] ......BUT YOU'RE LOOKING. [06:09] SO NO. [06:10] chuggaaconroy: *Notices a bulge in your boot* Hey, wait... *Pushes you down and snatches off your boots* You wear my sneakers inside your boots! [06:10] chuggaaconroy: You're cheating! [06:10] ***** [06:10] : R---. RAAAPEEE. -BLOWS THE R--- WHISTLE.- [06:11] chuggaaconroy: Gah! *Crams my feet into the boots since I have no other shoes to run in* *Runnnnnns* Boot fetish! -Chases after in your shoes.- When I catch youuuuu..... -Jumps on.- [06:12] chuggaaconroy: Gah! *is pinned* Pleaaaase! Have mercy! [06:12] ...Hawhaw. You got pinned by a girl. -Has no idea what to do on top.... noms?- [06:13] chuggaaconroy: On... Top?! [06:13] :......YES. I AM A TOP. Which means you're bottom? [06:13] chuggaaconroy: Guess it's not p--------- if you're the one doing the r----- [06:14] [06:14] [06:14] : ......And is it r---? > W> ..... [06:15] chuggaaconroy: ...You're not gonna r--- your boots off me, are you? D'oh! *closes mouth* ......-R---.- 8D : And to the law it is. 8D [06:15] [06:15] chuggaaconroy: Nooo! Gimme back my shoes! [06:16] [06:16] [06:16] chuggaaconroy: You sure love r----- me.. [06:16] .....YOU SURE LOVE BEING R----. : What a lovely idea. -Rapes the boots off, however that works.- : THEY'RE ALL MINE. BWAHHAHAA. And so are you. I : -Insert various inappropriate stuff here.- [06:17] ...But that means it's willing. And willing r--- is sex. So now it's p---------. [06:17] [06:17] chuggaaconroy: My feet are cold... Can I please have my shoes back? [06:18] .....Fine. -Whines, and hands shoes back reluctantly.- [06:18] chuggaaconroy: Yay! *puts them on before my feet freeze* and my foot h [06:181. had if you kont thos 07:09] The game. 8D [07:10] chuggaaconroy: Oh, hi! [07:11] : Hiya~! ouo [07:11] chuggaaconroy: Lawly's a lolli [07:11] [07:11) [07:11 [07:11] [07:11) [07:11] What normal human being is up at 7 in the morning? >:U ..]fcgj hg jyg yf jg fk [07:11] [07:11 [07:11] [07:11] [07:11 [07:11] chuggaaconroy: "fku" in there... [07:11] [07:14] [07:14] [07:15] fy jf fku fk ......SONOFA-- FFFFFFFFF---- That wa san unintentional fku. BUT STILL. [07:11] [07:11] [07:11] [07:11] [07:11] Was an* [07:11] chuggaaconroy: But yeah, I actually had a normal sleeping time today [07:12] ....IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD. 8D [07:12] And yus. My nickname is Lawly. [07:12] chuggaaconroy: Hey, with your cosplays, you really ARE a lolli [07:13] FFFF-- Please tell me you don't know the actual meaning of loli. AND NUHHH. D8 [07:13] [07:13] chuggaaconroy: Lolli, has a much nicer ring to it than "pedocrush" [07:14] >:U ....Oh God. you know the meaning. -Dead.- Loli is prepubescent, though. ouo

The Google Doc offers further details on the purported interactions between the anonymous girl and Chugga, including the full chatlog from the Gaia Online DMs and further screenshots of DMs. According to the doc, the victim started talking to Chugga in 2010 after she posted a video to YouTube that he commented on. She wrote:

I saved the logs in a message to myself on GaiaOnline because of how precious they were to me at the time. I haven't used the site in years but the recent allegations against Chugga made me really start to think and question our friendship. I dug up everything and started to read through all the old messages between us and…. Uh. It's bad. Beyond the 2010 era cringe he said things to me while I was underage are not ok. It never occurred to me when I was younger how bad the situation was. At the time I was so, so excited my hero was talking to me and showing interest in me. For years I was friends with him and never really thought about how bad the situation actually was. I'm still coming to terms with all of it and to be honest I'm not really sure how I should feel. I know it's not right thought. SPeaking that way to a minor is unacceptable and I worry if anyone else has been affected and also might be too afraid to speak out.

Further Allegations, Collaborators Cut Ties

As the allegations went viral, further people claimed that they had inappropriate interactions with Chuggaaconroy, while some of his collaborators cut ties with him. On January 23rd, 2024, X[14] user @MasaeAnela made a post claiming they cut ties with Chugga years prior (shown below, left). On the same day, X[15] user @SunflowerAsmr claimed she had negative interactions with Chugga after @MissFushiGaming made similar allegations (shown below, right).

MasaeAnela @MasaeAnela 18h 8 tweets - 2 min read • X Read on X Bookmark Subscribe Save as PDF After the number of people who inquired about Chuggaaconroy over MAGfest, I feel I need to make this clear: I have not associated with Emile for years, nor are we friends. 1/8 Any cameo (Splatoon 2, recorded long before our falling out) or interaction/mention (Colosseum Twitch chat) was posted and done without my consent after I had made it clear that I did not want to be associated. 2/8 I am uncomfortable with the way he has talked to/about me in the past, which has been a huge point of distress. Combined with the way he's spoken to/about others (particularly women) in private and public, it is concerning, and I do not want to associate with that behavior. 3/8 Emile has historically been one to push boundaries, and being faced with a following as large as his is absolutely harrowing. Even establishing my own personal boundaries carries an inherent risk. For a long time, not "rocking the boat" felt like the safer option. 4/8 I have seen the recent posts and his apology. I've privately received several from him over the years that have rung hollow with his actions. I am tired of hearing it, have no more chances to give, and am exhausted from pretending/politely dodging topics when he is brought up 5/8 For my own comfort and safety, I will not be attending events that he will be at unless it is a public space where I am able to avoid him (large-scale conventions). I have not seen him in years, and I have no intention to start again now. 6/8 To those who have unknowingly asked me questions about him, either at MAGfest, in private, or in chat/comments, I hold absolutely no ill will and I do not fault you. But moving forward, I will not be reciprocating discussion about Emile further, in any capacity. 7/8 This is my personal line in the sand, made because I no longer want to quietly tolerate people speaking for me, assuming the wrong things, or incorrectly associating us as friends/collaborators. To those who have also been hurt, I empathize with you and wish you all strength. 8/8 SunflowerASMR @SunflowerAsmr I also had multiple uncomfortable experiences with him and would be encouraged to enact in foot fetish role-play when we spoke. I support these women and am saddened this has happened to so many. MissFushi Vtuber, ASMR, Elf Gremlin @MissFushiGaming. Jan 23 I support her 100%. Chuggaaconroy has made me uncomfortable on many occasions. I am not okay with him contacting me & will not be a part of any event he participates in. I was afraid about posting this publicly but I have to share.... Show more 7:58 PM Jan 23, 2024

On January 26th, X[16] user @cloudfangLP closed their account @LPCatchPhrases, which shared content related to Chugga, writing, "In light of recent events with Chuggaaconroy/Emile, I couldn't in good conscience keep an account like that anymore," garnering over 200 likes in a few hours (shown below). On the same day, the /r/chuggaaconroy subreddit was shut down and locked for archival purposes.[17]

Hayden @cloudfangLP As some of you may know, I ran an account called @LPCatchPhrases. As of this morning, the account(Twitter & Youtube Channel) has been deleted. In light of recent events with Chuggaaconroy/Emile, I couldn't in good conscience keep an account like that anymore. Deactivate your account @LPCatchPhrases LPCatchPhrases @LPCatchPhrases his will deactivate your account ou're about to start the process of deactivating your count. Your display name, @username, and public profile ill no longer be viewable on, X for iOS, or X for ndroid. What else you should know ou can restore your X account if it was accidentally or rongfully deactivated for up to 30 days after deactivation. you have any active paid subscriptions (e.g., Premium) urchased through the X app, they will remain active. You ca 8:30 AM - Jan 26, 2024 17.6K Views . Your account is deactivated Sorry to see you go. #GoodBye 9,760 subber to your channe Comments that you made on YouTube Your res and thumbs upon comments Your YouTube gift s Got it ... Any paid subscriptions that you own YouTube Premium YouTube TV and channel membership wi cancelled. You will st have access until the end of your biting cycle Delete my contant

Chuggaaconroy's April 2024 Statement

Regarding Masae

On April 16th, 2024, Chuggaaconroy posted another response to the allegations via a thread on X / Twitter,[18] also posting a link to a Google Doc[19] consisting of the same information.

In the statement, Chugga looks to "clear up speculation" surrounding the allegations and urges people not to bother anybody whom he talks about. In regards to Masae, he writes that they dated for 10 years and were secretly engaged, but it fell apart in 2021. He continued that the breakup was difficult and that they didn't wish to be associated with one another any longer (shown below).

Hey, everybody. It has been a long time since I last shared anything with you, but I now feel ready to give an update on how I have been doing, and clear up speculation on some incidents that have been brought up since my last message. Whenever something blows up online, people make a lot of incorrect assumptions based on not knowing the full story, and often assume the worst possible context. I would like to start by clearing up these misconceptions. I haven't wanted to reveal information about others, but I think at this point it's best that everything is out in the open. I have removed irrelevant personal information as I only want to say as much as I need to in order to set the record straight. Please do not bother anybody I name here - I do not want others to experience what I went through. I have already asked that people not harass my accusers and it is disappointing to see this ignored or not respected; I truly don't want anybody to be attacked over this. Regarding Masae Masae and I dated for 10 years and we were engaged to be married. It fell apart about three years ago now. In every video you've ever seen us together in, I was her boyfriend and our friends all knew about it. You're probably wondering how this stayed a secret for so long. We both wanted our private lives to be hidden at the beginning. After the engagement, I wanted to share it, but Masae stayed firm that it remained private. She was never clear to me as to why, but I respected her wishes until it was necessary to clear this up. We loved each other, and I thought the world of her, but we had a difficult breakup. Losing her was the hardest thing I'd ever gone through, and I regret how emotional I got about it and the way I handled it. That is what happened between us. We would both like to never hear about one another again and I sympathize with her getting bombarded about my situation after a breakup. The feelings she expressed go both ways and I don't wish to be associated with her going forward in any capacity either. As for her video cameo after the breakup, I did that because I believed we were still friends and just taking a break from each other, but once she told me she didn't want them, I stopped. I have strong feelings about the way it was said, but I am asking you nicely to not run away with speculation about her, because I know what that feels like. And if you felt bad for enjoying our old videos, don't. I still look back on them fondly, and personally assure you that we were happy and having fun in them. The time for that is just over now.

Regarding Lady Emily

Next, continuing in the April 16th, 2024, statement, he shares further thoughts on the situation between himself and Lady Emily. He writes that in 2023 she reached out to him and let her know how their conversations made her feel and he apologized to her. He claims she said she would never go public with the information, "immediately" got professional help and started seeing a therapist weekly. Then, she made it all public and "crushed" him.

He refutes the idea that he asked her for foot pictures constantly, writing that he asked once if he could see photos of her wearing shoes he bought her, not realizing it would make her uncomfortable. He writes "my kink doesn't define every aspect of my life." He then shares screenshots of their conversations for further context (shown below).

Regarding Lady Emily In 2023, Emily contacted me through a friend who spelled out how our conversations made her feel. I was shocked by it, apologized to her, and to some friends I had said/done similar things with. It was well-received among the people I talked to and I'd like to say here that I'm sorry to anyone who hasn't heard this from me. I'd hoped to tell you on my own terms. This was genuinely the first time this behavior was met so negatively to my face. At the time, I was told that this would not go public as long as I never did it again (which I have not done since). I took it to heart and sought professional help immediately. I felt like s--- for months and was seeing a therapist about it every week, and by the start of January I felt I was making some great strides in improving. I took Emily's words seriously and was doing my best to take responsibility, but unfortunately, it all ended up going public anyway. It crushed me inside that despite my efforts, Emily and many others would see me as irredeemable. I want to dispel a few things said about me by Emily. I didn't "ask her for foot pictures constantly." I asked once if I could see a picture of her wearing the shoes I bought for her, which I honestly didn't realize would make her uncomfortable. I've gone through our logs and could find no evidence of that claim that I was “constantly asking" or that it was of her bare feet - I don't think this is a fair summary of our chats. My kink doesn't define every aspect of my life. I bought Emily shoes because she told me hers were damaged and needed replacing, then told me it was almost her birthday half an hour later. It was spur of the moment, and I just wanted to help out a friend. I've also made jokes about feet and bought shoes for most of my friends throughout my life, even for people like Tim. C Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 9:44 PM Nice sneakers! GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 9:45 PM LOL thank you!! I need new ones tbh My everyday pair is starting to see some damage lol Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 9:45 PM Seems sadly typical due to thin fabric GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 9:45 PM Yeaaaah the curse of liking shoes that aren't durable Got them on sale though so for $20, can't complain Hope you've been doing well!! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 9:47 PM Hey, thank you! I just finished editing a video that was nuts to make... The break here is just talking about my video, etc. Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:17 PM Do you got any goings on other than having holes in your shoes? GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:23 PM Not much! Got back from Vancouver last week. Visited and stayed with them. That was a wonderful time. Besides that, it's just been settling back in, playing Zelda, and trying to figure out what my month is going to look like planning wise Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:28 PM How wonderful that is! I hope you're having a fantastic pride month too. You deserve so much. GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:28 PM thank you!! it's my birth month too so hopefully it's a good one!! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:29 PM Oh shoot! When's your birthday? GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:29 PM June 19! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:32 PM Wow another civil rights day! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:39 PM So like Do you have a PO Box? GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:42 PM Not at the moment, no! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:43 PM Oh... well, I was going to see if I could partake in birthday niceness. GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:43 PM oh! well that's very kind of you! you can just have my address, if you want! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:45 PM Oh wow! Didn't expect that! So we're on address basis, hahaha. GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:46 PM lol well i trust you! you're a friend! Chuggaaconroy 06/04/2023 10:49 PM Thanks! I've thought of you as a fast friend too. GreatCheshire 06/04/2023 10:50 PM i'm happy to hear that!! oh! have you been playing zelda any? L

Chugga shares further screenshots of their conversations, including one where he writes that Emily would "encourage [his] roleplay and jokes about shoes" and consent to and participate in it. He writes that he thought he was "being dumb with consenting friends" and that at worst it was "a little embarrassing that my kink was probably one reason I liked the subject" (shown below).

She would encourage my roleplay and jokes about shoes, and even consented and participated. I checked in multiple times to make sure it was really okay and trusted her with a sensitive part of myself so that she wouldn't feel misled or like I had ulterior motives. I think that's also why I didn't particularly try to hide this. I thought I was being dumb with consenting friends, and at worst, that it was a little embarrassing and my kink was probably one reason I liked the subject. My partner read through what Emily posted and thought the tone was silly, not over the line of what's sexual or romantic for me. I'd trust her opinion on that more than my own. I was also evaluated by medical professionals about my shoe talk; their view was that it was a way to feel close to a friend and an escape in times of high stress and tragedy - it would resurface whenever things got particularly bad. Chuggaaconroy 09/12/2023 12:38 AM Yeah... YouTube doesn't give sick days. Hope you don't mind all the foot jokes... I guess I just latched onto that after you told me about it? I'm not sure if it's a sensitive subject for you or anything. GreatCheshire 09/12/2023 12:39 AM Nah it's fine!! I don't mind Chuggaaconroy 09/12/2023 12:40 AM Oh, okay! I thought about it more and I was like "ooo, I hope she doesn't have a negative association with that or something" GreatCheshire 09/12/2023 8:18 PM Nah it's all good!! Also I hope your day has been good!! Chuggaaconroy 09/14/2023 12:25 AM Yeah! Being forward with you cause I'd rather not keep anything from you and let you make the best decision for you, I am into that, but only with my significant other. I just also like talking about shoes with people cause it's also an interest. I talked with my SO about this when we started dating and she told me I can talk about shoes with other people cause it isn't sexual with my friends. It's just something I enjoy talking about with my friends too. I know that might be a lot to share, and I'm sorry if it is, but I feel it's best to just be open with people and consider what I'd like to know if I was in their position. GreatCheshire 09/14/2023 12:30 AM No no I'm glad to know!! Good to have that openness and common understanding Chuggaaconroy 09/14/2023 12:31 AM Thank you... that's very kind of you to see it that way. I'm always about communication even if it's about complicated stuff, cause why would you not tell your friends important things if you want to keep them in your life? A lot of people are not so kind about this sort of thing on the internet! Chuggaaconroy 09/14/2023 12:45 AM Haha, sorry to ping again. I just won't be up too much longer and want to finish talking. (The next day) Here's what an uncut talk between us looked like as it transitioned into roleplay. GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:31 PM Ooooh PS2 was the console I remember first really getting into I feel like I missed a lot of Wii games tbh! I didn't really get to actually have a Wii I mean I kinda had a Wii but not really Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:32 PM Surprising! I felt like everyone had one, usually alongside one of the other two. So, like... I feel for you. I really do. But. If you're still coughing and sick .... what do you need shoes for? GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:35 PM Hmm I mean yeah if you want them, go for it! GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:35 PM Hmm I mean yeah if you want them, go for it! Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:35 PM Damn, that was easy... GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:36 PM I mean I'm sick, far be it from me to put up a fight!! Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:36 PM Is this a trick? GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:36 PM Why would I trick you? Here are the shoes. They're normal shoes Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:38 PM ACK!!! Nooo!! GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:42 PM Here you go!! O

Chugga shares further screenshots of their conversations about shoes to show the tone of the conversations that led to the roleplay, writing that he believes the read as "pretty silly" from both ends. He writes that his girlfriend found Emily's decision to include personal information about her was "greatly upsetting" to her, writing that his relationship "never need to be brought up." He also shares his apology to Lady Emily (shown below).

He writes that he does not retract the apology and insists that she was okay with the roleplay, writing that "she said she enjoyed it" and he gave his word that it "wouldn't go into sexual territory," admitting that it still "wasn't a good way to act." He then mentions that he has autism and struggles with understanding social cues or people's limits. He writes that he was confused when she stopped responding to his messages, which is why he sent her many messages after she stopped responding, writing, "I've learned now that repeated messages like this can be stressful to others."

Here, I'll even give you another pair too E Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:42 PM You... Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:42 PM You... GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:43 PM You can use these later on for potential boss fights or enemy encounters Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:43 PM Oh f--- off GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:43 PM Lmao Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:43 PM I see you're just putting them back on like nothing happened after tormenting me... You weren't gonna give them up GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:45 PM I'm never gonna give them up Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:45 PM You're asking for it. You're even showing me up at my own shtick! I'm warning you. GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:50 PM Do your worst GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:50 PM Do your worst Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:50 PM Okay, fine... Fine. goes over and gives you a hug GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:52 PM Ah!! I didn't expect this tactic!! Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:52 PM Feels nice? hugs you tighter, but not uncomfortably GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:56 PM Yeah!! But also dang! You got me! Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:56 PM Yep. I got you. hugs tighter, now a little uncomfortable I'm gonna teach you a lesson! sweeps your legs out from under you and let's go of you as I do! You fall to the floor! I grab into each of your shoes and YANK them off, leaving you barefoot! I stand back across the room from you "Ow! Gross! Does it hurt knowing that's what they really look like?" really look like?" GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 10:59 PM No no no!!!!! You can't do this to me!! Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 10:59 PM Ohhh... silly girl. I'm not done. "You won't be getting these back before your doctor's appointment! Enjoy explaining those feet to the doctor, who will undoubtedly be wanting to study them!" I turn and run out the front door holding shoes!! Eep!! Bad! Bad! You can't be seen like this in public! You need something to hide your feet with... but... I took the only two pairs of shoes or socks! GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 11:05 PM Noooo I will wrap them with a blanket Cocoon myself Chuggaaconroy 09/15/2023 11:06 PM And run outside after me like that? GreatCheshire 09/15/2023 11:06 PM I can hop > This is the tone of the conversation that led to the roleplay. I think, honestly, that it reads as pretty silly from both of us. I remember when this happened; I was just playing a video game and laughing to myself when she'd add to it because it was all so out-there and dumb. I cackled at her Sticker Star joke. My girlfriend wanted to add that Emily's decision to include personal information about her was greatly upsetting to her. Emily needlessly published the territory my girlfriend lives in; this was not public knowledge and did nothing to prove any point. In Emily's screenshots, I'm open about having a girlfriend and told her my SO was fine with all of this. Our relationship had no bearing on any of this and never needed to be brought up. I also want to say that I never lied about how this was resolved privately. In my original statement, I said "When you communicated this to me privately a few months ago, I apologized to you directly and promised I would never repeat this kind of behavior again with anyone else." I worded things that way to protect the friend who mediated, as involving others was something I wanted to avoid. I promised my friend I would never repeat this, we discussed it for hours, they told Emily how it went, and then I sent Emily this apology: Chuggaaconroy 11/18/2023 12:20 AM Name of friend who Emily reached out to talked to me about this. I apologize for everything I did. I will not reach out again. I am sorry. I never claimed we had a conversation about it. I said it was communicated privately, which it was. I don't think a friend being there contradicts that. I don't retract any apology about hurting her or pestering her for a reply. Nothing I've said changes that I did that. I just felt this important context was left out. This is what I was working with and why I was so comfortable doing this. I kept asking if it was okay and kept doing it because she said she enjoyed it. I wanted to be open with someone I cared about rather than just assume, and gave her my word that I wouldn't go into sexual territory for myself. It still wasn't a good way to act; I just hope it's understandable how I could think this way. Due to an autism spectrum disability, I struggle with understanding social cues or people's limits. I don't hide behind this as a shield from criticism; I've learned to live with it. I learned I couldn't always trust myself to say the right thing or not take things too far due to my inability to see social situations the same way as other people. Doctors have told me this is what happens with me. To make up for this weakness, I learned many years ago to be open with people, relying on permission, asking questions, and requesting others to tell me if something becomes too much. That is what I did with Emily, but despite that, she never once communicated that I said anything that made her uncomfortable until she was considering going public. I was confused when she started ignoring my messages. I don't do well with being ignored; it just makes me worry a lot about the other person because I do best with open communication. When I have nothing to work with, I can't really understand what someone is thinking, and in this case, I thought she liked how it was going. It usually leads to me just wishing each day will be the day I get to hear they're okay. I've learned now that repeated messages like this can be stressful to others. I did everything she wanted me to do once she told me she didn't like it, and took it into my own hands to get mental help and learn more about my issues. It's perfectly fine to revoke consent or decide it's getting to be too much, but this wasn't told to me; I was told the opposite of that. This isn't a case of, “I only listened when I got caught." I did listen.

Regarding Lawly (Wersterlobe Allegations)

In the next section of the April 16th, 2024, statement, Chugga responds to the leaked DMs that took place when he was 19 and the victim was purportedly 15. He begins by writing that he is not a groomer, but that he was an "idiot teenager who made dirty jokes," reiterating that he had "no intention of doing anything to this person." He then writes, "This post is taking two separate things over a decade apart and showing them together."

Chugga claims that the chat was so long ago, he "[doesn't] think something that old should be treated as representative of the person [he is] now." He writes that the internet was a "very different place then," describing it as an escape from censorship. He then responds to a specific section where he wrote "I'm going to r--- you," claiming that it was a "popular meme at the time" and he was quoting a video," linking to the video in question.[20]

Regarding Lawly There was a chat log shared from back in 2010 when I was 19. About this: I'm not a p--------, and I'm not a groomer. I was an idiot teenager who made dirty jokes. I had no intention of doing anything to this person, quite the opposite in fact. This post is taking two separate things over a decade apart and showing them together. When I was a teenager, I said lots of dumb things I shouldn't have. I'm 34 years old now and can't stand by anything I may have typed that long ago. I don't think anyone could. What I can do is tell you my intentions. To give an idea of how long ago that chat was: When I was 19, TRG didn't exist, I'd never appeared at a single convention, I hadn't started college, I still lived at home, I made videos as a hobby/wasn't professional, and I was working on my first Pokemon Let's Play. I don't think something that old should be treated as representative of the person I am now. In any sense. It was so long ago that I learned the contents of this log existed when you did. I was extremely hurt to be judged for something from so long ago, and that the headline was worded like I assaulted someone. The internet was a very different place then, and being facetious was everywhere. It was like our escape from censorship, and the edgier, the better. It was easy to get caught up in the moment and say things I didn't mean when I was that young, too. You need look no further than my terrible old videos for the tasteless things I thought were hilarious at that age or how my sense of humor has changed. Or how internet culture as a whole changed. It might be hard to imagine, but back then, people commonly threw around vulgar language and joked about horrible things like it was nothing.

Chugga continues to discuss the specifics of their conversation. He writes that he grew uncomfortable with where the conversations were going due to her age and he told her this numerous times. He realized he had to stop it as she would constantly initiate "raunchy topics."

He then claims she sent him a "sexually explicit gift," a shirt, which his mother found and told him she had a crush on him. When he admitted her young age to his mom, she told him to stop associating with her and he did. He explains how he bumped into Lawly at a convention 10 years later and they reestablished their friendship, talking about the old chats on Discord in 2021 (shown below).

As for the "p----crush" line... I don't even remember saying it. It was 14 years ago. Probably a joke that was topical. Pedobear was an enormous meme at the time, and jokes dunking on p--------- were just what Internet humor was then. "Loli P---" was a common joke, and given her username, an easy one. I definitely learned a long time ago that these sorts of jokes aren't cool and could be hurtful to victims. Society moved on from this time many years ago, as I have too. You can see the difference between then and now by just looking at anything I type. Most of the rest of the chat is just boring talk about video games we like. Even given the time, if you still felt like that chat was getting out of hand, I agree with you. In fact, I agreed with that when I was 19! Lawly said she doesn't know why our chats ended abruptly. I can tell you exactly why. It was because I disliked the direction of these chats and how young she was, and I've told her this numerous times. After a few conversations, I took a step back and realized this could not continue. She would constantly initiate raunchy topics with my 19-year-old self. I was oblivious at first, thought it was funny shitposting, played off their behavior as a joke, and thought of them as a friend with a dirty sense of humor like many friends I had back then. [142] Lawy Fine Now possess you forever, and talk to you, and be alte 1402] Lawly see dead people" 14021 Lawy And and and DDO 14:02] Lawy Make you touch yourself in public. Insert ughter here [14:04] chuggory: Why are all the things you do to me sea? You really DO want me After a little while, things started to escalate, and they sent a sexually explicit gift to my house. It made me realize they weren't being silly. They were romantically interested in me, not the other way around. The whole thing made me and my mother uncomfortable, and after deliberation, I not only rejected them, but cut all contact with them. I actually talk about this in the log they posted, and our contact becomes a lot less frequent after that. You can see after this point, we go long periods of time without talking and I just tell her I'm busy or need to get going. I don't look exactly thrilled about this gift. [19:27] Lawly... o uo [19:27] Lawly: You got it? [19:28] chuggaaconroy:...Was waiting for you [19:28] Lawly: Well sorry my stalker senses aren't tingling. XD [19:28] chuggaaconroy: My mom told me I'm not allowed to wear the shirt, though I did not speak to this person for another 10 years - I had no intention of ever reestablishing contact. Ten years later, they approached me at a convention and that was how we became friends again. I thought after that long, she was a new person and deserved a second chance. Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:00 PM Based on my past rejection of you, I don't think I have to justify that I wouldn't to you, hahaha. 06/07/2021 10:00 PM You rejected me? Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:00 PM Okay, I was going to save this story for when we were in a call, but I guess this is on topic. Plus like... it's been weeks. 06/07/2021 10:01 PM Chat with Lawly Oh god What did I do Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:01 PM So that shirt you sent me My mom found that soon after I got it and asked me why the heck I had something like that I told her "my friend sent it to me She immediately goes "This girl has a crush on you. No doubt about it." I go "Oh... Well, she's 14." I was 18 at the time. My mom told me I can't associate with that and that it was dangerous, so I'd better keep my distance. As much as I liked spending time with you, I chose to slowly fade out and hope you'd find someone else. That was why I fell out of your life for a few years. 06/07/2021 10:03 PM Oh! This makes sense I was gonna say I would never have told you I had a crush on you!! Hahaha I was big chicken Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:04 PM I knew. At least, I was pretty sure of it. Once my mom said that, I sort of analyzed a lot of things you'd said and done. It made a lot more sense after that. Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:04 PM Chat with Lawly I knew. At least, I was pretty sure of it. Once my mom said that, I sort of analyzed a lot of things you'd said and done. It made a lot more sense after that. 06/07/2021 10:04 PM Did you think I was a cop or something? Haha Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:04 PM I mean, I was pretty sure you were you, but I didn't want to abuse or hurt you with an unfair relationship. So regardless it was a hard no from me at the time 06/07/2021 10:07 PM Hahaha honestly? As an adult I can appreciate that you set a boundary Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:08 PM I'm glad! I was worried you wouldn't like me any more back then because I was intentionally snubbing you at least some of the time. It was something of a relief when you were happy to see me at ConBravo! 06/07/2021 10:12 PM I just figured you were busy with life and moved on haha Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 10:12 PM I kind of had that as a passive excuse! I was hitting the big time around then. I've always enjoyed spending time with you, but at those ages, I wasn't going to let something develop on either side. I wanted you to go find other people. You were still a kid and wouldn't have that time again.

Chugga admits that some of the humor in the messages was not acceptable by today's standards, but that he "lacked the experience" he has now and believes it shows he had "no romantic or physical interest in them as a teen." He writes that he was surprised to find she initiated the roleplay when re-reading the logs.

He then shares that it was her goal to "manipulate [him] into having sex with them," sharing two times when it was touched on in conversations (shown below). He concludes:

"I think the whole picture here changes everything about their side of those logs. Their framing of events to make me look like the predator really upset me when I saw this again. Regardless of some of the jokes on screen, this is the real tragedy I prevented from happening. I refused to be their friend for so much less than their actual motive […] They said they targeted multiple other adults for sex."

Was there humor not acceptable by today's standards? Sure. But this was half of my life ago now. I lacked the experience I have now, and I think this shows I had no romantic or physical interest in them as a teen. And even back then, once I knew it wasn't a game to them, I rejected it and backed off. It upset me when I learned they wanted me. It put so many things they said into perspective and creeped me out. And I can see it when I read this log again. This was my learning experience about why even jokes like this aren't a good idea, and I've never said anything like this to a minor in the 14 years since. I specifically remember telling my mom that leaving that friendship was the most caring thing to do for this person. Speaking as someone who suffered a lot as a child, I have many ground rules involving minors and have taken these sorts of things immensely seriously ever since. I read through all of it, and to my surprise, she's the one who initiates the roleplay. She's the one who pretends to tickle my feet, and goes much further than that too. She was the origin of it, at least in this chat. I don't know if she's where I got the idea from, but it's possible. I guess it's neither here nor there, I didn't know I was into that at 19 anyway. Oh! 06/07/2021 5:26 PM Chat with Lawly Yeah! And I am as well 5:27 PM I guess it just seemed like an unrelated statement I also remember uhh You were like rly off put by my age But I was like I don't see the problem Because always talked about younger girls being better So I was like legitimately???? Chuggaaconroy 06/07/2021 5:28 PM You told me that story, it's kind of messed up. 06/07/2021 5:28 PM It is honestly a miracle no one took advantage f me as a kid Chuggaaconroy 06/07/20215:28 PM I'll say it is. You're very fortunate in that way. 06/07/2021 5:28 PM Like I wanted an older dude rly badly when I was a kid too Like I literally had a goal to have underage sex And was depressed when I turned 16 HAHAHAH
As for the modern stuff they showed, that was after more than a decade of no contact. I had only vague recollections of what our conversations were like back then, and years into this new friendship, I was asking if, as adults, they wanted to text roleplay but spicy. I was forward about that so they wouldn't think I just wanted silly stuff like I remembered us doing. For the record, I was single, and they were fine with me asking. I wasn't in a good headspace when I asked them for roleplay stuff; it was the worst year of my life. I think I just wanted to feel close to someone I cared about in that loneliness, she told me she liked/missed roleplay, so I thought it natural to ask. Plus by that point, we'd been friends again for years; it was 12 years since I cut contact, I didn't even remember most of our old talks, and we'd put our awkward past behind us, so any bad implications weren't exactly there for me. Save for the one time they ran into me as an adult, I have only ever known this person online. Nothing else ever happened. This was the first time I'd asked them for anything since learning what I liked. More on that in a second. If Lawly is reading this, I'm sorry I made you hurt. I don't think what I've said changes that. I mean it. Though, I guess I'm surprised at this. We were friends up until this, got along better as adults, and I was glad to have you in my life without that inappropriate crush. It was basic knowledge to both of us that you were the one who wanted me and I shut it down. I even apologized last year for asking for roleplay stuff and you said you forgave me and considered me a “true friend.” I don't really know what you were thinking. I didn't even remember these chats, so I was genuinely confused by what you'd even be speaking out about when I heard it was you. It hurt a lot to see you say that you don't know if I ever considered you a real friend. I told you that you were awesome and funny and smart. A lot. We got each other through difficult times, you were a bright spot in my darkest time, and I admired you for it. I spent your birthday with you. You mattered to me so much and we just had a nice conversation about how much we care about each other right before this too. I want you to know that I cried when I wrote this because it was the moment where it really hit me that I will never speak to you again. The hardest part of all this was going through our chats to find proof of my intentions. In doing so, I opened a time capsule of a beautiful friendship that doesn't exist any more and saw all the very real ways we helped each other. I wish you talked to me about it. I would have listened. I saw you as a friend for life. Please don't get angry at the person who posted those chat logs. They were looking out for their friend/my former friend, and it's possible they didn't have this context either. They were being a good friend.

Me at 19, Visit to the Mental Ward, How I've Been, Moving Forward

Finally, Chugga shared several more statements on April 16th, 2024, covering how he was as a 19-year-old, regarding a trip to the "mental ward," how he's been since the allegations and what he plans to do moving forward.

In the "Me at 19" section, he recalls childhood trauma in which he was assaulted as a child, leaving him "unable to enjoy sex until well into [his] adult life." He stated, "While I may not know why I sent every little IM 14 years ago, I know what state my body and mind were in," further speaking on his struggles with sex growing up as a reason why he might not have "shut things down sooner." He reiterated that he's never assaulted or threatened anyone.

Me at 19 I have something else that speaks to where my mind was at when I was 19. I didn't want to open up about this at any point, but it's a part of this now. I've mentioned in the past that I didn't live the happiest childhood. Due to an especially traumatic time when I was assaulted as a child, I was left unable to enjoy sex until well into my adult life. The idea of anything sexual beyond edgy teenage jokes on the internet was foreign to me at 19, and I think my awkwardness shows it. While I may not know why I sent every little IM 14 years ago, I know what state my body and mind were in at the time, how I struggled with comprehending anything sexual, and how it hindered my attempts at relationships. Even with people I was comfortable dating, I struggled with concepts like them seeing me naked or enjoying sex for years after that. You can see this in my videos with how inept I was at knowing about sex for so long or how I could say unfortunate things and not know it. Perhaps this is also why I didn't shut things down sooner and how I didn't think of what their overtly sexual messages could mean, besides people just being dumb as f--- at 19. I had no experience or understanding of sexual situations - it took my mom pointing it out for me to see what was going on. I just matched the vibe of my funny friend until it became too much, and then I left. Because of this accusation, I had to explain what I went through as a kid to several friends who wanted an explanation. It was humiliating and excruciating to relive it with them, and I cried every time. I was trying to essentially train myself to publicly tell every detail, but it became clear after enough hard cries and nightmares that I wouldn't be able to do that and be okay. It brought me back to terrible places I thought I was done with. I was doing so well at not letting it affect me for a few years now, but this dredged it all up. And now I'm here telling you. It's out there forever now. I'm sorry. I know it's a lot. It's humiliating to tell you even this much. In order to be believed, I have to tell everyone about my childhood trauma, my sex life, my health issues, my breakup, what went on in therapy, the mental ward, how my accuser wanted to use me for sex, and how I almost died because of this. It's extremely painful to talk about. People think they're owed that from me, and no one will listen if I just say "I didn't mean that" or "I was only a teenager." This is the price I've paid to show I wasn't preying on someone. I refuse to call it a win that I could explain myself in this way. I didn't win when I went through that. After my recent psychological training, I think my childhood trauma is also how I went through so much of life thinking that there was a clear line between my kink and my interest in shoes; also just how "normal" the roleplay felt. I had only my interest for most of my life; my roleplaying started innocently long before I enjoyed anything physical or even knew I had a kink. All I knew for a long time was, "I think shoes are funny," and I didn't think it was particularly strange that I worked them into stories or talked about them so much. I would act out stories about my own shoes when I was little and just never really stopped doing things like that. It's also where a lot of my sense of humor has always been, and it really was just a joke for many years. The realization that there could be some crossover happened much later in life. I compartmentalized things into what was sexual and what wasn't, probably because I did it for so long without a kink and thought I could go on separating those things by not saying anything arousing for me. It was just very messy and flawed logic for a lot of reasons and intertwined with something I struggled to make sense of. I definitely needed psychiatric help for this, and I'm really sorry to everyone I hurt because of it. Me at 19 I have something else that speaks to where my mind was at when I was 19. I didn't want to open up about this at any point, but it's a part of this now. I've mentioned in the past that I didn't live the happiest childhood. Due to an especially traumatic time when I was assaulted as a child, I was left unable to enjoy sex until well into my adult life. The idea of anything sexual beyond edgy teenage jokes on the internet was foreign to me at 19, and I think my awkwardness shows it. While I may not know why I sent every little IM 14 years ago, I know what state my body and mind were in at the time, how I struggled with comprehending anything sexual, and how it hindered my attempts at relationships. Even with people I was comfortable dating, I struggled with concepts like them seeing me naked or enjoying sex for years after that. You can see this in my videos with how inept I was at knowing about sex for so long or how I could say unfortunate things and not know it. Perhaps this is also why I didn't shut things down sooner and how I didn't think of what their overtly sexual messages could mean, besides people just being dumb as f--- at 19. I had no experience or understanding of sexual situations - it took my mom pointing it out for me to see what was going on. I just matched the vibe of my funny friend until it became too much, and then I left. Because of this accusation, I had to explain what I went through as a kid to several friends who wanted an explanation. It was humiliating and excruciating to relive it with them, and I cried every time. I was trying to essentially train myself to publicly tell every detail, but it became clear after enough hard cries and nightmares that I wouldn't be able to do that and be okay. It brought me back to terrible places I thought I was done with. I was doing so well at not letting it affect me for a few years now, but this dredged it all up. And now I'm here telling you. It's out there forever now. I'm sorry. I know it's a lot.

In the "My visit to the mental ward" section, Chugga admits that he developed internal bleeding from stress due to the allegations, resulting in two trips to the ER and a prescription for sleeping medication that he still uses. He admits to having suicidal thoughts over it. He then claims he was put in a mental ward after calling the suicide prevention hotline. He explains what he learned there and how it's helped him move forward (shown below).

My visit to the mental ward Warning: Talk of suicide, health issues, blood. I will be vulnerable with you here, as I hope it might help someone. Seeing the online speculation about me unfold caused me so much stress, I lost eight pounds in a week, developed internal bleeding, and was in the ER twice for blood loss. I would use the bathroom and then lose feeling in my hands. Even worse, they kept needing to take more of my blood every day to test me for my existing health issues that were worsened by this situation. They had to put me on medication to knock me out every night and I'm still dependent on it. Shortly after you last heard from me, I had dreams and thoughts about ending my own life. I felt I didn't deserve to live. That my life was already over. My mother's high blood pressure was exacerbated by my suicidal ideations, and her health worsened too. She was in the ER twice and only just recently started to recover. When I first called my mom about it, she asked me to hang up and call the state suicide prevention hotline. Some kind folks came to my home, I told them my side of it, and they placed me in a mental ward for my own protection. I spent a night in a holding facility awaiting care at one point, which was the worst night of this entire ordeal. It was four concrete walls, not properly heated, all alone with my own thoughts of how I wanted to die. But it started to get better after that. Everyone on the inside was kind to me and didn't judge; they understood how people could misconstrue several things about me. It wasn't easy, though. I cried for my friends many times, not able to know how many of them still liked or cared about me. While in care, I learned I hadn't been okay mentally for a while and didn't understand some things about myself. Something my friends were worried about before this all happened. I found out I had undiagnosed psychotic depression and a chemical deficiency in my brain. It explained a lot about my life up to this point. I'm not sharing this as an excuse; it is the explanation. HEALTH ISSUES: (Note: This information comes from medically coded diagnosis for your visit and may not be available at the time this detail bill is printed.) Major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe with psychotic symptoms (hc) [f33.3] Suicidal ideations [r45.851] Hyperlipidemia, unspecified [e78.5] Other long term (current) drug therapy [z79.899] I could stay bitter/sad about things for years, I handled crises poorly, and my text roleplay behavior would crop up in times of crisis. I now take medication for this depression. Heck, just being aware I had it made it so much easier to know what to do and catch it in the act. As a result of my training and reflection, I realized social knowledge that I was lacking. Another behavior that got me into trouble was that if a conversation went far into a topic, and the other person said they were fine with it, that would become the new limit. I thought that as long as I explained myself and got an OK, we were all good. This follows a logic, and I can see why I believed this. But I understand now that depending on the person, it can get to be too much if we go there again and again. I want to thank another patient in the psych ward for pointing out that I get stuck in mental loops during a crisis and helped to snap me out of it. If you're reading this, Destiny, you really helped me, and I only wish you were here sooner because you put it into the words that finally got through to me. I think I need to go back in time a bit to talk about my mental health. Back in 2021, I went through many hardships all at once and it still stands as the worst year of my life. I tried getting psychiatric help, but the mental health industry was overrun due to the pandemic and I was denied help at every turn. At one point, it took my healthcare nine months to get back to me, only to be told "sorry, there's just nothing available.” Similarly, I was physically cut off from everyone I knew and lived alone in my house for months. The only help I could get for this in 2021 at all was a phone service that sponsors YouTubers, and honestly, it didn't work and I now have a low opinion of it. They didn't help me figure out my behaviors. It was just "are you suicidal?" and "I'm sorry to hear that." They even encouraged my roleplaying with friends as a fix for the hardships I was going through. That was how I got back into it after a long time and what pushed me to ask Lawly as an adult. I'd had a few bad years and think I just made some bad calls. My counselor there didn't know about the Internet, only listened to me for a few months, and then recommended I leave so their schedule could fit in more suicidal people. I didn't realize until 2023 how cruel this was or that I still had lasting trauma from 2021 until a friend told me I wasn't okay. I think all of this had a lasting impact. I was operating for the last three years without the psychiatric help I really needed.

In the next section, "How I've Been," Chugga writes that after getting out of the psych ward, he went to live with his girlfriend and praises her for her help and describes a night when he opened up to her fully and cried about the situation, describing it as the moment he "forgave [his] past self."

He writes that after two months he began having suicidal thoughts and decided to move back home, continuing their relationship long-distance. She visited him, but he spent half the time writing his statement and another half in a mental ward (shown below).

How I've Been I've done a lot since you last heard from me. It wasn't all bad. After getting out of the psych ward, I left home and went to live with my girlfriend. I like to think all my good luck went into having her around. We had rough days during this, but she was so caring, didn't judge me for mistakes I made years ago, knew what decisions were healthy, and never stopped believing I wasn't that same person any longer. You are the greatest, sweetie! As soon as I felt stable, I took care of her because this situation affected her a lot too. All of this wasn't fair to her, and I helped cause it. For both our sakes, I cannot and will not make a mistake like this again. I work hard every day to make sure our future together can be a happy, comfortable life. We had a particularly memorable night where I opened up about the full timeline that got me here. I cried a lot, but by the end of it, we were acting like things were normal again, laughing and making fun of each other. It was a big turning point. I think it was the moment I finally forgave my past self. I didn't get another job but instead lived as a house husband, making sure everything was taken care of for her. My care made me a better chef and gave me a greater understanding of what she's always done for me. I had some struggles with spending every waking moment writing down video ideas because it was the only routine I knew. My girlfriend liked that I was passionate about something at first, but later worried because it put pressure on me to consider a return to videos. She was right, but stopping was an especially difficult thing to do. This craft has been so much of my life up to this point, and I've always loved the joy it brings to others. It gave me a strong purpose. I just kind of sat around for days, not knowing what to do with myself. About two months into being gone from the internet, I began wishing I would be killed. I didn't want to do it myself any more, but I felt like it would bring an end to my suffering, that I could rest easy believing that. I felt like without my ability to entertain, I had no place in the world. Seeking healthcare where I was staying was difficult, my condition was worsening, and I realized I needed to come home. A lot of you may live in places where this isn't a problem, but the added stress of tremendous medical bills didn't help my health either. Sadly, this meant my partner and I couldn't see each other for a long time. We're long-distance and this situation was so taxing on her health that she needed a medical leave from work. All of this broke right at the start of a visit from my girlfriend. This trip was meant to be extra-special because we were one day away from getting on a plane to go on vacation where she would have met all of my friends for the first time, and this was to be the trip where we would have figured out our long term future living together. Instead, I spent half of the visit preparing a statement and the other half in a mental ward while she sat home alone with my friend Tim. I didn't even get to say goodbye because I was still in hospital when she flew home and was forcibly placed in a ward with no visitors. This meant she used up all her vacation time on a trip where I didn't get to see her. Once I needed to come home from seeing her, we didn't know when we could meet again. It's been hard when we were used to visiting often before and had a whole visit taken away from us at the last second. The timing of this could not have been worse. It's actually kept me from seeing the person I love. I still don't know when I can see her again. There was one night during this time when I called a friend and he said some unintentionally harsh things to me about the situation. I was in tears and felt like there was no use even trying to explain myself any more. My girlfriend got loud for the very first time I'd ever heard and told me I'm not a bad person, that people only have one side of this, that every person I've talked to still thought I was good, that most people WILL see reason, I have the best community, and they are probably just waiting for my side. That she loves me and our cat loves me, and you can't fake that. That she is sick of seeing me cry and that I didn't deserve this much punishment when I took this so seriously before anything was even made public. It was... amazing. Every step of this, everyone told me "I wish I could just say something to make this better." No one else could. But she figured it out.

Finally, in the "Moving Forward" section, Chugga expresses his love for his friends for trusting him and holding him accountable. He apologizes for "all the heartache and worry" he caused his friends and followers. He admits he still made mistakes and needed psychiatric help for his depression and roleplay behavior and promises it won't happen again.

He then lists the things he's done to get help since, including visiting his therapist, doing behavioral health sessions, the five nights in the mental ward, never missing his medication, discontinuing his roleplaying and generally learning more about his mental health struggles. He concludes that he's not sure if he wants to continue making videos due to the toll this situation had on his mental health, writing, "I don't know if the life I would have if I started making videos again would be anything I would like" (shown below).

Moving Forward I'd like to make an ode to my friends. Several reached out the night I came home from the hospital. They didn't want me to be alone and still believed I was a good person. Heck, I think some of you believed I was more innocent than I did. It took me a while to see this your way. I love all of you, my friends. Even if you were critical of me, I cannot bring myself to not love you. Some of it was things I already agreed with, some of it was things I needed to hear. And some of it was telling me this wasn't as bad as I thought. I want to thank my best friend Tim/NintendoCapriSun. He handled so many decisions in all of this for me when I was not well enough to make them for myself. He cooked for me every day when I wasn't allowed near the knives. I think you really saved me. Please support him with all you can. I didn't say this last time. I'm so sorry for all the heartache and worry I caused my friends and caused you. I worked hard every day to make sure I would never make you feel like this again and could be dependable once more. I really didn't mean to do harm here, and feel I've learned about myself in ways I didn't know I needed to. These are positive things. Regardless of my clarifications and context, I definitely still made mistakes and learned lessons, as well as learned new things about how my mind works. I don't want to get carried away and make it sound like I'm 100% blameless. I needed psychiatric help for my depression and roleplay behavior. I took your criticism of my person seriously and am forever working every day to ensure nothing like this could ever happen again. It will not happen again. I'm a fan of numbers, so let me show you. Since privately confronted about this, I: •Saw my therapist 6 times before anything was made public. •Completed 11 behavioral health sessions with a psychologist. Continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. •Spent 5 nights in a mental ward and have met with my doctors twice since then. •Read numerous medical articles to understand my conditions better and how to avoid mistakes. •Have never missed a dosage of 4 medications and supplements that better regulate my brain activity. •Have not ever wanted to roleplay again. •Feel more self-aware and cognizant than at any point in my life up to this point. I can be absolutely certain I would never disappoint you like this again. And I say that knowing you will hold me to a higher standard than ever. I have and always will continue to give it my all in the psychiatric help I sought out. In my mind, nothing after my apology changed that I meant every word and was already in the process of making good on all of this. Months before anything went public. Some of these, I learned and grew from many years ago. I would have been here to tell you this sooner had my mental trauma not kept me from it. I needed to heal. Just because I know it will come up, I have to be real - this whole experience was so harmful to my health, I'm not sure that I even want this job any more. I don't know if the life I would have if I started making videos again would be anything I would like. And it sucks to admit that about something I had such a passion for. It's something I would have to think about for longer. What little creative energy I had would always go toward this and not some fun video I wanted to make. I cared more about telling my side of it, fixing my problems, and improving my mental health. I'm in no state to perform, so don't expect me to show up at any events. I think many of you will still have criticisms for me, I anticipate many jokes at my expense too, and that's okay. I wouldn't have come here today if I didn't know and accept that. Thank you. That's all I wanted to say. Please call the suicide prevention hotline in your area if you are struggling. Right now. It worked for me. Maybe this situation can save a life, and then I can say my pain was worth it.

Online Reactions

The allegations inspired reactions and memes on social media in mid-January 2024, with many expressing shock over them. On January 16th, 2024, X[3] user @RaceplayShawty posted an I Can't Believe This meme, writing, "Chuggaconroy when he mails you some shoes and don’t send feet pics back," garnering over 400 likes in under a day (shown below).

On the same day, January 16th, X[4] user and content creator @Bowblax posted, "Chuggaaconroy inspired me to start my YouTube channel. Today he got exposed for trying to cheat on his gf with foot fetish discord role play 😭" garnering over 170 likes in under a day.

Also on January 16th, 2024, X[5] user @Reecee_yt made a post suggesting people wait for more information before considering Chuggaaconroy guilty, writing, "Ok, I saw the Chuggaaconroy accusation and it looks very creepy and fucked up but I'm not a fan of the 'guilty until proven innocent' mentality of the internet. I'm not gonna form any full opinion on the situation until we see more sides to the story and a response from Chuggaa," garnering around 190 likes in under a day (shown below).

Reecee @Reecee_yt *** Ok, I saw the Chuggaaconroy accusation and it looks very creepy and f----- up but I'm not a fan of the "guilty until proven innocent" mentality of the internet. I'm not gonna form any full opinion on the situation until we see more sides to the story and a response from Chuggaa. 1:32 PM - Jan 16, 2024 - 14.9K Views

As the allegations went viral, some users uncovered old posts by Chuggaaconroy that hinted towards his foot or shoe fetish. For example, a post made to X[10] by Chuggaaconroy on August 1st, 2009, that reads, "Not THAT… Don't make me smell your feet again… It put me in a coma where I dremt that the Pope was my cousin last time" (shown below).

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I believe her first story now that Chugga's confirmed it via his apology. But then she comes out and says "actually it was multiple women over 10 years."

Now THIS is fishy as fuck, if you wanted to expose him why not mention this from the get-go? This feels like an artificial attempt to turn the heat back up on him after he already apologized. She better have receipts.


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